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How To Host A Revelry Try-On Party

May 01, 2019
How To Host A Revelry Try-On Party

When it comes to weddings, all of us here at Revelry are big fans of pretty much every single aspect. From the “yes” to the “I do,” we just love all things, well, love! But one of our favorite aspects of planning a big day? The chance to bond, celebrate, and create memories with your very best babes! And one of our absolute FAVORITE ways to do that is with a Revelry Try-On Party!

New to the idea of a Try-On Party? It’s easy! With our Sample Box system, both brides and babes can try on dresses at home and their sizes, totally stress-free! We bring the boutique to you so you can find your favorite looks without pushy sales folks, stuffy fitting rooms, and total guesswork on what will *actually* fit (because when you’re ordering a formal gown, we think you should know EXACTLY what you’re getting before you get it)! Where does the party portion come in? Who doesn’t love the chance to get their bridal party together, celebrate friendship, and have fun along the way? Read on to learn how to host your very own Revelry Try-On Party from start to final order!

Find Inspo bridesmaid in black long sleeve shirt looks at iphone and takes pictures of friends close up of revelry bridal wedding gown white dresses for wedding day with gold sequin gowns in the background

Find Some Inspo

Find inspo may 2019 blog post three photos bridesmaids looking at pink and blush chiffon dresses in austin lost wedding dress in center photo with greenery all around

One of the first steps in the “just got engaged process” (other than posting that ring selfie, of course), is searching high and low for all kinds of wedding inspo. If we’re being honest, some of us even do this step wellllll before we get a ring (pretty much everyone at Revelry HQ is guilty of this)! What can we say? We’re obsessed with all things sequins, shine, and feeling divine!

Bridal and bridesmaid try-on party may 2019 blog post blush ivory gold rose rold sequin dresses swatch cards and measuring tape

Whether or not you already have your big day figured out before saying “yes,” once the official planning starts, things really begin to feel real. It can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry — we got you! Finding some ideas that speak to you is the first step toward truly planning your big day. Whether you follow all of the bridal accounts on Instagram, build up your Pinterest board, join our exclusive Facebook group full of other like-minded brides, or just arm yourself with a pile of magazines and flip through them with your mom over coffee, deciding what kind of day you dream of to celebrate your love is the first step toward checking off those to-dos!

Pick Your Perfect Date

Pick Your Perfect Date Try On Party Blog Close up of raden bridal gown against the mirror bride and her bridesmaid looking at papers planning try-on party

The first step when planning your Try-On Party is to pick the perfect date! When you order a Sample Box, the styles ship immediately so they get to your door ASAP. Still, if you’re hosting a full party and want to plan in advance, just chat with our stylists and they’ll ensure your styles are shipped to your door in plenty of time for the festivities! Pick a date that’s far enough in advance to adhere to the shipping schedule (allow about 12 weeks for bridal gowns and 10-12 for bridesmaid looks, depending on the season) as well as some additional time for alterations.

three bridesmaids and one bride look at swatches and measuring tape check out swatches of revelry colors at austin try on party sequin and chiffon gowns close up

After calculating the timing for shipping and alterations, all you have to do is set a date for your party! Find a time that works for all of your bridesbabes (and consider inviting your mom or MIL — they’ll appreciate being included!) and let Revelry HQ know. If your friends are all spread out and can’t physically make it, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun! Order a Sample Box for them and have them FaceTime in for some virtual dress up and Champagne cheers!

Contact a specialist revelry blog pose three photos bride in raden art deco gown gets fitted by friend stylist office shot with inspo swatches and maniquin

Chat With A Stylist

girl in pink dress holding revelry sixe chart points to different measurment with revelry sample box and garmet bag in the background unfocused for blog post

When placing the order for your Try-On Party, you'll choose your favorite styles for you AND your friends to try on. This is where some hard decisions come into play. Do you want everyone in matching looks? Do you want all of the same color and fabric but different gowns? Do you want to do a total "mix and match" aesthetic? Narrowing down your looks can be hard (trust us, we’re right there with you), but that's half the fun! That’s why we’ve enlisted specialists to help you every step of the way.

Specialist help shop revelry office in austin texas michelle pinning things up maniquin blush plue purple pink dresses in the background mac computer

Our team of highly-trained consultants know the ins and outs of each and every style we offer: from fit to fabric and colors to combinations. Whether you know exactly what style you want but you’re hesitant on the size or if you’re starting from square one and are at a loss of where to truly begin, our team is ready to help. From creating color combinations, sending photo examples, chatting about general wedding planning, or helping with anything in-between, we do it all! Set up a phone consultation, email our stylists, or ask away on our exclusive Facebook group. However you choose, our pros are always here to help you figure out your perfect wedding day looks, whether you’re a bride or a babe!

Order samoles bridesmaids and bride at revvelry try on party pull out white garmet bag with revelry dress bridesmaids sitting on couch watching and taking photos

Order Your Samples

Three photos of brides and bridesmaids opening revelry sample box bride in sequin white wedding dress looking at chiffon swatches posing in front of mirror and picking out dresses from rack

The most important component of a Try-On Party (other than your besties and Champagne, of course), is The Sample Box. Complete with color swatches, measuring tape, and any styles you choose, you'll have the convenience of a whole boutique but without the hassle. Try on gowns from the comfort of your home without having to deal with stuffy dressing rooms, pushy sales folks, and a rushed appointment time. Once you order your box and get your gals together, you're halfway to an awesome party.

Order samples revelry try-on party blog post two bridesmaids in blush and pink tulle and chiffon dresses girl pulling white garmet bag out of box with gold revelry logo

One of the absolute BEST parts about the Sample Box, whether you throw a full-blown party or just enjoying the ease of trying on gowns at home solo, is that you get to order samples in your size! Check out the size chart, order your closest match (or two different sizes if you’re in-between) and take all of the guesswork out of your final order. Extra bonus? If you’re ordering bridal samples, you also get to choose between two colors: Whisper White and Warm Taupe! Because we think that when someone orders a formal gown for one of the biggest days, whether you’re the bride or a maid, you shouldn't have to just hope it will look “right” in your size! Now you get to see how the fabric falls against your skin in the size perfect for you!

Two photos of 4 person bridal party all different chiffon pink and blush bridesmaid dresses posing in downtown loft bride taking a selfie with besties at try on party with revelry in front of mirror

Ensure There’s Plenty Of Natural Light

Girls in fashionable clothes in austin texas hold up gorgeous art deco wedding gown white dress with sequin details gorgeous look best friends picking out outfitts for wedding day checking colors and picking styles

When ordering a Sample Box, you not only get gorgeous gowns and separates to try on, but you also get an entire swatch book to see every shade in every fabric we have to offer! With tons of colors, we know how hard it is for brides to pick their hues. That’s why we not only equip you with all of our colors, but our team of stylists is ready to answer every color question around. Their biggest tip? Natural light!

Natural light coming in beautifully downtown austin lost bridesmaids trying on dresses and oicking colors out of pinks and blushes wedding for chiffon and tulle wedding gowns plants and berries

While we’re not saying to run around in the dirt (samples *do* have to be returned to us in clean condition to avoid additional charges), we suggest hosting your party in a well-lit space to fully see how the colors look and the style fits in good lighting. Take your swatches out onto the porch, twirl in front of the window, and make sure to consider whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor event to help decide if the colors and styles are right for you in the correct lighting vibe!

Try on party snacks fruit cake cheese nuts champagne have food for brides and bridesmaids in kitchen eating in loft at party

Be Prepared For Snack Attacks

Snacks at try on party three different photos cake with fruit bridesmaids eating berries and pose champagne with pink tops michelle drinking and having fun at party

As you’re planning your big day, there’s one key that you’ll keep running into over and over: The secret to the perfect event is food. Whether you’re eloping or having a wedding fit for royalty, food is truly the love language of those perfect “I dos.” It’s not just your wedding reception that needs some bites, however. Time and time again, food brings people together. So, as you order your bridal and bridesmaid samples, be sure to grab some snacks to keep the party going!

Briesmaids in rose gold ress and bride in ravina revelry bridal gown wedding dress hanging around kitchern at try-on party eating fruit and celebrating the search for wedding day outfits

While you don’t need a full spread (and make sure to keep at chips, dips, and potential food slips away from the samples, please), having some snacks to keep the energy and spirits up is always a good idea! Whether it’s cheese and fruit, cookies and cake, or you order in some pizzas for a delicious and on-trend party, stock up on the tasty essentials and don’t forget something fizzy and fun for toasts galore!

Set the vibe try-on party dancing twirling in wedding dress laughing and having fun cheersing with champagne rose celebrate the moments leading up to a wedding with revelry

Set The Vibe

Whether you’re a theme queen or just a lover of all things besties and beautiful gowns, when hosting a Try-On Party, setting the vibe is key. Pull together the perfect playlist, show off your best dance moves, and don't forget the most important part while you’re trying on dresses: That this process should be fun!

Bride and bridesmaids sitting in kitchen drinking and laughing looking at different swatches wedding look bridal gowns dancing in tulle and chiffon pink dresses sitting and drinking at Revelry Try-On Party

Some brides choose to throw a full party together with themes, decorations, and plenty of vibe-inducing elements. Others choose to keep it simple with great music, beautiful samples, and some bubbly to go around. Whichever you choose, enjoy the process, make the day yours, and celebrate the bonds you share and the memories you’re making with your very best babes.

Bride and bridesmaids in blush and white revelry bridesmaid and bridal wedding dress gowns chiffon pink and blush smile and pose at Revelry try-On Party selfie with iphone camera at Austin Texas lost with mirror

Document Your Faves

Take pictures and write down your favorite wedding day looks to look back on and try them on later to decide how you feel of them it's a perk of a revelry try-on party for both brides and bridesmaids

They say a picture is worth a thousand Instagram likes (that's how the saying goes, right?), and when it comes to finding the perfect dress, it's no exception! Not only will you want to document all of the fun you're having playing dress up, but taking photos of each look is a perfect way to narrow down the choices.

Bridesmaid taking picture of bride and best friend at Revelry Try-On Party oin downtown Austin Texas lost bride in Revelry raden bridal gown sequns and art deco details bridesmaid zipping up back

We suggest taking pictures of any and all dress contenders from multiple angles and in different lighting. Sometimes a style will speak to you later, and it’s great to have a touchpoint when making the final decisions. Plus, who *doesn’t* love endless pictures of themselves looking gorgeous in formal gowns?! Your Instagram aesthetic can thank us later.

Bride and bridesmaids sitting on couch and floor drinking champagne looking at sample box picking illusion color for bridal gown two wedding dresses hanging up revelry bridal gowns on white hangers with gold logos

Check Off Those Post-Party To-Dos

Close up of pink blush purple chiffon rack shot revelry bridal gown wedding dress lace bride holding sample box info and papers champagne rose pointing to color lace pretty gowns

After the snacks are eaten, the playlist has shuffled over time and time again, and the Champagne is running low, the are a few checklist items to complete post-party to ensure all goes perfectly! Look over the swatches and make sure you love your chosen hue and double check all measurements to make certain you’ve found your dream fit. Write down all colors, styles, and sizes you’ve chosen (trust us — you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget) and make sure to get your final orders in well within the shipping window to leave time for any additional alterations.

Bride and bridesmaid putting back revelry bridal gown in garmet bag after try on party to send back after three days with the sample to fall in love with the styles

One of the best parts about the sample boxes is that you get the dresses for not only the party but for three total days! Use this chance to try them on time and time again, making sure you love the feel of the fabric and the cut of the look. When your three days are up, just box them back up, slap on the free return label, and drop them off at your local FedEx! From there, our stylists will be happy to answer any questions, help with any decision making, or chat through any part of the process to ensure you feel beautiful and confident in any final orders you make.

Bridesmaids in pink revlery chiffon dresses halter neck and off the sleeve dance and pose twirl wedding dresses rack shot bridesmaids pull out sample box smile and pose for selfie with dresses and swatches in view

Have All. Of. The. Fun.

Bride posing in mirror with beautiful revelry bridal gown with lace train as three bridesmaids zip up and smooth train at revelry try on party in austin texas

When it all comes down to it, having a Try-On Party is about more than just finding your wedding day looks. Sure, you’ll get the chance to see how different fits and styles work with your vision. But while Try-On Parties are made to instill confidence and take the guesswork out of formal gown shopping, they’re most importantly about fun! It’s the chance to get your best gals together, make some memories, and have a blast during the planning process.

Bride and bridesmaids making ugly silly faces for selfie on phine in revelry bridesmaid and bridal wedding dress pink and blush bridesmaid being goofy with bridal train throwing it up

Because while weddings are about marrying the love of your life, they’re also about the chance to celebrate all of the other loving relationships you’ve made along the way. The besties who held your hands during the heartbreaks and celebrated the triumphs. So call up your bridal party, order some samples, pick up your favorite snacks, and take this chance to celebrate the friendships you’ve formed with the people who have and will be by your side on your wedding day and beyond!

Bridesmaids in revelry bridesmaid pink and blush and rose gold sequin dresses and bride in ravina wedding dress bridal dress cheersin beautiful lighting at downtown austin loft with greenery and snacks all around

xoxo, Revelry