2 Beautiful Brides And Their Babes In The Prettiest Purples Make For A Pinterest-Perfect Day

Jun 19th 2019

2 Beautiful Brides And Their Babes In The Prettiest Purples Make For A Pinterest-Perfect Day

As we celebrate all things pretty, purple, and pride, we’re beyond excited to highlight one of our favorite weddings to date. Our brides chose hues of purple tulle for a romantic and whimsical look for their entire party. With a forever-packed dance floor, nonstop love and laughter, and a ceremony that will be remembered forever, we’re thrilled to celebrate their beautiful day and start of their happily-ever-ever.

Bride in white floral robe three photos diamond earrings lace wedding dress hanging up against window

Purple and white bouquet disney wedding gold glitter mickey disney heels shoes

Bride in white floral silk robe holding up wedding dress on weddinh dace lace champagne colors dress brunette bride

Lace bodice of wedding dress disney wedding day card red rose beauty and the beast magical flower bride sitting on bed putting on shoes on bed gold glitter

Bride holding details of wedding day earrings lace wedding dress brunette bride getting into dress on wedding day

Bride in tulle wedding dress getting ready on wedding day purple vans silver shoes bridesmaid helping bride getting into dress

Lace wedding dress flower jewels wedding day purple vans high top wedding day dress hanging up in front of window

Bride in strapless lace bedazzled floral wedding dress drinking beer on wedding day before walking down the aisle

Bride getting into ballgown on wedding day silver jeweled shoes with blue label lgbtq wedding

Brides on wedding day 2 brides holding purple and white bouquets facing back

2 brides on their wedding day first look turned to face each other love wedding day lace gown white and purple florals two photos brides kissing on wedding day

“Revelry was SO crucial to achieving the look we wanted for our day! We wanted a dress that would work for a winter wedding and be able to accommodate our large bridal party. The Rosalie Convertible Dress was everything we wanted and more!”

Brides in rosalie tulle convertible gowns lavender and wisteria and baby's breath bouquets two brides wedding

The Lavender and Velvet Plum Tulle pulled our vision together and made it look so beautiful and so romantic. Our girls looked amazing!

2 brides on wedding day in wedding dresses smiling and posing holding white and purple florals first look brunette brides looking and laughing at each other wedding day

With pops of purples and beautiful baby’s breath, our brides DIYed their way to picture-perfect bouquets. If you’re up for the challenge and love crafting, don’t be afraid to create your own decor and make the day your own.

pick a seat not a side either way it's for a bride chalkboard sign walking down aisle candles tree stumps purple rose petals

Ceremony space white background chandelier gold and white chairs aisle purple roses candles

LGBTQ real wedding putple wisteria rosalie tulle gowns flowers walking down aisle posing with bride

Two brides walking down aisle with parents and siblings on wedding day brunette brides

“My favorite part of our big day was 100% our ceremony. The entire room faded away and it was as if it was just my wife and I.” —Christina, Bride

Brides exchanging rings and wedding vows on wedding day during ceremony in bridal gowns

“There was this really special moment right before we walked down the aisle that I will treasure forever. We lined up waiting for the music to begin so we can begin our walk to the altar, and I turned back to look at my wife. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she mouthed “I love you” and my heart burst.” —Christina, Bride

Brides holding hands on wedding day vowing to each other three different photos first hiss married as wives

Brides exiting wedding ceremony military swords exit kissing applause wedding

Bridal party at winter lgbtq wedding brides and bridesmaids in tulle rosalie convertbiel gowns in purple tulle

Rosalie Convertible Gowns: Velvet Plum and Lavender Tulle

Brunette brides hugging each other on wedding day brides in lace wedding gown bridal gown tulle dress beaded bodice

Purple and gold wedding reception black tablecloth chandelier

White teared wedding cake purple and pink flowers up movie you are my greatest adventure table settings babys breath

Bride with mickey disney ears dancing on dance floor with bride wife on wedding day entering the dance floor at reception gold mirror with initials wedding decor

Brides dancing and hugging on wedding day and acting silly on dance floor celebrating their reception

Brides at sweetheart table mrs and mrs signs white florals candles wood settings

Brides at sweetheart table clapping and laughing celebrating their wedding reception wedding gowns brunette brides

Wedding guests bridesmaid in purple tulle rosalie convertible revelry dress laughs at wedding speech at reception

Brides dancing with mother and father on wedding day brides dancing together on wedding day at reception

Two brunette brides dark haired wives hugging and dancing first dance in wedding day at wedding reception

Marching band entering wedding reception with saxaphones bride throwing hands up and dancing in fitted lace bridal gown on wedding day reception

With a packed dance floor, babes in the prettiest purples, and nonstop love and laughter, the brides summed it up better than we ever could: “It was the BEST. DAY. EVER.”

Brides in wedding dress tulle lace bridal gown kissing on wedding day brunette brides wedding reception marriage love

xoxo, Revelry

Bridesmaid Looks:
Rosalie: Velvet Plum and Lavender Tulle

Photography: Tara Beth Photography | Beauty: Blush Salon | Venue: Normandy Farm Grand Ballroom