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This Boho-Infused Day Couldn't Be Any More Beautiful With The Bride *And* Her Babes In Revelry

Apr 3rd 2019

This Boho-Infused Day Couldn't Be Any More Beautiful With The Bride *And* Her Babes In Revelry

When our Marketing Manager, LauraLee’s, bestie got engaged last year, we knew we needed to pull out all of the stops to make this VIP feel extra special. As soon as the date was set and the save the dates were sent, we invited bride, Michelle and her besties to a Revelry Try-On Party to help them find their perfect looks.

It turns out, Michelle didn’t just say “yes” to her bridesbabes’ perfect styles and hues — she found her dream gown as well! With the line not even officially launched yet, we couldn’t ignore that the Decklyn Bridal Gown was truly HER dress. So, with a little magic and a whole lot of happiness, we were able to outfit our bride in her dream dress for our first EVER full Revelry wedding!

Bridesmaids in mauve shirts on wedding day smiling and posing getting ready two photos

“Fort Worth is known as "Cow Town," but I’m more bashfully boho than country. I took on the challenge of creating a union of the two in a truly unique outdoor ceremony filled with dark organic blooms, natural scenery, and the cutest hints of Texas natural wood. It couldn’t have been more perfect or more 'us.'"Michelle, Bride

Blonde bridesmaid in thermal long sleeve mauve short puts eyeshadow on bridesmaid in front of window on best friend's wedding day

blonde bridesmaid in button down thermal pink shirt puts makeup on friend on weddign day bride in rolling chair gets makeup done on wedding day

Bride and bridesmaids in pajamas on wedding day with full hair and makeup getting ready for wedding ceremony before putting on dresses

“It was the most perfect day, starting off with all my best friends just getting ready and laughing together. Getting to see everyone in their Revelry bridesmaid dresses and seeing how beautiful they looked and then getting to put on my wedding dress... it was just even more perfect than I imagined!”

Decklyn Bridal Gown: Warm Taupe

Michelle bride putting on wedding details earrings lace art deco decklyn bridal gown feb winter wedding close up of torso

"Wedding dress shopping was STRESSFUL at first. We had a shorter engagement and checking everything off the list with limited time means a LOT of decisions! My salon bridal dress shopping experience seemed so rushed, and I felt pretty lost until I was able to get a sneak peek at the new gowns Revelry was about to launch.”

Bride in art deco decklyn lace bridal gown gets zipped up on her wedding day and sister and maid of honor in pink revelry dress watches detail shot of earrings in flowers

“My wedding was in February, so I got to actually try on several of the Revelry bridal gowns before they were released to the public! Michelle, Revelry's founder, was so sweet and even helped give me feedback and styling advice! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything!”

Bridesmaids in long sleeve thermal pink mauve button down skirt take selfie on friend's wedding day bridesmaid in Revelry dress fluffs train of bride in revelry bridal gown decklyn gown

“The Try-On Party was one of the most fun parts of my entire wedding planning experience! My Mom and I ended up spending the night at the beautiful Hotelette property in Dallas with my BFF, LauraLee, who happens to work for Revelry and planned the perfect party for me!”

decklyn bridal gown wedding dress hanging at venue in texas winter wedding

“I was then able to spend more time at home with my top three sample styles and get feedback from both my parents. Being able to try on the bridal samples several times helped me make a confident decision and it was so special to be able to share it with my dad, who wasn't able to be a part of the other bridal gown shopping experiences!”

Wedding rings in gold engagement and band bride in art deco decklyn bridal revelry gown bridesmaid in pink mauve chiffon dress

"I was trying to choose between burgundy and neutrals for bridesmaid hues. We ended up settling on the Latte color at my Try-On Party when we were able to view all the swatches and get a feel for the style of dresses my bridesmaids were drawn to. The Latte just stood out as a clear winner once I saw my bridal party twirling, oohing, and awing over the Latte-colored samples."

blonde bride in revelry art deco lace decklyn wedding dress bridal gown smiles and poses next to bridesmaids in pink mauve revelry wedding dresses holding pink and burgundy flowers

Ainsley: Latte Chiffon | Decklyn Bridal Gown: Warm Taupe

Michelle bride in art deco decklyn revelry bridal gown poses three time solo with marketing manager lauralee and blonde friend all laughing and holding flowers

"Working for Revelry, I get so excited to see our dresses in the wild! Nothing makes me happier than getting to see how our brides’ big days turn out and seeing the joy on their faces! Getting to be in my BFF's wedding (which also happens to be our FIRST Revelry bride) was better than I could have imagined. I got to host the Try-On Party and be involved with so many aspects I normally wouldn't have gotten to be a part of.”LauraLee Baird, Revelry Marketing Manager

groom in black tux with pink burgundy pocket square cufflinks put on detail shot

groom in black tux puts on jacket and gets ready for wedding holds up mother with groomsmen and family celebrating wedding day outside

10 Groomsmen in black tuxes and bow ties white skirts smile and pose on friend's wedding day trees in background

bridal detail wedding dress shot bouquet wedding dress mauve bridesmaid dresses groomemen in tuxes suits

“The dress was a match made in heaven and getting to try on multiple beautiful dresses was so fun. After chatting with the founder, Michelle, she helped me find my perfect style (and even suggested asking my tailor to add straps to make me feel even more comfortable when I hit the dance floor)!”

Lace detail bridal gown art deco design Revelry bridal wedding dress Decklyn 2019 collection

two photos showing revelry bride in decklyn art deco wedding dress have first touch by barn door smile and laugh groom in black tux with red bowtie

“Ty and I had a moment where we held hands around a door before the wedding, but we didn’t see each other, and it just increased the anticipation of walking down the aisle. Finally getting to walk down the aisle was just the best moment of. my. life.”

bride and groom close up first touch on wedding day in lace art deco wedding dress hold hands groom in black tux with red bowtie

bridal wedding dress decklyn bridal gown art deco dress first touch of bride and groom detail shot with bouquet

Michelle wedding day in decklyn bridal gown with bridesmaids in pink mauve dresses love friendship walking

Detail shots of Michelle revelry wedding bridal gown wedding dress barn arch greenery florals where you go i will go and where you stay I will stay

Michelle winter texas wedding flower girls in tulle gold crowns baskets of roses white and grown barn

LauraLee Baird marketing manager revelry pink mauve chiffon wedding dress walking down aisle with groomsmen

“I cried more than once seeing her look so beautiful on this special day and the joy that radiated out of her and Ty. It was truly magical to get to see their love in action, and surreal to be standing up next to her on such a monumental moment dressed in Revelry. She is one of the most generous, kind, and forgiving people on the planet and being able to spoil and celebrate her through Revelry was so special. Plus, it was pretty great to be the one twirling in that Revelry bridesmaid dress this time!"LauraLee Baird, Revelry Marketing Manager

Groom with shocked expression stands at alter and waits for bride to walk down the aisle with father from rusic barn

“I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Nothing else in the world mattered once she walked through those doors. Thinking about everything we’d been through and everything to come was overwhelming. Marrying Michelle was the easiest decision I’ve ever made, and seeing her walk down the aisle was the icing on the cake to the start of us making married memories together.” —Ty, Groom

Wedding guests in brown pews outside turn and wait for beautiful bride in revelry wedding dress to walk down aisle

Bridal party with 11 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen stand outside at venue holding flowers waiting for bride to walk down aisle

beautiful bride in decklyn wedding dress walks down aisle with father at texas outdoor wedding venue holding pink and blush flowers

“I had always dreamed of walking down the aisle with my dad, my hero, on my wedding day. Being with my dad for those few moments and him just saying how excited he was for me and Ty was so touching. We had so much fun walking down the aisle — there was just so much joy! I was so excited to get to Ty that my dad had to help me walk slower! I’ve never smiled so much in my life.”

Bride in decklyn bridal gown lace taupe wedding dress hugging and kissing group on wedding day flowers in blush pink white and greenery

11 bridesmaids in pink taupe chiffon dresses holding pink and burgundy flowers smile and watch bride in revelry decklyn wedding gown get married

“I’ve never felt so much joy getting to walk down the aisle with my dad and then seeing Ty waiting for me. It was perfect, and I’ll never forget how special of a moment it was.”

Michelle husband wedding day outside venue decklyn bridal gown three photos diffferent angles

bridesmaids in pink mauve chiffon dress bouquet flowers greenry blush dark pink

Bride in decklyn bridal gown lace groom drink wedding ceremony here comes aunt meesh

"Both of us have large families, so being able to have them all involved was very important. We made everyone feel as included and special on that day as they are in our lives everyday!"

Bride and groom first kiss in revelry bridal gown bridesmaids in pink taupe chiffon dresses

Bride in revelry decklyn wedding dress groom bride and groom at alter cheers love

Bride and groom kissing revelry decklyn lace wedding dress kiss after ceremony good love bouquet

bridesmaid on cold wedding day outside in pink taupe mauve chiffon dresses flowers wrapped up outside after ceremony

Wedding michelle and tyler stars table candles burgundy red greenery gold plates setting

Wedding bridesmaid bride greenery candles burgundy red gold candles guest book sign bible guestbook

Bride and groom snuggled together bride in deklyn bridal gown wedding dress groom in tux red bow tie

3 photos smiling posing bride in decklyn lace bridal gown with groom tux bow tie white burgundy tie

Bride in decklyn bridal gown wedding dress bride with braid in hair laugh and smile with groom on wedding day white flower in black suit tree

engagement ring in bouquet greenery white pink buds couple engagement silo photos picture frames

Bride in decklyn bridal wedding dress gown groom in black tux bow tie red burgundy wood venue reception entrance soft warm lighting

Bride in decklyn bridal gown wedding dress lace art deco gown first dance love kiss slow dance reception

Bride and groom first dance slow dance revelry wedding dress neutral nails brunette bride cuddle love

Bride in revelry decklyn bridal fown lace three photos walking with groom kissing each other cake on dessert table flowers naked cake flowers

Bride and groom wedding dress feeding each other cake love marriage wedding day lace wedding dress brown hair

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake two pictures knife pretty succulents love friendship revelry wedding dress decklyn lace

Bride in revelry decklyn bridal gown lace art deco single men garter toss funny dance floor laugh

Bride and groom dancing on dance floor twirling and kissing love friendship two photos slow dancing relationship

Bride decklyn bridal gown lace dress groom tux black suit back shot facing reception hall

Bride and groom wedding lace art deco revelry gown coozies beers cheers formal dancing

Laughing and running bride and groom wedding dress lace art deco groom black tux sparkler exit

Bride and groom sparkler exit guests holding large fire sparklers art deco decklyn lace wedding dress white fur wrap

Full revelry bridal party pink taupe 11 bridesmaids in revelry chiffon dresses and bride in revelry art deco lace wedding dress

Bridal Party Looks:
Wedding Dress: Decklyn Bridal Gown | Bridesmaid Dresses: Ainsley

To checkout Michelle's Try-On Party, click here!

xoxo, Revelry

Daniel Starke | Florals: A Fresh Approach | Venue: Classic Oaks Ranch | Photo Booth: Ramble & Roam Photo Booth | Hair: Kyla Freeman | Make-Up: Kassondra Freeman | Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry