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Gabrielle's Influencer-Worthy Try-On Party Was A Celebration Of All Things Style

August 21, 2019
Gabrielle's Influencer-Worthy  Try-On Party Was A Celebration Of All Things Style

Revelry’s founder, Michelle, knew from the beginning that she wanted her company to bring the joy and excitement back into finding dream wedding day looks. So, as her line grew and her model evolved, she knew the best way to make brides and babes feel special was to take the stress out of the process! With her home Try-On Party, bridesmaids can try on their favorite styles, in their sizes, and take all of the guesswork out of finding their perfect looks. So, when we found out of one our favorite bloggers was tying the knot, we knew we just had to celebrate her love story in style! With racks of gorgeous gowns, her best babes by her side, and plenty of Champagne to go around, it was a joy to help bride Gabrielle find her wedding day styles!

Rack shot of revelry bridesmaid styles pink and blush tulle skirts and sequin tops and sequin dresses

“It’s no secret that my wedding will be filled with glitz and glam; I knew early on that I would want my bridal party in sequins. Finding sequins dresses in different silhouettes, in the same color, and in varying sizes was difficult. My bridesmaids are all unique and are shaped differently. It was important for me to find a brand that was trendy, fun, and size-inclusive. So, when I stumbled across Revelry, a company that specializes in bridesmaid dresses ranging in sizes from 0 to 32, it was a match made in heaven.”

Gabrielle blogger wearing bachelorette tiara crown holding champange glass flute standing by revelry rack shot of dresses

“When you find a style that you like, you are able to purchase a sample to try on in any size (or sizes) you’re interested in along with the swatch book to help select the ideal colors. Since my bridesmaids all live in different cities, they were all so gracious to fly down all the way to Atlanta to have a Try-On Party and of course, bond before my bachelorette party.” —Gabrielle, Bride

Gabrielle blogger holding pink skylar tulle skirt up in front of face wearing bachelorette tiara smiling dress

Whether your babes fly in to celebrate with you in-person or they all order their own Sample Boxes to find their styles at home, the secret to a stress-free bridesmaid look is here! Now that Gabrielle’s gals have said “yes,” we can’t wait to continue to spoil this wedding party as we lead up to the special day!

xoxo, Revelry