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This Witchy Bachelorette Photo Shoot Will Give You All The Fall Feels

Jul 11th 2018

This Witchy Bachelorette Photo Shoot Will Give You All The Fall Feels

From the moment I got engaged back in September, the wheels in my head have been churning, trying to figure out how to plan the perfect wedding. As the Social Media Coordinator for Revelry, I figured I had this whole "getting married" thing locked down. I mean, hello?! I look at gorgeous pictures of dresses constantly, and I help brides plan their big days. How hard could figuring out my own wedding be?

It turns out, there's a reason that there's a whole industry dedicated to pulling the perfect day together (as well as plenty of careers centered around it). It's hard! And there's more to the big event than just the "I dos." Seasons, colors, themes -- there's plenty to decide on. So, as a lover of all things moody colors, fall vibes, and witchy wonderment, I knew an October wedding was the key.

And with my own wedding just over three months away now (how?!), I am in FULL PLANNING MODE. But, to take a break from all of the crafting and glueing, plotting and planning, my bridesmaids and best friends decided to throw me the perfect bachelorette party in New Orleans so we could laugh, bond, and de-stress before the big day. Now, when it comes to parties, I'm a big fan of themes. It doesn't matter how big or how small -- I like to make each and every get together an EVENT. Considering that I'm having a Hallowedding, my girls decided that a witchy bachelorette party in the land of all things covens and enchantment was the perfect way to get me ready for married life.

Rachel from Revelry in Skylar black skirt and witchy vibez from her supporting bridesmaids in all black for this Nola bachelorette photoshoot!

Skylar Skirt: Black Tie Tulle

All black posing for this NOLA coven themed bach party.

From the moment we all arrived in New Orleans, it felt like magic. That's the true beauty of weddings, and that's what made me fall in love with Revelry almost two years ago. The celebration of friendships. Since I was having eight friends from different walks of life come together for a weekend of fun, I knew from my initial planning that I wanted to document this experience. I know, I know. Having a literal photoshoot at your bachelorette is just about the most extra thing you can do. GUILTY! The thing is, I knew wanted to capture these moments. I wanted the photos of the woman who married my fiancé's roommate in college, laughing with the girl I befriend thanks to an accidental social media like, and holding hands my little sister in my sorority. I wanted to hold on to the beauty of all of the people I loved getting to know and love each other.

Bride Rachel and her bridesmaid cristina posing in front of their haunted mansion in New Orleans.

So, I did what any extra witch would do: I scoured Instagram to find the perfect New Orleans photographer who wouldn't break the bank and hired him to document some of our time together. From the moment we met up with him (and all had a drink or two to keep the nerves at bay), we knew he was the perfect choice to capture the fun. While most of us felt awkward at first (if you're not used to it, getting your picture taken is WEIRD), Andrew felt like an old friend, and immediately made us feel at ease so we could let our personalities shine.

photographer takes a selfie in front of the bachelorette party!

Now, back when I hired Andrew months before my bachelorette, Revelry's founder, Michelle, hosted a try-on party for my bridesmaids to find their perfect dresses (#BossGoals, amiright?!). But addition to the coolest party ever, she had a special surprise for me -- she decided to outfit me for my photo shoot!

flashback photos of Rachel opening her Skylar Skirt, black hat, and velvet sneakers at her  COVEN THEMED Try on PARTY hosted by Revelry. Revelry Founder Michelle hugging rachel as she opens her special bachelorette outfit try on party!

She ordered a gorgeous, Skylar Skirt for me in our moody Black Tie Tulle for the perfect witchy look. Plus she brought in a variety of coven-like black hats and gorgeous Keds for me to complete the ensemble! So, since I had the perfect look, all that was left was for me to gather my coven and let the magic of the weekend unfold!

rachel opens black box featuring bachelorette goodies at her witchy Try on Party hosted by Revelry for her bridesmaids to try out the sequin gowns rachel picked out for her halloween fall wedding.

rachel looking like a good witch with her black skylar flowing in the streets of New Orleans.

all the witchy details for this coven themed bachelorette party for Rachel our "Finally the Bride" host.

One of my favorite parts of any event is the anticipation. Is there anything better than all of your girls crowding around the mirror, blasting music, doing each other's makeup, and laughing as memories are made? That's what's so special about weddings and bachelorette parties and showers to me. It's not about the gifts or decorations or even the outfits. It's about the love, friendships, and lifelong partners you've gathered along the way.

moody touch ups by cristina, bridesmaid and make-up extraordinaire.

All Black and feeling fierce bridesmaids take a silly break from their bachelorette mischief and managing to crack a smile in front of there haunted mansion in New Orleans.

As we started loosening up and getting into the feel of the event, there was only one thing to do: Head to the French Quarter with a bottle of Champagne and explore! Thanks to New Orleans' open container laws, we were able to all cheers to a great weekend and new friendships right on the street.

Party in the streets for this Bachelorette Coven.

black hats, chokers, and all the gothic accessories can't keep these moody models down. Even if they are not smiling, you can tell they are happy celebrating Rachel at her Bachelorette party in New Orleans.

A cop joins the Coven. Bridesmaids pose with New Orleans police officer in the middle of bourbon street at this coven bachelorette party.

You would think in the city of witches and wonderment, the people would have seen it all. It turns out, a coven of girls walking down the street actually turns some heads. Whether it was a parade passing through, a police officer walking by, or a group of tourists visiting the area, we were constantly stopped for photos and questioned. "Were we real witches?" "What was the event?" "Could we really do magic?" And as any bachelorette party would know, the key to the best time? Is all of the attention you get. What?! It's true, guys!

Police Officer gets in the moody poses with alley shots. Looks like these all black beauties cast a spell on everyone they met this bachelorette weekend.

Still, while feeling like a celebrity for a bit was fun, that comes in second to the most special part of the weekend for me. My best friend and maid of honor is pregnant, and was well into her second trimester during the weekend. With a due date close to my wedding, everything is up in the air on whether or not she'll attend. So, we knew we wanted my bachelorette to be a special time for the two of us to bond. The fact that she came in for the weekend to spend time with us was the greatest gift of all -- even if her pregnancy footwear choice was worth a joke or two.

Rachel and her Pregnant BFF Maid of Honor pose side by side . They are all smiles as they celebrate each other's big life moments.

Seeing my friends take care of her, from rubbing her feet, getting her pizza, and making sure she had a place to rest, warmed my heart like nothing else. It's not too often that you get to come together to celebrate two amazing milestones, and the fact that I could share something so special with my best friend is a joy I'll cherish forever.

Pizza, all the pizza to fuel this Coven themed Nola bachelorette party.

Rachel poses atop her bridesmaids all dressed in black. Rachel wears her Revelry skylar black tulle bridesmaid skirt to complete the dramatic look!

All in all, I couldn't imagine a better weekend with better friends. That's what a bachelorette party, a hen night, or a bridal shower is really for. It's the chance to get all of the strong women who have been there in your life to come together. The people who have held your hand during heartbreak, encouraged you during hardships, and supported you during successes. That's what these weekends are really about. And having the chance to see my high school friends, college friends, sorority sisters, and "adult life" friends come together was truly the real magic of the event.

bridesmaids pose together for a fun and moody photoshoot at the bachelorette party in down town New Orleans.

bridesmaids pose together in fun and witchy new orleans bachelorette party for Rachel from REvelry.

As I click back through pictures, laughing at the memories and smiling at the faces I hold so dear to my heart, I feel sincerely blessed. I know that getting to marry the love of our lives is reason-enough to celebrate. But the fact that we get to do it with strong, beautiful, and supportive women by our sides? Well, that's where the real fairy tale lies. That's the true happily ever after.

Rachel from Revelry celebrates bridesmaids pose together in fun and witchy new Orleans bachelorette party.

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Andrew R Simoneaux | Skirt: Revelry | Makeup: Cristina Montemayor | Mansion: Airbnb | Shoes: Keds