The End-All Be-All Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

Jun 5th 2019

The End-All Be-All Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, we like to think that everything will go off without a hitch. Still, as most brides can tell you when the big day arrives, it’s way better to be ready for anything than unprepared. We aren’t saying things will go wrong, but we also aren’t *not* saying that either (pssst don’t let get this you down — it’s the perfectly flawed moments that make your day so special. Trust us!).

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While we hope you don't have any wedding-related emergencies on your day, we always believe it’s way better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we suggest having some crucial just-in-case items on hand. Our advice? Pick your most responsible bridesmaid, have her stock up a tote, and meet any missteps the day throws at you with ease! By grabbing these emergency wedding-items, we'll ensure that anything out of your control can easily be taken care of!

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  • Hairspray: Because you can't stop the beat but you CAN stop the flyaways.
  • Bobby pins & hair ties: Loose strands don't stand a chance on your big day!
  • Clear nail polish: For nail chips, stocking runs, and button failures alike.
  • Blotting papers: To keep oily skin at bay!
  • Lipstick: To keep you pucker-ready, and an easy way to ensure no one is rocking bright pink...
  • Eye Drops: For red-eye induced crying and any unwanted allergy attacks after your makeup is perfected!
  • Moisturizing balm: To keeps your lips soft, supple, and oh-so smoochable!
  • Antacids: In case the nerves or the catering gets the best of you!

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  • Safety pins: Better safe than sorry, right?
  • Setting spray: For makeup that lasts long past midnight!
  • Q-tips: For any eyeliner or lipstick that does its own thing.
  • Deodorant: To keep your scent from going not-so-sweet.
  • First-aid kit: OTC pain meds, and Band-Aids, and Neosporin, oh my!
  • Comb: For any last-minutes edits to your perfect 'do.
  • Tampons: Because you never know when an uninvited guest will make an unwanted appearance.
  • Nail file: In case of makeup under nails, chips or cracks, or just something to keep your hands busy and your nerves at bay!

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  • Tweezers: From stray hairs to clumped lashes, you never know when they'll come in handy.
  • Stain remover: Between the morning mimosas and the late night snacks, there are too many chances for slips and spills.
  • Fashion tape: A quick fix for falling hemlines and plunging necklines.
  • Mints, floss, & mouthwash: To keep you kiss, small talk, and close dancing ready!
  • Caffeine Tablets: For a jolt of energy without the jitters or bloating for the longest. day. of your life.
  • ID: Because wearing a wedding dress won't count as identification for the afterparty at the bar!
  • Cash: While you should have your vendor tips set aside, it's always good to keep some extra cash on-hand, just in case.
  • Cell phone: While most of us don't go minutes without our cells, it's harder to keep track of on your wedding. Have a bridesmaid in charge of your cell (and keep it charged) for emergencies and candid photos!

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  • Tissues: For dabbing tears and runaway eye makeup away.
  • Foundation: Even if you get your makeup done, it's always good to have foundation at the ready in case of smudges or spills.
  • Powder: To ward off shininess and keep your face looking fresh.
  • Mirror: For touchups, hair checks, and confidence-boosts alike.
  • Makeup kit: & makeup remover: Even if a pro is doing your wedding day look, it's best to have the essentials packed away for touchups or redos. Don't forget the eyelash glue!
  • Lotion: For hug-ready silky smooth skin and anti-ashy arms!
  • Benadryl: You just never know when allergies will strike.
  • Healthy snacks: It's hard to remember to eat on such a busy say, so keep some healthy snacks on hand so the Champagne toasts don't catch up with you!

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  • Sunscreen & bug spray: Keep the rays and the pests away if you're saying "I do" in the great outdoors.
  • Super glue: For fixing broken shoes, jewelry, or other miscellaneous defective accessories.
  • Lint roller: Bonus points if you put one in the groomsmen suite as well!
  • Hand Sanitizer: With so much contact with guests, keep germs away to avoid any after-wedding illnesses.
  • Nail Clippers: Any last-minute manis or hangnails don't stand a chance.
  • Metal drinking straw: To keep your lipstick intact (and the turtles safe)!
  • Waterbottle: The first rule of a wonderful wedding (besides marrying your love)? Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!
  • Sewing kit: You never know when a button will fall off, a fabric will snag, or a zipper will pull free.

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  • Anti-chafe balm: Between lots of layers and heat, avoid chafing with some well-applied balm.
  • Essential oils: The perfect way to spruce up your scent and calm any pre-aisle nerves.
  • Pens: Between your marriage license, the guest book, and notes day-of, you'll never regret having pens on hand.
  • Earring Backs: Because nothing is worse than being unable to wear your favorite studs if the back goes AWOL.
  • Lighter: For ribbon frays and finicky candles.
  • Batteries: In case the venue is "open flame-free," it's always a good idea to have some batteries in your bag.
  • Scissors: You won't realize how much you need them until you have a loose string and nothing to cut it with.
  • Rollerball perfume: All you need is an occasional dab on your pulse-points for a night of sweetness.

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Must-Know Tip From Revelry’s Founder

“Be sure to have your favorite delivery app updated with location services on and your payment information saved! I decided to do my own makeup on my wedding day, and of course, as I was getting ready, THAT'S when I ran out of foundation. Luckily, I had Favor installed, so I could get my favorite product delivered before the I dos!" —Michelle, Founder of Revelry

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Whether you’re the most prepared bride in the world or just going with the flow, there’s no telling what might happen on a day filled with so many variables. By creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit, you’ll have the peace of mind to tackle anything the busiest day of your life will throw your way. Bonus tip: Make sure someone actually BRINGS the kit to the venue. Trust us — after the shoes start pinching and the perfume starts failing, you’ll be glad you did!

xoxo, Revelry

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