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Finally The Bride: Sarah's Pre-Wedding Celebration Shows Why Every Bride Needs A Try-On Party

May 22nd 2019

Finally The Bride: Sarah's Pre-Wedding Celebration Shows Why Every Bride Needs A Try-On Party

When we had the idea for the #FinallyTheBride series well over a year ago, we had no idea just how big our weekly wedding planning videos would get! At the time our Social Media Manager, Rachel Varina, was engaged and chatted with our fans every Sunday as she planned her Halloween-themed wedding. After getting married, it quickly became clear that the Revelry community missed having a wedding to help plan and a bride to bounce ideas off of. So, we searched far and wide and found 5 new brides from around the country to share their journeys with our community!

sarah Arpino looking through wedding bridal and bridesmaid dresses on rack at revelry try on party art deco lace train of Raden bridal gown

One of our favorite parts about hosting this series? Is spoiling babes from around the country. And with it comes one of our favorite events around: The Try-On Party! New to the idea of a Try-On Party? It’s easy! With our Sample Box system, both brides and babes can try on dresses at home and their sizes, totally stress-free! We bring the boutique to you so you can find your favorite looks without pushy sales folks, stuffy fitting rooms, and total guesswork on what will *actually* fit (because when you’re ordering a formal gown, we think you should know EXACTLY what you’re getting before you get it)! Where does the party portion come in? Who doesn’t love the chance to get their bridal party together, celebrate friendship, and have fun along the way?

Sarah Arpino I said yes wedding bridal gown white table greenery blue and green chiffon swaatches tray flat lay and measuring tape

Basically, it’s the chance to get your gals together, find your perfect wedding day looks, and bond before the big day festivities begin. So, we sent all of our #FinallyTheBrides their favorite bridal and bridesmaid styles and enjoyed the chance to celebrate their fierce friendships and love-filled adventures!

Sarah Arpino Finally the bride try on party white bridal gowns lace chiffon dresses four bridesmaids in blue and green chiffon styles

Our first bride-to-be getting married, Sarah, recently hosted her Try-On Party full of laughter, carbs, and all things celebratory moments. As her Labor Day wedding quickly approaches, we loved the chance to spoil her girls, get her besties together, and help her bridesmaids find their perfect wedding day looks. From sharing her grandparents’ anniversary to watching her Garden Party wedding come together, we’re so excited to be a part of her “I dos” and can’t wait to celebrate her more as the big day gets closer and closer!

Brunch breakfast spread doughnuts mimosas pink and blue flowers and fruit flutes try-on party spread

“The best part about being one of the Finally the Brides is adding an extra layer of fun to the planning process! The Revelry community is so supportive and inspiring! This experience has really let me live in the present moment of planning and take this time to cherish the journey and not just rush to the finish line of the big day.”Sarah, Bride

Sarah finally the bride arpino looking through rack of wedding dresses at revelry home try-on party

Mimosa orange juice cooks champagne in bucket sarah arpino pose with four bridesmaids at revelry try-on party coffee foughnuts flowers post two pictures

“My Try-On Party was hosted at my brother & sister-in-laws house in Altoona, PA. My sister-in-law, Holly, is one of my bridesmaids. Altoona is where a majority of my bridesmaids grew up as well, which made it extra fun to get my hometown friends together!”

Sarpino doughnut pink frosting looking through the hole in aphrodite lace revelry bridal gown doughnut fruit gold silverwear parfet

“The theme was brunch and bubbly —- just typical girl fun with breakfast foods and mimosas! 4/7 of my bridesmaids were able to attend. The other 3 live all over the place, but they were there in spirit.”

Revelry chiffon swatch pages blues greens pinks neutrals lace and sequin swatches on white table

Finally the bride sarah arpino criss cross wedding dress back lace sequin blonde bride smiling at revelry try-on party

“Together, my bridesmaids and I found a date that was going to work best for the majority of girls. Lots of group chats and schedules were taken into consideration, and then we realized that Easter would be perfect since a majority of us would be back in Altoona with our families to celebrate the holiday.”

Real Bridesmaid Try-On Party blues and greens chiffon dresses off the shoulder revelry bridesmaid dresses swatches wedding dress v-neck

“The girls who could not attend had the option of ordering a sample box themselves. One of my girls did and absolutely loved it! She’s about 6ft tall, so she definitely wanted to try on some dresses to test the length and find the perfect fit.”

Closeup of aphrodite lace floral flower pearl bridal gown deep v lace pink nails with engagement ring

Sarah Arpino finally the bride sign revelry gold raden art deco bridal gown blonde hair smiling with decorations in the background

“Picking my styles consisted of each bridesmaid sending me their top 3 choices. Luckily, there was a lot of overlap between the girls, so there were at least 2 girls who liked the same dress. That is how I narrowed it down! We chose 4 total different styles for the big day. 2 girls in the Lily, 2 girls in the Abigail, 2 girls in the Kaia, and my MOH stands out wearing the Kennedy convertible.”

Bridal gown bride in wedding dress pose at try-on party revelry bridesmaid dresses blue and green chiffon off the shoulder dresses at house

Sarah Arpino in aphrodite lace deep v wedding dress flowers butterflies lace drinking champagne chiffon bridesmaid dresses mimosas green and blue swatches

“Everyone should have a Try-On Party for so. many. reasons. Trying on the dresses not only allowed all my bridesmaids to feel comfortable and confident in their wedding day attire, but it also allowed me to see my vision of mix match dresses come to life! With all the styles in the correct sizes and the color swatches (and measuring tape included in the box), it eased any anxiety I had about my cohesive look! This was a REALLY big deal for me!”

Chiffon dresses blue dress pink mint dresses bridesmaids in off the shoulder gowns bridal gown mona wedding dress white dress hugging friends

Sarah Aprino finally the bride wedding dress mona revelry bridal gown tulle white dress bridesmaids dancing blue and green mint chiffon dresses having fun at party

“In addition to seeing the gorgeous looks, it also served as a mixer for all my bridesmaids! Some of us remain in consistent contact and some not so much, so it was great to have everyone in one room all together. Plus since everyone’s schedules are so crazy, we lumped in shower planning with the Try-On-Party too!”

Revelry chiffon dresses harper wrap dresses wrap chiffon dresses tag revelry gold tag warehouse austin texas

Sarah finally the bride pose i aphrodite lace bridal gown bridesmaids dresses chiffon off the shoulder styles green blue

“My favorite part of the party was seeing my vision come to life! I’ve always wanted mix match colors AND styles so it was a jaw dropping moment when I got to see it all fuse together. I truly can’t wait until the wedding to see everything side by side on my wedding day!”

Raden lace art deck train bridal gown bridal gown wedding dress blue and greenn chiffon bridesmaid dresses lace wedding dress deep v gown

Sarah finally the bride arpino doughnuts mimosas orange suitce arpino last name wood sign off the shoulder chiffon bridesmaid dresses blue and green

“My experience with Revelry and the entire sample box system was nothing short of exceptional. Ordering a box is SO simple, and Revelry’s customer service and stylist are extremely knowledgeable about the products and helpful when it comes to colors and styles, different body types, etc.”

Blonde revelry finally the bride raden mona bridal gown. bridesmaidsn in green and blue and mint chiffon dresses off the shoulder dresses

Revelry bride sarah arpino in raden bridal wedding dress gown white dress blue and green chiffon dresses off the shoulder styles mom sitting and watching in the background

“The stylists truly make you a number one priority and explain the entire process in so much detail. You don’t even have to print a shipping label, it’s all done for you! It’s seriously simple and so effective!”

Revelry skylar skirts blue white navy bridesmaid in blue chiffon wrap harper dress twirling and dancing blonde bride

Blonde bride in aurora bridal gown lace white dress four bridesmaids in blue and green chiffon dresses blue tulle bow dress tie halter

“I ended up picking the styles based on my girls! I want them to be happy and order a dress that hopefully they can wear again! I picked the colors because Steffan and I are obsessed with blues and greens.”

Blonde bride in aphrodite aurora lace bridal gown pours champagne for best friends at revelry try-on party chiffon brodal gowns three girls posing and having fun

Blonde bride in mona bridal gown wedding dress four bridesmaids in chiffon blue dresses close up of bridal gown on sky blue chiffon bridesmaid dress blue and green revelry swatches

“Going with blue and green chiffon was a fun and flirty choice, but also romantic and sophisticated. Plus, they look AMAZING with tons of greenery — very whimsical but also a tad different.”

Blonde bride white wedding dress wedding dress four chiffon bridesmaid blue ombre chiffon dresses at house dining table kitchen

Chiffon blue swatch page different blues ombre colors tulle rosalie blue tulle dress measuring tape off the shoulder dresses

“I’ve noticed with a lot of weddings that I have attended recently that burgundies, Champagnes, pinks, purples and other hot colors. So we wanted something cool, different, and delightfully dreamy!”

Sarah Arpino finally the bride instagram story smile and pose with best friends at Revlery try-on party chiffon dresses off the shoulder cool blue garden hues

Sarah Arpino revelry bride in raden bridal gown bridesmaids in blue chiffon dresses off the shoulder navy green blue maniquin blushes pinks golds

Two different wedding dresses whisper white warm taupe bridesmaids in blue dresses holding green and white bouquets inspiration photo

Sarah Revelry Finally the bride smile and pose over shoulder in aphrodite 3d wedding dress lace flower dresses four bridesmaids blue and green chiffon dresses

Whether you have a Try-On Party complete with a theme, rental house, and decorations around every corner, or you keep it lowkey with your best babes, some bubbles, and your momma there to watch, there’s no wrong way to celebrate yet another important step on the way to your big day! So, order some samples, grab your besties, and enjoy the moments — because the memories you make on the way to the aisle are sometimes the most special!

Sarah Arpino blonde finally the bride revelry bride bridesmaids in blue chiffon dresses and mom in the back smiling and enjoying the moment watching friend and daughter try on wedding dresses

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: LeAnn Stefan Photography | Bride-to-be Sarah Arpino | Dresses: Revelry