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Finally The Bride: Honeymoon Planning For The Perfect Post "I Do"

Dec 19th 2018

Finally The Bride: Honeymoon Planning For The Perfect Post "I Do"

When I got engaged well over a year ago, visions of a Halloween formal wedding, bridesbabes in burgundy dresses, and lots of sparkle and shine took the forefront of my mind. As any bride, bride-to-be, or bridesmaid knows, planning a wedding takes A LOT of work. And since I not only wanted a unique wedding, but am very DIY-obsessed, every waking moment went to handcrafting favors, writing my own ceremony, and creating the perfect song list (before my DJ lost it, of course).

Still, once all of the big details were planned and the wedding day grew closer, another large event loomed near: our honeymoon. Having never planned a honeymoon, let alone a large trip, my now husband (so weird!) and I had no idea where to even start. All when knew was that after our big wedding, we wanted to stuff our faces, see some amazing sights, and have plenty of time to relax. It's pretty much the "just married" dream.

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So, when we sat down to create our wedding registry and decide where we wanted to honeymoon, we realized that the greatest gift would be to adventure together. And considering we bonded over our love of pizza and wine, it quickly became apparent that the place for us to celebrate our love was none other than Italy. As we head to Rome to dine on pasta and say "goodbye" to our wedding diets, I wanted to breakdown how I got from being a girl with a ring on her finger to being on her way to a three week Italian honeymoon.

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Come To A Dreamy Compromise

When the first talks of a honeymoon started, my husband and I were on COMPLETELY different pages. He was dreaming of Asian food and a culture shock, and I had visions of midnights in Paris and pastries for breakfast. After lots of chatting, we realized that we wanted this special trip to be one we were both 100% excited about. So, we went to the drawing board and together found a place. You shouldn't feel like one of you is giving in, and if the other isn't jazzed about your location, try to find something that you both will enjoy.

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Watch Your Registry

One of the tips you see over and over is that when you get engaged, you should start your registry straight away -- people want to shower you with gifts! Before you add that mixer to your list, however, take a moment to think about your post-wedding trip. Consider registering for a honeymoon or cash fun to alleviate some of the expenses that go into having the honeymoon of your dreams. By using Zola, we were able to cover most of the costs of our trip to Italy. As long as you're smart with your gifts, register early, and stay consistent, you'll be that much closer to the happiest of honeymoons.

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Make It Your Own

When it comes time to honeymoon, everyone will have an opinion. Whether it's suggestions of where to go, what to eat, or how to spend your time, it can get overwhelming. While getting advice is great, use this time as a way to bond with your new spouse. Research together, pick things that the two of you love, and make the trip your own. Whether you spend every second on the town or never leave your hotel room, as long as it's perfect for the two of you, that's ALL that matters.

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Soak Up Every Moment

With your wedding in the rearview mirror, your honeymoon is the chance to reflect on all you've accomplished and dream about what the future holds. So, sleep in. Eat way too much. Walk around aimlessly and kiss as much as possible. Just because your wedding is over, it doesn't mean the celebrations stop! So, whether you celebrate your "I dos" by backpacking across the country, heading across Europe, or having a romantic staycation at home, there's no wrong way to honeymoon. As long as you feel the love (and gain a few of those "lost for the wedding" pounds back), you'll have a trip to remember for a lifetime.

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xoxo, Revelry