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Finally The Bride: 4 Months Until "I Do"

Jun 20th 2018

Finally The Bride: 4 Months Until "I Do"

I truly can't believe it's been nine months since the love of my life got down on his knee, pulled out a ring, and asked me to be his wife. After the initial shock (and the celebratory Champagne headache) wore off, it was time to get planning. You see, I knew I always wanted a fall wedding, but since I got proposed to at the end of September, there was only just over a year to pull the big day together.

Now that I'm just over four months away (how?! HOW?!) from the big day, the stress is absolutely starting to set in. While most of the big ticket items have been checked off, there are still plenty of details to orchestrate before I can breathe a little easier and feel ready to walk down the aisle.

While every week I update the Revelry community about where I'm at in the planning process on Instagram (if you don't turn into #FinallyTheBride on Sundays, check it out!), one of the questions I get most often is what I have, and haven't, accomplished yet. Because if there's one thing brides love, it's knowing that they're not the only ones totally behind on their check lists.

So, here's a breakdown of where an October 2018 bride is at in the wedding planning process. While the lists seem daunting and tasks seem endless, it's important to remember: We're really all in this together. And at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you get to marry the love of your life and share the special day with all of your special people. That's truly what the day is about! Well, that and deciding on a cake flavor, of course (still thinking red velvet...)!

Items Checked Off

  • Venue chosen and booked
  • Rehearsal dinner venue chosen and booked
  • Asked wedding party to be by my side
  • Hosted try-on party for bridesmaids
  • Bridesmaid dresses ordered
  • Bridal bouquet ordered
  • Bridesmaid "bouquets" ordered (hello, lanterns!)
  • Colors picked (moody jewel tones, for the win!)
  • Hotel rooms blocked
  • Save the dates sent
  • Website created and registry finalized
  • Officiant chosen
  • Ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception DJ booked
  • Photographer booked
  • Hair and makeup artists booked
  • Caterer booked
  • Menu chosen
  • Engagement pictures taken
  • Wedding day accessories picked and ordered
  • Had my bachelorette party (more on that soon!)

Things To Still Do

  • Order invitations (AHHHH!)
  • Send out invitations
  • Meet with all vendors to fine tune day-of plan
  • Make a must-play and don't-play music list
  • Write the ceremony and my vows 
  • Figure out ceremony music
  • Have dress fittings
  • Order a wedding cake/dessert bar
  • Purchase all little decoration extras (gimme alllll of the candles)
  • Figure out photo booth
  • Create a transportation plan
  • How to have my hair and makeup on the big day?!?!?!
  • Then have a hair and makeup trial
  • Buy wedding rings! 
  • Gifts for all of my loved ones
  • Have my bridal shower!
  • Figure out decoration plan to make the whole place Pinterest-worthy
  • That whole honeymoon thing...
  • Rent/decide on menswear
  • Keep it together until October 27th!
  • Plus much, MUCH more

So, wherever you are in your wedding journey, however many things you still need to check off of your lists, and even though you still don't get the whole linen rental thing (seriously? Do I need to rent linens? I don't even really know what a linen *is*), just know that the only thing that really matters is getting your happily ever after with your best friend. The rest will fall into place. Promise!

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Brandi Allyse Photography | Bride: Rachel Varina