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Finally The Bride: Coven Themed Parties That Have Us Totally Spellbound

Sep 12th 2018

Finally The Bride: Coven Themed Parties That Have Us Totally Spellbound

With just under two months until my wedding day, I'm totally, officially, 100 percently under the "oh my gosh, I'm really getting married and it's REALLY soon" spell. And as I finish all of my DIY crafts, buy bridesmaid gifts, order wedding rings, and have a few freakouts a day, I'm trying to think of everything to ensure I pull off the perfect Hallowedding (Halloween + wedding). As a a lover of all things dark, mysterious, and full of fall flair, I knew from the moment I got engaged that an October wedding was in the stars for me. With lots of moody colors, plenty of candles, potion-style cocktails, and enchanting decorations, visions of a classy Halloween wedding danced in my head. But, thanks to the most amazing friends and family, as well as some spectacular vendors, we were able to pull off not only a Hallowedding (knock on wood! Check back in 2 months to see if we *actually* pulled it off), but three other coven-themed events as well.

As someone who grew up with "Harry Potter," is a huge fan of "American Horror Story," and considers Halloween to be the best day of the year, it only made sense that I'd want to do things a little bit differently. The true shock, however, was how excited, helpful, and willing everyone was to make my dreams come true again and again and again!

Rachel Varina and her bridesmaids wear black and dress as coven witches for her Nola bachelorette party

From a coven-themed Try-On Party hosted by Revelry's founder, Michelle, to a sophisticated bachelorette soiree in New Orleans, to a stunning Hogwarts bridal shower that put all of its guest under its spell, all of the events leading up to the big day were perfect representations of everything we were trying to convey: That the love is truly the greatest magic there is! And the start of the coven-themed parties was none other than a Revelry-hosted event!

Michelle founder of Revelry gives her social media manager a black wrapped present and she smiles with excitement

You see, when it came time for my bridesmaids to pick their looks for my wedding, the head of Revelry, Michelle, wanted to create an event that was truly special. Part of our concept here is that we want the entire process to be fun! That's why we're totally online -- we want to eliminate the stress of stuffy dressy rooms, never finding your size to try on, and pushy sales people. With our Sample Boxes, you can literally get the styles you want shipped to your door to try on IN YOUR SIZE. It's a game changer. And the best part is? Having a whole bunch of b-e-a-utiful dresses or separates at your house is the perfect excuse for a little party. Hence, the Try-On Party was born. Consisting of your best girls, some beautiful looks, and a glass or two of Champagne,Try-On Parties are the perfect way to find your favorite looks and have so much fun at the same time!

Poem from Revelry with gold font on Black paper talking about hen party with flowers and incense

So, Michelle Michelle hired the best vendors to deck out her Austin apartment in all things moody colors and coven-vibes. In addition to dining on all of my favorite foods and setting up Instagram-worhty mimosa and incense bars, she brought all of our sequin and tulle styles for my bridesmaids to try on! No only did my girls find their favorite looks, but we were able to relax, laugh, and create even more memories together! And since Michelle knew I was heading to NOLA for my bachelorette party, she insisted on outfitting me in the perfect witch's attired for a French Quarter photoshoot with my coven. After gifting me with black velvet Keds, the perfect black hat, and a flowy, Skylar tulle skirt, I was ready to take over the city.

Rachel posed with Michelle the founder of Revelry and takes pictures of her bridesmaids posing in sequin dresses

Skylar Cocktail Skirt: White Pearl Tulle | Chloe: Black Tie Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin

A coven of witches in new orleans stand on a balcony wearing all black

With the perfect rental house, a few bottles of Champagne, and all of my girls together, spending the weekend exploring New Orleans with my witches was the best way to say "goodbye" to my single life! I knew I wanted to remember the time spent with my favorite people forever, so hiring a photographer to follow us around the French QUarter for a few hours (while totally extra) was a must! With all of my witches decked out in the best black outfits, and me rocking my Revelry skirt, we felt right at home in The Big Easy.

Girl in black tulle skirt and bones bra poses in the french quarter with parasol and holds a spellbook

Skylar Skirt: Black Tie Tulle | Custom White Tulle Overlay

Coven witches in all black pose on a couch walk around the french quarter pose with a cop and take selfies

White witch with corset and gloves holds a crystal ball orb

After fully recovering from, what I thought, was the witchiest weekend of my life, I had one more event before the big day: my bridal shower. When I told my cousin and bridesmaid that I'd love a coven-themed shower, I had no idea what I was in for. Floating candles just like from "Harry Potter" sparkled from the ceiling, and an array of potions and cauldrons filled with my favorite goodies greeted me from every turn. A fortune teller, smoke bombs, and plenty of magical music came together to create the day fit for the most luxurious of witches.

White witch bride with hat walks around outside in skylar tulle skirt and wine bottles with black candles decorate the harry potter bridal shower

Skylar Skirt: Black Tie Tulle

Blonde bride dressed as a witch in all white with a hat corset and tulle skirt laughs in purple smoke

Detail shots of coven harry potter bridal shower with books candles

As I start counting my RSVPs and figuring out my seating chart, things have officially turned real for this bride-to-be. And while wedding planning is enough to make any witch stressed, it's the perfect time to reflect on just how much you're loved and cherished. Looking back on these photos and remembering the magical moments my friends from Revelry, my bridesmaids, and my family created for me just shows how blessed I truly am. And as I get ready to take that walk down the aisle, it's just a reminder of how many strong, beautiful, and caring women I have right by my side. That's where the bridal glow truly comes from. Well, maybe that and a facial.

White witch with tulle train poses at bridal shower with bridesmaid in black

xoxo, Revelry

Try-On Party Photography: Madeline Harper | Bachelorette Photography: Andrew R Simoneaux | Bridal Shower Photography: Black Pineapple Photography | Makeup: Cristina Montemayor | Try-On Party Planner Lauralee Baird | Bridal Shower Planner Jennifer Henthorne | Bride: Rachel Varina