Boho Elegance Meets Secret Garden In This Beautiful Blush Wedding

Feb 20th 2018

Boho Elegance Meets Secret Garden In This Beautiful Blush Wedding

When I walked down the aisle, I saw the love of my life standing there, and I tried so hard to enjoy that moment to the fullest. It was very hard for me to let go of my dad at the end of the aisle because of how close my dad and I are. The two most important men in my life were right in front of me and both tearing up, the whole crowd got emotional and boy, was I trying not to cry! It was a very special moment. My favorite part of the wedding day was during the reception. We were sitting at our table and I looked around at my wedding and guests, and I just realized that everything was better than I ever imagined. It was perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing. On our wedding day, everyone kept saying it was the best day ever. So, now when we refer to our wedding day, we call it "Our Best Day Ever." We even had a sign with an arrow showing this way to our best day ever. –Karina, Bride

My experience with Revelry was perfect. I got a color swatch and it was so easy for me to choose the colors. I really wanted different shades of pink and I loved that there were many shades of a certain color. I wanted each bridesmaid to look unique in her own way. Each bridesmaid chose what color she wanted and they all loved their dresses once they came in. Every single bridesmaid twirled in their dress with excitement, and I was overjoyed. Once they put their flower crowns on, they looked so angelic and dreamy, I was in love with them on the wedding day — they were my angels!

Abigail: Blushing Bride | Abigail: Blush | Abigail: Ballet Blush

When I saw my sister in her dream dress and her now-husband both standing in front of a beautiful arch, I was overwhelmed. Our whole family waited so long for this day that when it finally came, we couldn't believe it. It was a very beautiful and emotional day for all of us. -Bridesmaid

xoxo, Revelry

Bridesmaid Dresses:
Abigail: Blushing Bride | Abigail: Blush | Abigail: Ballet Blush

Photographer: Cami Farcas | Flowers: Natasha Nikiforets | Wedding Host: The Andrey's | Wedding Dress: The Remmington Gown by 
Hayley Paige | Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry

Samuel Karina from Rafael Pro Video on Vimeo.