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How To Decide Between Tulle And Chiffon Styles

Jun 6th 2018

How To Decide Between Tulle And Chiffon Styles

When it comes time to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress (or any formal dress, for that matter), there are a lot of things to consider. The style, of course, and the fit is important. The length, whether cocktail or to the floor is vital, and the color is obviously a big deal. And while all of those components come together to create the ideal dress, there's one that truly transforms the garment: the fabric.

Still, if you don't speak "wedding talk" (don't worry, you're not alone), it can be tricky to figure out which fabric is right for your big day! And while ultimately the only thing that matters is finding a look you love, each fabric tells a little bit different story. Whether you're looking for something classic and romantic or dramatic and bold, we've got the perfect looks for every venue, style, and bridesbabe out there.

tulle versus chiffon, which fabric is right for your wedding and your bridesmaids? Either one you choose, our convertible dresses will be perfect for each bridesmaids unique look.

Kennedy Convertible: Velvet Plum Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Wine Berry Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Merlot Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Bradshaw Blush Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Dusty Quartz Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Peek-A-Boo Pink Tulle

Now, when it comes to creating the perfect look, the fabric is truly what gives the dress life. It is the body of it, after all! And while we love our sequin and lace styles, it's our chiffon and tulle looks that brides and bridesmaids usually have trouble picking between. Both fabrics are light, soft, and oh-so-flowy. So, what really sets them apart? We've decided to break it down for you so that you can find the perfect fabric and the perfect dress for your truly perfect day.


fitted for a queen , these fitted bodice bridesmaid dresses come in the softest and highest quality tulle around!

Penelope: Powder Sky Tulle | Penelope: White Pearl Tulle | Penelope: Antique Grey Tulle

Elegant and dramatic, flowy and fun, tulle adds a touch of glamour to any look! Our tulle styles range from skirts to dresses, but all have one thing in common: the softest bobbinet tulle you've ever felt! With lots of volume and slightly more structure (while still providing plenty of movement), these styles are perfect for a formal wedding, evening affair, or any event where you want lots of drama, flair, and a truly show-stopping look. The skirts of our tulle styles are double lined for coverage and have between 2 and 3 layers of bobbinet tulle to create a whole array of looks fit for royalty.

multiwear tulle bridesmaid dresses from revelry can be worn so many different ways. With long tie straps/ belts and removable shoulder straps.

Rosalie Convertible: Mystic Mermaid Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Mint To Be Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Powder Sky Tulle | Rosalie Convertible: Eucalyptus Tulle | Pippa: Better Together Blue Tulle


mix and match bridesmaid separates in chiffon from Revelry featuring clara skirt, and heidi & adele tops.

Heidi Top: White Pearl Chiffon | Eva Reversible Crop Top: Platinum Grey Chiffon | Clara Skirt: Platinum Grey Chiffon

When it comes to classic beauty, it's hard to top the feel and flow of chiffon. Known for its light and loose look, this dreamy fabric is the key to a gorgeous "spin worthy" skirt. Layers of delicate fabric come together to create an airy style full of grace and charm. Perfect for a beach wedding, boho look, or any occasion when a romantic skirt is called for, this classic fabric is always a fantastic choice.

blush Chiffon skirts and tops offered by Revelry.

Candice Top: White Pearl Chiffon | Lola Skirt: Ballet Blush Chiffon | Juliet: Blush Chiffon | Olivia Top: White Pearl Chiffon | Lola Skirt: Rose Quartz Chiffon | Kaia: Rose Quartz Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: White Pearl Tulle | Lily: Rose Quartz Chiffon

Whichever fabric, style, or look you choose to rock, only one thing truly matters: that the dress you wear makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are, inside and out!

flowy chiffon Abigail off the shoulder long bridesmaid gowns from Revelry.

Abigail: Eucalyptus Chiffon

xoxo, Revelry