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A Closer Look At The Rosalie Convertible Tulle Dress

Nov 22nd 2017

A Closer Look At The Rosalie Convertible Tulle Dress

When it comes time to pick bridesmaid dresses, it can be tricky to find something everyone will love. From personalities, personal preferences, and senses of style, finding a flattering gown for all your gals can end up being one of the trickiest parts of the wedding planning process.

But we think that the whole point of having bridesmaids (and even a wedding) is to get your favorite people together, have some fun, and truly celebrate love. So, that's why we created a dress that not only looks great on everyone, but is adaptable and versatile so that all of your your leading ladies' personalities can truly shine!

Introducing the flowy and fabulous: Rosalie Convertible Dress!

Rosalie: Bradshaw Blush Tulle | Rosalie: Pixie Dust Tulle | Rosalie: Peek-A-Boo Pink Tulle

With three layers of the softest, bobbinet tulle, a double lining layer, and a bodice fitted down to the waist, this gorgeous gown will truly turn your bridesmaids into princesses. Coming in four different lengths and complete with vertical boning and built in cups for additional support, the Rosalie makes everyone not only look like royalty, but feel like it too!

But the most exciting aspect of the dress isn't even the exquisite tulle or the flattering fit (hard to believe, isn't it?). It's the fact that this stunning design comes with three sashes and two pairs of removable straps that can shape the dress into 10+ convertible looks! Because what do you get when you combine one gorgeous gown and a variety of ways to wear it? A lot of very happy bridesmaids!

Rosalie: Lavender Tulle

After being in lots (we mean, lots) of weddings, Revelry's founder, Michelle, knew she wanted to design a dress that would flatter everyone's body type, style, and desire for individuality. Take a peek at a few of the many ways you can twist, shape, and adapt the Rosalie to suit everyone's uniquely beautiful tastes!

Rosalie: Velvet Plum Tulle (Previously Named: Raisin)

Whether you choose one stunning stlye for all of your girls to rock, or if you have all of your bridesmaids wear the Rosalie in their own, unique ways, everyone will fall in love from the moment you say "yes" to their dresses! And while the gorgeous tulle, variety of ways to wear it, and figure-flattering cut will make everyone glow, it's ultimately the love, light, and happiness your friends have for you on your big day that will truly make your special ladies shine!

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Rosalie Convertible: Cabernet Tulle

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