Dean Geyer From "Glee" and Jillian Murray From "Code Black" Tie the Knot in a Sparkling California Ceremony

Apr 4th 2018

Dean Geyer From "Glee" and Jillian Murray From "Code Black" Tie the Knot in a Sparkling California Ceremony

Actor, Dean Geyer, from Glee and actress, Jillian Murray, from Code Black tied the knot in Sunny California in September 2017. Scroll down to get an in depth look at the stars glamorous wedding featuring sequin Revelry bridesmaid dresses.

"Holding Dean’s hands and we looked into each other’s eyes and read our vows was magical. A beautiful moment I want to relive over and over again. Also sitting down under the night sky at the reception/dinner and being in the middle of nature with all my friends and family and having a fantastic dinner. That relaxing moment was wonderful. Just letting it all soak in. The only thing I felt was hard was having to take the time during cocktail hour and shoot photos. I know we needed the pictures, but being an actor, it felt like work. I would have rather spent that hour enjoying my family and friends and the fact that I just said 'I do'. "- Jillian, Bride

Gold sequin dresses and glamorous wedding party pose under floral arch in southern california

Starla : Rose Gold Sequins | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequins

Glee Star Dean Geyer gets ready before his wedding with groomsmen helping him tie his bow tie.

grooms accessories.

groomsmen pose in suits and black bow ties.

groom reads letter from bride next to his dog.

groom and canine best friend laugh while reading special note from bride.

bridesmaids in Revelry sequin dresses help bride Jillian Murray get ready for her big day.

details from wedding including vow booklets and rings.

groomsmen and bridesmaids about to walk down the aisle.

bridesmaid in Hazel sequin bridesmaid dress in Rose Gold.

Brides walked down the aisle with her mom.

I was just thinking, “Oh my God, this is finally happening!” And I was able to have my mother walk me down the aisle which was super special to me. It’s so many emotions that you just become so overwhelmed. I’m glad I had a videographer so I could watch and relive it over and over again. I loved every part!"

bride and groom exchange meaningful vows under beautiful flower arch.

"When I saw Jillian walk down the aisle and have her mom give her away to me was the most special moment of the day” -Dean, Groom

bridesmaid in Starla sequin bridesmaid dress.

I fell madly in love with the rose gold sequin dresses. It was the perfect style to compliment my “nature meets glam” vibe for the day. I saw a picture on Pinterest and couldn’t get the picture out of my head. I also really wanted the dresses to all be slightly different than one another. Same color, different styles. It’s so modern.

bridesmaids in rose gold sequins with a bridesman with gold bow tie.

If you can dream it, you can do it. I was told “no” by so many of my vendors and that things couldn’t be done and we couldn’t make things work with the given budget. I was very focused on making the wedding exactly as I dreamed and when someone said “no” I became obsessed with finding a way to make it a “yes”. One of the main companies I have to credit is Rrivre Davies and Sue V of RRIVRE works who found a way to make everything come together just days before the wedding. He helped make all the “no’s” turn into “yes”.

xoxo, Revelry

Bridesmaid Style:
Starla : Rose Gold Sequins | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequins

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