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Finally The Bride: Dee's Glittering Gold And Blush Try-On Party Is All Of The Brunch Goals

Apr 24th 2019

Finally The Bride: Dee's Glittering Gold And Blush Try-On Party Is All Of The Brunch Goals

When we started the Finally The Bride series well over a year ago, we had no idea just how big our weekly wedding planning videos would get! At the time our Social Media Coordinator, Rachel Varina, was engaged and chatted with our fans every Sunday as she planned her wedding. After getting married, it quickly became clear that the Revelry community missed having a wedding to help plan and a bride to bounce ideas off of. So, we searched far and wide and found 5 new brides from around the country to share their journeys with our community!

One of our favorite parts about hosting this series? Is spoiling babes from around the country. And with it comes one of our favorite events around: The Try-On Party! Basically, it’s the chance to get your gals together, find your perfect wedding day looks, and bond before the big day festivities begin. So, we sent all of our brides their favorite bridal and bridesmaid styles and enjoyed the chance to celebrate their fierce friendships and love-filled adventures!

Two different photos mimosa bar pink decorations I said yes gold revelry sign decklyn bridal gown lace zip up engagement ring detail shot

And our May 2020 bride, Dee, hosted a Try-On Party straight out of Pinterest. With the cutest Airbnb, the sweetest cookies (that looked EXACTLY like breakfast foods), and the chance to say “yes” to her wedding dress with all of her besties around, Dee proved yet again that we are head over heels in love with all things weddings. From her puppy engagement to her Rustic Glam wedding day, we’re so excited to be a part of her “I dos” and can’t wait to celebrate with her more as her day gets closer and closer!

Bridesmaids in matching bridesmaid and maid of honor shirts jeans yoga pants try on party

“When I found out that I was chosen to be one of Revelry’s 'Finally The Brides,' I was speechless. My heart rate went up a little bit and I got super nervous. I didn’t expect to be chosen — I never get chosen for stuff like this! But this meant I have to actually talk to thousands of people about my wedding?! Hello, anxiety. After the initial freakout, I quickly got SUPER excited. I used to worry about what my content would be, but now when I do videos for all of my followers, I can’t wait to tell you more and more! I love being one of your Finally the Brides!” -Dee, Finally The Bride

love is brewing coffee brunch bar bride with bride shirt pop champagne laughing rose jeans laughing party

“Before I even applied to Revelry, I had my heart set on using Revelry bridesmaids dresses! I remember looking at Rachel’s Try-On Party photos and being like, ‘What a fun extra party to add to the bridal festivities!’ I love planning parties!”

Mother of bride pouring orange juice at try on party revelry mimosa bar written on mirror garnish juice airbnb

“From the moment I found out that I was going to be a Finally The Bride, I set out on Pinterest to start planning the Try-On Party of my dreams! Some of my bridesmaids (including myself) are nurses, so I had to really plan according to their schedules.”

Revelry illusion lining wedding dress color measuring tape pink size chart donought revelry

“Luckily, since I planned so far out, I was able to pinpoint a date that was right for everyone! Make sure to consider that when you plan your party. Give everyone more than 2 weeks’ notice. It’s so much fun having everyone that you love together to celebrate the occasion!”

Bridesmaids in jeans with matching bridesmaid shirts pose and smile on couch at revelry try-on party wedding dresses gold sequin dresses revelry gowns

“I received my Sample Boxes a few days before my party, and I wanted to peek so SO bad, but I resisted. As I unpacked the bridal gowns, I was in AWE. They were all so beautiful in person. The details, the sparkles — breathtaking! There truly wasn’t one dress I put on that I didn’t love. It was such a HARD decision in the end.”

Bridesmaid revelry try on party blush colors point at swatches bride shirt engagement ring point diamond ring mimosa with strawberry

“Regardless of being a Finally The Bride, I will say that Revelry really treats its customers with the utmost love. Its Revelry IRL group on Facebook is such a unique thing. From showing real pictures, sharing vendors, connecting brides around the world, and answering every question imaginable, it’s a true wedding-loving community.”

Dee finally the bride jeans in gold and white bride wedding shirt help bridesmaid in blush chiffon shirt mila rose gold sequin skirt try on party wedding

“Plus, you can request personalized color and style combinations of what you’re envisioning and the team will send you real photos and feedback! I think this is such a great thing they do that other bridal and bridesmaids companies don’t offer. In short, they really care.”

Revelry bridesmaid and bridal try onn party mom pouring orange juice and mimosas with strawberries blonde hazel bridesmaid dress brude in blush chiffon dresses smiling and posing

“I also had the pleasure of working with a Revelry Stylist who showed me in real life exactly what my vision was! She helped me figure out the best tulle/chiffon mix for my color scheme. I was then obsessed with the examples she showed me, to say the least.”

Bride and bridesmaid at revelry try on party separates bridesmaid tags on dresses diy picking the perfect bridesmaid dresses at party pinks and blushes

“We are doing a complete mix and match between my girls. Our styles will include the Hazel, Elle, Mackenzie, Mila sequin skirt, Skylar tulle skirt, Penelope, and the Lily! While it was intimidating imagining mixing tulle, chiffon, and sequin, the entire Revelry team has helped me put together a look that is trendy-yet-timeless, girly-yet-sophisticated, and absolutely perfect for my Rustic Glam wedding!”

Bridesmaids in blushes and pink revelry dresses drinking and holding mimosas bride rose gold cheerings at party happiness love

Elle: Wild Orchid Chiffon | Sadie Top + Mila Skirt: Rose Gold Sequin | Zoe: Ballet Blush Chiffon | Lily: Ballet Blush Chiffon | Mackenzie: Rose Quartz Chiffon

Revelry try on party sign mirror chalk mirror bridesmaid in chiffon pink dress holding peach dress pictures sign wood plants

“A few girls were between dresses, so seeing them all in person really helped them decide. Being able to feel the fabric, see the fit, and bust a move or two helped them all chose their dresses!”

Dee finally the bride smiling laughing bride with instapix camera laugh and oise with mimosa at revelry try-on party

Bride in lace v neck bridal wedding dress maid of honor helping put on dress rose gold hazel dress veil help deep dress wedding dress bridal gown revelry pose in front of mirror

Aurora Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Cathedral Veil

Dee blonde finally the bride decklyn bridal gown white wedding dress bridal gown pose with mother and mother in law at revelry try on party airbnb three people pose

“Dee’s dress hit the mom-approved bell! Soft and feminine and just enough cover to please the moms! She couldn’t have looked more stunning.” -Mother of the Bride

Dee finally the bride revelry blonde instapix camera photos bridesmaids take pictures try on party collage friends

Finally the bride Dee wedding bride wedding dress decklyn gown revelry gold light up leaves from target mirror try on party

Bride dee finally the bride looking at briodal wedding dresses white gown look at dresses with mother for wedding day rose gold sequin gowns white gowns

“Choosing my dress was tricky. All of the dresses were breathtaking. Can I just change dresses every hour?!”

Dee Finally The Bride blonde revelry try on party white bridal gown wedding dress veil lace dress bridesmaid with flower girl smiling and laughing at try on party orange juice

“I was also able to see the flower girl dress I chose against the Revelry colors, and it was exactly what my heart had envisioned! She also had so much fun joining in, and it was such a special way to share the experience with multi-ages, as well as my mother and future mother-in-law!”

Revelry Try On Party Bride and two bridesmaids rose gold sequin dresses top and chiffon skirt chiffon bliush kennedy dress mother with carafs of orange juice cheers help party champagne mimosa

Bridesmaid in rose gold sequin dress hazel gown cowl back bride holding hair up getting zipped up lace dress white bridal gown

Dee Revelry finally the bride in Raden bridal gown art deco wedding dress black champagne bottles gold letters on top of red fridge galanz dress blonde bride

Raden Bridal Gown: Whisper White

Dee finally the bride with bridesmaid in rose gold sequin bridal gown art deco sequin gown white dress scallop edge train wedding day look try on party

Deidra Dee finally the bride blonde bride sitting on floor looking through color options try on party looking through swatches chiffon tulle and sequin rose gold sequin dresses blue tulle dresses

“We’re doing a mix of pink and gold colors for the perfect combination. We’re using Rose Gold sequins, Blushing Bride, Ballet Blush, Blush, and First Kiss!”

Bridesmaids in chiffon and blue dresses tulle and blush pink and pink tassles I said yes gold revelry sign mimosa bar ring enngagement weddign try on party revelry

Bridemaid looking in mirror with fairy lights cowl back key hole neck sequin gold dresses zip up back of of decklyn bridal gown close up of champagne glass gold flute strawberry garnish

“The Try-On Party was an absolute BLAST. It was neat to see the bridal party try on all of the different pieces, and helping Dee try on wedding dresses was such a special moment. And you can’t forget the yummy snacks and mimosas!” -Jennie, Maid of Honor

Dee bride taking picture of mom and future mother in law at revelry try on party with poleroid camera instapix airbnb

Bridesmaid in blue tulle dress Revelry bridesmaid and bridal gown lace bridal gown dee deidra finally the bride dress laughter beautiful try on party

blonde bride in wedding dress lace and details I said yes sign two black champagne bottles celebrating with best friends at revelry try on party

Bride and bridesmaid rose gold mila skirt tank top blush pink shirt bridesmaid separates brunette

Bridesmaid in rose gold sequin dress hazel gown bride in decklyn bridal gown whisper white lace details zip up back corset style back zip

Decklyn Bridal Gown: Whisper White

Revelry try on party dessert doughnut and cookie bar black champagne bottle gold lettering sign all you need is love

Bride in Revelry decklyn bridal gown at revelry try on party in nyc with bridesmaids in chiffon tulle and sequin dresses blue blush pink rose gold chanpagne black bottles gold lettering

Dee finally the bride decklyn bridal gown lace dress criss cross back sequn veil with best friend on wedding day try on party

Dee Deidra finally the bride blonde bride looking at blush swatches decklyn bridal gown posing in front of mirror at revelry try on party whisper white bridal gown lace and sequin criss cross back

While we’re not going to give away the surprise, our 2020 Finally The Bride said “yes” to her perfect gown with her friends all around (YAY!). Be sure to follow Dee on social media and tune into our Instagram and Facebook stories each and every Sunday for updates from our five brides from around the country! Watch as they celebrate the milestones from “yes” to “I do,” and share your own journey with us by using the #FinallyTheBride hashtag! Because making special memories with your very best people is truly the most beautiful party about planning your big day.

Bride in decklyn lace bridal gown bridesmaids in rose gold bridesmaid gowns and separates blush chiffon dresses black champagne bottles gold lettering

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Kaitlin Noel Photography | Bride: Dee soon-to-be Holly | Cookies: Paulina Tziolis | Venue: The Shore House | Props: Target