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A Peek At The Founder Of Leopard Martini, Adriana Lucia's, Pinterest-Perfect Try-On Party

April 10, 2019
A Peek At The Founder Of Leopard Martini, Adriana Lucia's, Pinterest-Perfect Try-On Party

When it comes to planning a wedding, we think there’s more than just one day to party. It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things tulle, lace, and chiffon, and that we’ve made it our mission to help brides and bridesmaids from around the world feel beautiful on the most special of days.

But being in a wedding is about more than just wearing a beautiful dress and posing for picture-perfect photos. It’s about the friendships you’ve made, the love you have, and celebrating every milestone from “yes” to “I do” and beyond! That’s why we created the Try-On Party — a way for brides and babes to party while finding their perfect wedding day looks and bond before the big day.

Blue gold burgundy rack shot of revlery bridesmaid dresses tulle chiffon and sequin with white background bar area water jug rustic chic

So, when we found out Austin-based blogger and founder of Leopard Martini, Adriana Lucia, started planning her big day, we knew we just had spoil the bride-to-be! We rented out the cutest venue, hired one of our fave photographers, Madeline Harper, and invited the bride’s best babes for a day of dress-up, desserts, and plenty of bubbly to go around!

Revelry bridesmaid and bridal gown company founder Michelle hosts Try-On Party for Austin Blogger Leopard Martini for her May wedding

“Revelry sets the standard when it comes to trying on wedding dresses. This Austin based brand is shaking things up with the way they throw Try-On Parties for brides. A few weeks ago, they threw the most incredible, fun, and completely authentic bridal Try-On Party for me. From the location, food, decor — it was catered solely to my personal style and matched me so perfectly. I loved absolutely every minute of it!” -Adriana Lucia, Bride and Founder of Leopard Martini

“A Try-On Party differs from a wedding day because you don't have to stick with just one style! It's a way to have all the different aspects of your personality captured — you can go from a sleek modern gown to a lacy bohemian number to a twirly princess gown. You don't have to make a final decision but you still get to feel like a bride from start to finish.” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Austin Texas venue space farm table white background bar spirits florals cupcakes and champagne glasses

“A Try-On Party is honestly a photographer’s dream. You get so many different looks from both the bride and bridesmaids that you'll have content for months to come. Plus, bridesmaids are able to fully share what they think of dresses! It's a chance to find a dress that's flattering, comfortable, and makes them feel like a million bucks!” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

“We toasted, twirled, and awed at our gorgeous bride-to-be while she tried on beautiful dress after beautiful dress. The bridal party had an opportunity to try on some bridesmaids dresses and I loved the styles and that they didn’t look traditional. I’m excited to see how everything comes together!” -Ivy Veloz Reyna

Leopard Martini blogger in Austin texas smiles and laughs with friends and bridesmaids drinking champagne in austin texas 4 friends celebrating

“I gathered with friends at a beautiful spot in Austin, enjoyed sips and bites, and had so much fun celebrating being a bride-to-be. All while trying on beautiful dresses from Revelry with my best gals! Because who doesn’t love playing dress-up?!” -Adriana Lucia

Three photos of Adrane Leopard Martini austin blogger try on party revelry white and gold hanger pink and blush swatches bride and bridesmaid posing in mirror

Swatches To Keep: Chiffon Blushes, Pinks, and Neutrals

Luna bridal gown blue wedding dress revelry bridal at try-on party in austin texas hanging in doorframe

Luna Bridal Gown

Detail shot of Adriana Try-On Party Revelry Leopard Martini Sample Box swatches Revelry cupcakes

Swatches To Keep: Chiffon Blues, Greens, Greys

Revelry bridal sample bag from sample boxes adriana leopard martini lenior texas austin

Order your own bridal or bridesmaid sample box (or both!) here!

Leopard martini bridal try on party in austin texas with wedding dresses and champagne rack shot of dresses

“I’ve been working with both Adriana and Revelry for over a year. I was drawn to them by their kindness and joy — both brands are fully transparent in who they are. When Adriana became engaged I was working [in secrecy] on shooting Revelry's soon-to-launch bridal line. I knew they did bridesmaid Try-On Parties and were thinking of doing a bridal + bridesmaid Try-On Party combo.” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Bride leopard martini adriana blue wedding dress bridal gown bride showing bridesmaids wedding dress revelry bridal gown

Sample Luna Bridal Gown

Revelry swatches at Try-On Party in austin texas trose gold apple iphone taking video and photos of swatches flat lay for bloggers

“The group of women behind the scenes at Revelry are every bit as stunning as the dresses they promote. So to have this unique circumstance where I can support them, give them images to hold onto, and party with my friend before she marries her love? Well, it was a dream day!” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Luna bridal gown blue flower embrordery blue shoes something blue art

Bride leopard martini Adriana getting flowers at austin try-on party with shop revelry opens the dooe is surprised in three photos reactions

Adriana is a blogger that I'm truly proud to work with. Her heart is for the success of others and the same could be said of Revelry. I got them in touch with a not-so-subtle group text that ended up leading to a full blown celebration! I couldn't think of a better partnership or more special day to photograph.” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Bridesmaids at Adriana Leopard Martini looking at bridesmaid dresses at austin try-on party in street clothes

“Going to this Try-On Party was really special to me. It felt like celebrating old friends — not just Adriana on her wedding season, but Revelry and Michelle, the owner, for all of their hard work. I've seen this company skyrocket in growth this past year. All the while, they have stayed humble, dedicated, and team players.” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Revelry bridesmaids put on tulle and chiffon dresses at Try-On Party looking in mirror wearing cabernet gown blue tulle gown

Ainsley: Merlot Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Powder Sky Tulle | Kennedy Convertible: Dove Grey Chiffon

Revelry wedding dresses 11 different styles hanging up on rack at austin revelry try-on party

Bridesmaids in blue hold up dresses in chiffon and sequin navy and light blue to decide what they want to wear at Revelry try-in party wedding

blonde bridesmaid in austin texas boho venue in blue rosalie convertible tulle dress spinning in three different pictures

Rosalie Convertible: Bon Voyage Tulle

Detail shot revelry gold logo revelry chiffon blue fabric swatches gold bridal shoes

Revelry bridesmaid dresses sequin tull and chiffon three girls in blue and gold smile and post hold a sign that says revelry

Blakely: Rose Gold Sequin | Rosalie Convertible: Bon Voyage Tulle | Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Harper Wrap Dress: Desert Blue Chiffon

Adriana bride in olive dress austin blogger looks through bridal wedding gowns from revelry at try-on party before her may wedding

Adriana bridal gown try-on party shw brides and best friends at austin dog blue gold and navy

Mackenzie: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Blakely: Rose Gold Sequin | Finn Bridal Gown | Elle: Dusty Blue Chiffon

Beautiful brunette bride wearing white cut out crepe wedding dress post in front of mirror ad austin try-on party key hole back

Finn Bridal Gown

white tennis shoes in chiffon blue mila skirt pinks and berries chiffon swatch page flat lay

Bridesmaid in aqua blue wrap chiffon dress holds up dove grey dress bride stands next to bridesmaids as she wears a revelry wedding dress and looks for others on rack

5 bridesmaids in revelry dresses hazel sequin bijou navy burgundy navy and light blue gowns smile and pose at blg try on party

Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Hannah Wrap: Sail Away Chiffon | Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Bijou: Navy Blue Sequin | Ainsley: Merlot Chiffon

Cupcakes flowers blue and white baked goods austin bakery gift bag revelry bliue giftbag

Bridesmaids in blue revelry tulle and chiffon dresses look at rack of gowns and pick out styles at Revelry try on party in Austin texas

“I absolutely loved our Try-On Party with Revelry! There can be a lot of nerves when trying to find the perfect dress, and this event reminded us to live in the moment and have fun. That’s exactly what we did!” -Ivy Veloz Reyna

Bride in aphrodite revelry wedding bridal gown bridesmaids in blue chiffon gowns hug and laugh best friend at try-on party

“Always have a great playlist on and you can never go wrong with something poured in the wine glasses! When it all comes down to it, a Try-On Party and a wedding are about making beautiful memories with your very best people.” -Madeline Harper, Photographer

Bridesmaids in chiffon blue dresses tulle dress dancing twirling in dresses at friend's party

Adriana leopard martini luna bridal gown blue dress two photos back view looking at rack of wedding dresses

Luna Bridal Gown

Adriana leopard martini asutin texas blogger fashion lifestyle blue wedding dress bridal gown tulle three different angles

Adriana Try on party rack shot of bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns shot by madeline harper in austin texas blues blushes burgundues and golds

Bridesmaids in blue and gold revelry dresses chiffon sequin bride in aphrodite wedding bridal gown

Aphrodite Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Harper Wrap Dress: Desert Blue Chiffon | Blakely: Rose Gold Sequin | Rosalie Convertible: Bon Voyage Tulle | Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Mackenzie: Dusty Blue Chiffon |

Bridesmaids in gold sequin dresses and blue chiffon and tulle dress taking selfie on mauve couch with greenery and florals behind

Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Blakely: Rose Gold Sequin | Harper Wrap Dress: Desert Blue Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Bon Voyage Tulle

Bride in luna blue wedding dress pick green blue chiffon swatches point to favorites at try-on part

Swatches To Keep: Chiffon Blues, Greens, Greys

Adriana try-on party smile and pose with friends in mirror and selfie peace sign blow kiss hug friend

Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Raden Bridal Gown: Whisper White

New Revelry gift bag blue polka dot gold logo bridemaid in blue chiffon and grey chiffon look at dresses at try on party with white light shining in

Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Dove Grey Chiffon

Shoe shot bridesmaid wearing white tennis shoe sneakers on table flay lay picture tile checkered floor

Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin

Revelry bridal gown decklyn dress leopard martini in raden bridal gown sequins glitter friends watchinf and smiling as bride trys on dresses

“Revelry’s Try-On Parties are the stuff of dreams, and I wish I could forever be a bride-to-be so I could keep joining in on all of the fun!” -Adriana Lucia

Three bridesmaids in burgundy and blue dresses chiffon and sequin selfie smile sit on couch in natural light austin texas

Hannah Wrap: Sail Away Chiffon | Ainsley: Merlot Chiffon | Bijou: Navy Blue Sequin

Veil shot adriana bride in raden sequin revelry wedding dress whisper white red rug three different photos at Revelry try on party

Raden Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Fingertip Length Veil

Adriana bride to be wedding day may bridesmaids in blue chiffon dresses smile and pose with best friend at ret on party hosted by michelle final photo

Ainsley: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Mackenzie: Dusty Blue Chiffon | Rosalie Convertible: Bon Voyage Tulle | Raden Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Blakely: Rose Gold Sequin | Harper Wrap Dress: Desert Blue Chiffon

xoxo, Revelry

Host: Revelry | Bride: Adriana Lucia | Photographer: Madeline Harper | Florals: Earl Grey Floral | Venue: Lenoir | Planning: LauraLee Baird | Cupcakes: Sweet Treets Bakery | Stationary & Lucite Tray: Katie Kime