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Champagne Fabric And Mix and Match Styles Lead To The Neutral Nuptials You've Been Dreaming Of

May 15th 2019

Champagne Fabric And Mix and Match Styles Lead To The Neutral Nuptials You've Been Dreaming Of

When it comes to wedding trends, one look we’ve been o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with from the start is the use of neutral colors. Way back when, bridesmaids all wore white to trick evil spirits from kidnapping the bride! While most current brides prefer to be the only one in white on their big day, more and more babes are mixing things up and bringing back the long-lost look! Whether the bridesmaids all wear the same white styles or they mix and match off-white hues, this is a tradition that we’re so thrilled is back! Nellie’s use of Champagne tulle and chiffon dresses, greenery accents, and plenty of candles made for a whimsical wedding like no other!

Detail shot v-neck white wedding dresses against blue background wedding invitation sketch of ceremony space rings in green velvet ring box

“It truly was a perfect day. Ryan and I feel so blessed for the family and friends that celebrated with us, we couldn’t have hoped for anything more.” —Nellie, Bride

Bride in white see through robe reads card from groom on wedding day sits on porch with bridesmaids in fern pajamas 8 bridesmaids

Three photos white bridal gown in center front and back angle of white lace bridal shoes blue background

Detail shot of bride igetting buttoned up back bridal gown bride looking at self in mirror brunette white gauzzy robe

Bride putting wedding day shoes in lace bridal heels bridesmaid in tulle champagnne revelry rosalie gown ring wedding day

“We had a great experience with Revelry. I had been looking for awhile for beautiful bridesmaids dresses that wouldn’t break the bank for my bridesmaids, when I found Revelry on Pinterest.

Bride first look with eight bridesmaids on porch on wedding day in tulle and chiffon revelry bridal gowns neitrals

Abigail: Champagne Chiffon | Brooklyn: Champagne Chiffon | Harper: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle | Pippa: Champagne Tulle | Kennedy Convertible: Champagne Chiffon | Penelope: Champagne Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle

Bridesmaids in tulle and chiffon bridesmaid revelry gowns chiffon color tulle off the shoulder dresses and chiffon three photos

Abigail: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle

Shiny black formal men's groomsmen shoes blue polka dot socks tux accents black dress pants

Groom on wedding day tux bowtie black jacket detail jacket closing formal gown on wedding day laughing smiling

Groomsmen posing on wedding day in black tuxes smiling with hands in jacket wearing black tuxes 9 total men

Bridesmaids seeing best friend for the first time tulle chiffon champagne bridesmaid dresses gowns off the shoulder dresses bride putting earrings in on wedding day

“I knew I wanted the mix and match look, but I was too nervous to give my bridesmaids total freedom. So, I thought mixing the fabrics and dresses but keeping the color the same would help give it some dimension but keep it looking clean.”

BBride hugging maid of honor on wedding day simple white wedding dress with buttons all down the back bride holding white and green floral bouquet

“I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out, and I’ve had many brides ask me where my bridesmaid dresses were from.”

Bride in sleek white bridal gown eight bridesmaids in champagne neutral gowns tulle and chiffon holding white roses greenery white brick wall

Pippa: Champagne Tulle | Abigail: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle | Brooklyn: Champagne Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle | Penelope: Champagne Tulle | Harper: Champagne Chiffon

Beautiful brunette white bridal gown plunging dress white gown with long flowing train

Bride and groom first look three photos bride taps groom on shoulder groom with greenery hug on wedding day on stairs

“The entire day was more than I could have imagined. But hands down my favorite part was my first look with Ryan. There’s something about having that moment alone with your groom that cannot be replaced. It was so special to be able to have that time just the two of us.”

Bride and groom on wedding day black tub sitting on water fountain brunette bride in white dress kiss groom pose wedding

Bridal party posing on wedding day in front of trees and greenery eight bridesmaids and eight groomsment holding bouquet posing formal photos before wedding

Bride and groom holding hands and walking with wedding day on wedding day holding white and greenery florals bride and groom hugging husband's ring on bride's back

Bride and father hug on wedding day gift three different photos card hug love wedding day

Bride and groom smiling and posing afrer wedding husband greenery boutinneer bride hugged by bridesmaids on wedding day white and green boutineers tulle chiffon neutral dresses

Bride and groom kissing as 16 person wedding party champagne neutrals tulle and chiffon dresses floral greenery white roses celebrate wedding day

Bride hugging bridesmaids before walking down aisle on wedding day groom white flowers greenery boutineer champagne dresses hugging on patio

Bride holding photos of mother on wedding day seat reserved for her mom in memory of parents passed away

Wedding venue hall cathedrial candles done vase tea lights lots of candles romantic lighting

Gold wedding chairs white chairs weddig ceremony wedding sign greenery nellie and ryan september wedding

Groom and groomsmen smiling and watching wedding party walk down aisle lookingn forward with boutineers

Tealights candles card clear vase guest book blue with greenery gold writing nellie and ryan

Bride walking down aisle on wedding day with father bridesmaids holding bouquets champagne chiffon tulle dresses groom crying at alter as he sees his bride

“Walking down the aisle is such a surreal moment. I had not seen the venue earlier that day, and right before the ceremony started there was a horrible thunderstorm. It made the venue that much more beautiful because it was darker than it would have normally been and there were hundreds of candles illuminating it.”

bride and groom holding hands with candles inn the background on wedding day best man looking at his friends get married in gorgeous hall

“I remember thinking how intimate that moment felt — despite the grandness of the venue and the 250 people watching — it felt like it was just me, my dad, and my soon-to-be husband.”

Bride and groom hugging on wedding day first kiss revelry bride candles in the background ornate wedding venue cathedrial

Bride and groom kiss after announced man and wife back shot of bride and groom walking out of ceremony space after I dos

Bride standing with eight bridesmaids tulle chiffon champagne revelry bridal gowns neutral gowns white and green florals

Bride and groom smiling and posing in front of fountain on onn stairs wedding day brunette half up hair shot of bride ring back of head

Wedding cake two tier white textured with flowers and greenery chocolate chip cookie cake icing tea lights florals

Bride and groom entrance to wedding reception celebration kiss dip pose love first dance

“There was something about that day, you could really feel the love between Nellie and Ryan and everyone’s love for them. It couldn’t have been more perfect.” —Bridesmaid

Table 12 white table cloth greenery leaves candles vase water bridesmaid in rosalie tulle champagne gown date love marriage

Bride dances with father at wedding friends and family watch bottle of scotch nice drink glass wedding day

Bride and bridesmaids clapping and dancing at wedding reception laughter love claps packed dance floor revelry wedding

Bride and groom in front of stairs and greenery hugging holding train walking off together after wedding day love marraige wedding

Bride and groom kiss in front of greeny ivy fine white fall boutineer white roses bruntette half up half down kiss dip

xoxo, Revelry

Bridesmaid Looks:
Pippa: Champagne Tulle | Abigail: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle | Brooklyn: Champagne Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Champagne Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Champagne Tulle | Penelope: Champagne Tulle | Harper: Champagne Chiffon

Photographer: Shining Light Photography | Hair: Ashley Hill | Makeup: Makeup By Andrea Rachelle | Venue: The Bell Event Centre | Florals: Alicia Collins at Great Expectations KY