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9 Easy Ways To Be The Ultimate Wedding Hype Girl

Mar 27th 2019

9 Easy Ways To Be The Ultimate Wedding Hype Girl

When it comes to being a bridesmaid, there's a lot that goes into pulling off the perfect day. From helping your bride say "yes" to the dress, to getting her down the aisle tear-free, there's more than just wearing a gown she loves at the ceremony to be the best bridesbabe you can be. And the dream support that any soon-to-be Mrs. wants by her side? Is the ultimate hype girl. From helping with the messy tasks to making her feel loved after the day is through, here are a few simple ways to make your bride feel especially loved long after the dancing has died down!

 girl flowers greenry circles boho navy blue sail away

Keep The Spirits Up Through The Process

Bridesmaids in pink and blsh revelry dresses helps bride pick out wedding dress at her try on party in austin texas

Being in a wedding is a big commitment. When your friend popped the question, visions of bachelorette parties and bridesmaid dresses probably danced in your head, but there’s a lot more to being the best bridesbabe than wearing a matching shirt in NOLA and rocking your bride’s wedding colors on the big day. If you want to be the best friend you can throughout the process, be there for your bride from “yes” to “I do.”

Revelry founder Michelle poses with friends at revelry headquarters in austin texas with champagne

From being honest and upfront at the start (whether it’s how much you can afford to spend and reminding others that being in a wedding comes with expenses to deciding whether or not you can commit to being a bridesmaid), you’ll help not only the bride but also the rest of the bridesmaids be on the same page. Keep those spirits up as expenses come in and help others stay positive as well! The bride will appreciate having someone truly in her corner more than you can imagine.

bridesmaid sample box pink blush bridesmaids helping pick out wedding dress lace white pretty

Pump Up The Playlist

Bridesmaids in blush and gold revelry cocktail dresses dancing and having fun

From the engagement party, dress fittings, bachelorettes, and getting ready the day-of, there's plenty of occasions where the perfect playlist can come into handy. Pull together your group's favorite songs from college or select the best hits of the day. However you choose to create the perfect mix, throw as many of your bride's favorites in there to keep the vibe up throughout the planning and getting ready process.

Bride in white mona gown smile and twirls on wedding day with bridesmaids in blue tulle rosalie dresses

Rosalie: Sail Away Tulle | Rosalie: Bon Voyage Tulle | Mona Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Rosalie: Better Together Blue Tulle | Rosalie: Powder Sky Tulle

rachel varina at revelry headwuarters looking at phone making playlist bridesmaids partying

Offer To Do The Dirty Work

blue swatches engagement ring and blueberries on marble backgroup bridesmaids in black look out over venue

There are a lot of fun and exciting moments that go into wedding planning. And when you got asked to be a part of the day, visions of picking bridesmaid dresses, dancing with groomsmen, and ordering matching shirts for the bachelorette party were probably at the top of the list. While those are all important aspects of the event, if you want to really wow the bride and make her feel special, offer to help with those tasks that are harder to check off the list.

Marketing team hangs up dresses for photoshoot behind the sceens at revelry headwuarters in austin texas

Whether it's going venue hunting, helping her track down relatives' addresses, putting together invitations late into the night, or being her vendors' go-to gal the day-of, by offering to be there for the "not so glamorous" side of planning, you'll help your bestie have the day she's always dreamed of!

bridesmaid in pink chiffon revelry dress holds guest book swatch book bridal shoes wedding day

Keep The Genuine Compliments Coming

Beth bride wedding dress white gown lace tulle smiling blonde plus size bride

While weddings usually come with professional hair and makeup, gorgeous gowns, and plenty of beauty prep, even the most self-assured bride and babe can get the pre-big day jitters and let the doubts slip in. So, speak up and often to remind the group how fantastic they all look. Obsessed with the maid of honor's curls? Let her know! Think the Mother of the Groom's dress fits her perfectly? Tell her! And of course, make sure the bride is aware from morning to night just how glowing and gorgeous she looks on her most special day.

Bride showing bridesmaids her dress on her wedding day smiles laughing celebrating the big moment

Eliza: Sail Away Chiffon | Bandie Top: Navy Blue Sequin | Clara Skirt: Sail Away Chiffon | Abigail: Sail Away Chiffon | Hannah: Sail Away Chiffon

bridesmaid in separates spinning laughing smiling have fun and dancing in blue

Be A Professional Problem Solver

Michelle bride trying on wedding dresses at try on party bridal gown white lace

As much as we try to make sure everything goes right, when it comes to planning a big event, things tend to not always go to plan. Even the most level-headed bride can feel the stress when problems occur. One of the best ways you can help? Be there to take as many problems off of her plate (and keep her from knowing about them) as possible.

Bride in rose gold meesha sequin dress gets hair fix by bridesmaid dog in flower collar smile on wedding day

Ensure someone has extra bobby pins, hair spray, nail polish, and makeup remover, and be ready with a brush to fix any bridal stray hairs. From picking up dresses from the seamstress, taking pups out for potty breaks, helping the photographer grab the perfect shots and everything in between, be willing to jump in and alleviate any problems that might tarnish your babe's best day.

Brides picking out blush and sequin dresses black sequin dresses pose on wedding day decklyn bridal gown

Keep Up With The Camera

bridesmaids taking pictures in pink revelry dresses and opening sample box to find their perfect fits

While most weddings include a professional photographer or two, odds are the bride will want more photos than just the pro ones. We don't mean whip out your phone during the ceremony or disregard the bride's rules for pictures at dinner. We do, however, mean that you should take it upon yourself to document the time leading up. A selfie in the morning while getting ready, some photos right before walking down the aisle, and a few post-party pics will help ensure that the night lives on long after the day is over.

Rachel Varina taking pictures of bridesmaids at revelry try on party in black gold and burgindy sequin dresses

Want some bonus points? Take it upon yourself to setup a photostream for all of the bridesbabes to have an easy way to share their memories! They'll all thank you when the Instagram likes start rolling in.

bridesmaids in blue take selfies and pictures in revelry dresses at try on parties and photoshoots

Be One With The Dance Floor

Bridesmaids in revelry dresses and separates burgundy cabernet color dancing on dance floor at halloween formal wedding

The key to any good party? A perpetually packed dance floor. When you’re a bridesmaid, it’s important to help keep the event going. Hit the floor as soon as the music starts and make it your mission to pull out guests to the center. Bust out your best moves and keep the spirits up long into the night to help the bride have the time of her life.

bridal party in eucalyptus rosalie revelry tulle dresses dance on dance floor rachel varina and husband twirl on bed engagement photos

Rosalie: Eucalyptus Tulle

Bridesmaids in cabernet burgundy sequins astir dress and sequin pants jumpsuit dancing and pointing

Make The Bride’s Special People Feel Special

Rachel Varina bride in white pajamas next to bridesmaids smile and pose on wedding day love relationships best friends

With grandparents in town, mom and dad celebrating their little girl, and family members from all around coming in for the event, all of the bride's VIPs will be there to celebrate. Take a little extra time to make sure her loved ones not only feel included, but feel as special as they deserve on the big day. From sitting and chatting with grandpa, helping her mother fix her hair, and ensuring that dad gets plenty of time with his baby on the dancefloor, take a little extra time to make her people feel loved and cherished on this memorable day.

Rachel varina hug and dance with parents and husband on her wedding day with halloween formal wedding with family

Bride hugging father on wedding fay bridesmaids in cabernet sequins and tulle light candles on wedding day

Make Her Feel Loved Long After The Day Is Done

Bridesmaids in revelry separates chiffon tops and skylar skirts bride in gorgeous lace dress

One of the hardest parts of a wedding for a bride isn't usually the months planning or staying on schedule the day-of. It's the post wedding blues that tend to set in once the flurry of activity is over. Once the veil is taken off and the dress is sent off to be preserved, the post-wedding reality can make anyone feel down.

Bridesmaids smiling and laughing drinking champagne on wedding day love flower ice cubes friendship

Whether you make your bride feel loved with your favorite framed photo of the wedding, a special movie night to watch her video together when she gets it back, or you just take her out for drinks to catch up and talk over her favorite moments, make your bestie feel loved even after her role of "bride" is over. Because the true point of a wedding is to celebrate the love that lasts long after the I dos are delivered!

bride holding her best friends hands on her wedding day and smiling between brother andhusband on wedding day laughing

xoxo, Revelry

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