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Boho Bride Meets Blushing Bridesbabes In This Whimsical Tulle-Infused Wedding

Apr 17th 2019

Boho Bride Meets Blushing Bridesbabes In This Whimsical Tulle-Infused Wedding

When it comes to creating a whimsical boho wedding day, there’s a reason our Skylar Tulle Skirts are one of the most pinned styles online. Layers upon layers of bobbinet tulle and dreamy colors come together to create a bride’s unique vision. So, when bride, Kayla, imagined beautiful blushes, gorgeous greenery, and plenty of feel-good vibes on her wedding day, it was only obvious that her girls would rock our swoon-worthy Skylar. With a beautiful fall backdrop, nonstop laughs, and florals that were fit for bohemian royalty, it would be hard to top this feel-good day full of gorgeous hues and the greatest of friends.

Detail shot of bridesmaids in greenery floral crowns flower girl crying wedding dress bridal gown

Shag beauty house getting ready location white home pretty location canada

Greenery floral bouquet bride getting hair done on wedding day in burgundy romper converse

Bridesmaids in rompers smiling and posing with greenery headbands pockets getting ready on wedding day

Bride in burgundy romper holding mug that says best day ever bride holding up wedding dress on wedding day

Bride in burgundy romper with floral crown gets flower girl together on wedding day pink tutu and shot of flower girl looking at camera

Golden retriever dog smiling on wedding day 7 bridesmaids in white rompers and bride in burgundy romper

“My favorite part of the day was being around everyone we love! Having all of our friends and family there (not to mention “fur family”) to celebrate such an exciting time in our lives was incredible! We are so grateful to have so many amazing relationships!” -Kayla, Bride

Bride with dog smiling on wedding day holding bagel to pose for picture romper blue camera

Bridal details pink shoes sparkly kate spade silver keds detail shots grooms ring and bouquet flowers

Bride putting on wedding dress cheersing with her bridesmaids mother hugging flower girl greenery headbands

Bride in burgundy romper floral crown golder retriever with flower head piece on wedding day smiles and love

Bride in off the shoulder wedding dress crown bridesmaids in pink tulle skirts greenery flower crowns helping bride get ready

“We went with 'Dusty Quartz Tulle' for the skirt color. The girls paired it with a plain white long sleeve bodysuit and green floral crowns. I was going for a whimsical, boho look, while still keeping things simple and elegant! The color complimented my dress and flowers perfectly and the girls looked absolutely stunning!”

Bride in wedding dress getting ready before ceremony tulle dress mother helping put on pink shoe in pink skylar skirt

Bride putting on earrings on wedding day in bridal gown limo in front of getting ready location shag blue sign

groomsmen walking to limo bus on wedding day getting ready for photos on wedding day

Bride wedding dress bridal gown mother in pink tulle skirt sign to places on venue pretty fall location october wedding

“My experience with Revelry was awesome! My bridesmaids were spread out all over the country while we were planning our wedding, so it wasn't always easy to organize a time to meet. Being able to pick the items I wanted the girls to try, doing their measurements themselves, and giving feedback on what they liked and didn't like definitely made the process easy and fun! I loved that we were able to try the whole outfit on to get an idea of what colors and styles we liked best!”

Bride in wedding dress in front of ivy covered house venue bridesmaids in pink tulle skirts with greenery growns smiling with maid of honor and mom

Skylar Skirt: Dusty Quartz Tulle

Bride walking up to first look groom golden retriever white rose flower bride walking up to first look

Picture spot fall foilage picnic benches lawn perfect fall setting

Bride with 7 bridesmaids and mother in pink tulle skirts facing back greenery flower crowns long sleeve white shirts

“Revelry was also super helpful when it came to questioning sizes. One of my bridesmaids was 5 months pregnant with twins while we were trying skirts on. Her skirt ended up fitting her perfectly because we went with the sizing they recommended!”

Groom watch detail skelton watch waiting for first look with bride venue leaves foilage

Bride and groom first look in front of gorgeous old houe with greenery foilage groom in grey suit waiting for bride

“Being with Corey for 8 years already, I think it was impossible for me to feel nervous! You can tell in all of our photos that we had fun with everything! We were constantly laughing and smiling! It was such a great feeling!”

Bride and groom first look kiss surprise wedding day white house leaves and foilage smile hug wedding day before marriage

Bridesmaids in pink tulle skirts and flower crowns walk in wind at wedding venue with groomsmen in back walking to wedding on beautiful fall day

Golden retriever dog running around on wedding day bride with crown and dog with flower crown happy having fun in wedding day

Bride and groom posing with golden retriever putting on floral crown laughing smiling bride and groom in grey suit

Bridesmaid in pink tulle skirt greenery florals greenery crown close up of flowers pink skirt

Ceremony space chandelier white chair covers hotel ballroom flowers empty space before ceremony wedding

Clear october wedding sign kaylar and corey stained glass window blues and greens beautiful fall wedding venue

Groom walking down ceremony space on wedding day with mother and father flowers I belong with you lumneers toast the newly wed couple flowers greenery love

Bridesmaids in white long sleeve shirts holding pink and green flowers and greenery crowns smile and watch as best friend walks down the aisle

Bridesmaids in pink tulle skylar revelry skirts walk down aisle on wedding day flower girl greenery flower crowns and bouqueta blonde bridesmaids

Bride in wedding dress walking down aisle with mother and father in pink revelry tulle skirt groom in grey suit smile and watches as bride walks down aisle smiling with officiant

“I was so excited walking down the aisle! We had our rehearsal dinner on Thursday evening, and everything just felt so laid back. Everyone was laughing and joking, so I knew it would be perfect the day of our wedding!”

Bride and groom holding hands looking at officiant wedding day tulle dress love marriage wedding day

Bride and groom exchanging vows rings on wedding day love marriage officiant marrying couple in canada in october

Bridesmaids in revelry tulle skylar skirts line up at ceremony and watching best friend marry the love of her life

Flower girl sits on dad's lap at wedding bridesmaids in pink tulle skirts and long sleeve white shirts watch as bestie gets married on wedding day

Bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife i canadian venue cheersing with flowers excited walk back down the aisle

Entire wedding day bridal party 7 bridesmaids plus mother in skylar tulle skirts from revelry pixie dust pink with groomsmen in dark suits formal photo on wedding day

Bride and groom standing in vineyard holding hands and looking off into distance bride with greenery and florals close up of gorgeous fall bouquet in canada with lots of leaves

Bridal party outside on beautiful fall october day smile and cheers as bride and groom kiss on wedding day marriage bouquets in the air and happiuness all around

Bride in beautiful tulle wedding dress changes shoes on wedding day detail shots of flowers at reception hall and menu sit down dinner

“I was so, SO happy that everything we planned and envisioned came together so beautifully! It's exciting when you finally get to see all of your hard work pay off. It was the most perfect day with Corey, our family, and friends! We couldn't be happier!”

Head table at fall wedding in canada huge table for entire bridal party white with greenery and draped backdrop

Bridesmaids in revelry tulle pink skirts dance into reception hall and bride and groom enter holding hands in the air smiling and laughing as they enter the party

Bridesmaids in tulle pink revelry skylar dresses 4 waiting for party to start at head table all blonde bridesmaids

Bride and groom first dance on wedding day as bridal party watches from head table and mom in pink skirt films from her iphone

Bride and mom who was a bridesmaid smile and pose on wedding day at head table celebrating fall october wedding

Bridesmaids being silly at head table at wedding with greenery crowns tattoo on wrist family smiling and posing on wedding day taking a selfie with family members on stairs

Bride and groom kissing at head table in fall october wedding in canada and bridesmaid or maid of honor with cake on face giving speech and cheersing

Bridesmaids in tulle pink bridesmaid dresses with long sleeve white shirts put on dance performance at wedding day laughing love reception

Bride and groom sharing donuts on doughnut wall feed each other love friendship wedding day sprinkles

Bride laughing sitting groom under dress for garter laughter bridesmaids in pink tulle dresses in front of banquet table

“One of my other favorite parts of the day was ‘icing' Corey! We used to play a game with all of our friends back in the day at home or being out at the bar. You would hide a Smirnoff Ice somewhere where your friend would potentially find it (ie. opening the fridge door). Once they did, they would have to chug the whole thing. Instead of doing a garter toss, (we skipped the traditional stuff!), I was able to hide a Smirnoff ice under my dress! Corey thought he was looking for a garter when really, I 'iced' him!” -Kayla, Bride

Bride and groom wedding day tradition garter grab ice smirnoff crown

Bride and groom first dance hug and sway in center of dance floor bridal party stand at head table watching and smiling

xoxo, Revelry

Bridesmaid Styles:
Skylar Skirt: Dusty Quartz Tulle

Photographers: Young Glass Photography | Videographer: Dave Tebbutt | Venue: Casablanca Winery Inn | Photo Location: Thirty Bench Winery | Hair: Shag The Salon | Bridesmaid Makeup: Alana Snoei | Bridal Gown: Lisa Van Hattem | Photo Location: Thirty Bench Winery | Bridesmaid Tops: Aritzia | Groom Attire: ASOS | Decor: Glitter & Pine | Rompers: Smash + Tess