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Seattle-Based Blogger, Just A Tina Bit's Try-On Party Is A Fashion Lover's Dream

July 03, 2019
Seattle-Based Blogger, Just A Tina Bit's Try-On Party Is A Fashion Lover's Dream

When it comes to helping brides and babes find their dream wedding day looks, it’s no secret that we’re obsessed with the whole. entire. process. From bloggers, babes abroad, and everyone in between, we’re always thrilled to help any way we can. So, when Seattle-based bride, Tina (who also happens to be the mastermind behind the wildly successful blog, “Just a Tina Bit,” asked for Revelry’s help, we were beyond excited. From hosting a Try-On Party with her besties to outfitting her for her reception, we’re ecstatic to be a part of not only her wedding day, but the special moments along the way.

Tina Revelry Try-On Party August Wedding two photos swatches, measuring tape, allusion skintons, two bridesmaids in blue and blush chiffon revelry dresses getting ready

“In this digital age, I rarely ever go shopping at malls anymore, so I thought it was such a hassle having to drive to and physically shop at so many different stores. When it came time to look for bridesmaids dresses, I thought to myself, “There HAS to be an easier way to shop for bridesmaids dresses online.” Funny enough, through a quick Google search, I found Revelry. It seemed like the Wedding Gods were trying to tell me something so I reached out to and the rest is history!”Tina

Tina revelry bridal and bridalmaid Try-On party wearing the mona and decklyn revelry bridal gowns taking a selfie three photos rack shot of gowns in the center

Mona Bridal Gown: Whisper White | Decklyn Bridal Gown: Warm Taupe

“I ordered sample dresses and got them sent to my house for an awesome at-home Try-On Party. Since not all sizes may be available in the exact color you want, you can still order the dress and size for fit. We also ordered the swatch book to see what the colors and fabrics looked like in person.”

”Revelry has a huge variety of dress styles (many are convertible and can be worn multiple ways), fabric choices, colors (each dress is available in over 30 different colors), and even sizes. I am always thrilled when brands are size and color inclusive and I love that their bridesmaids dresses are available in sizes 0-32 as well as in different lengths (regular maxi, petite maxi, tall maxi, and cocktail).”

Three bridesmaids in tulle and chiffon revelry bridesmaid dresses pink blue and light blue smile laugh and put up peace sign camera

Penelope: Dusty Rose Tulle | Brooklyn: Bon Voyage Chiffon | Elle: Powder Sky Chiffon

Bridesmaids in tulle and chiffon bridesmaids dresses pink and burgundy with rouched bodices smile and pose and stick tongue out for camera

Rosalie Convertible: Bradshaw Blush Tulle | Mackenzie: Merlot Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Rose Quartz Chiffon

#MyBridesmaidsBeMyShonShine Revelry bridesmaid gowns tulle and chiffon dresses blue pink burgundy dresses bride in mona gown

“I also got to try on a few of Revelry’s gorgeous bridal dresses and can’t wait to show you which one I picked as my evening/reception gown! The bridal dresses come in sizes 0-24 with regular and tall lengths. Additionally, you can choose between 5 different skin tones for illusion details on your bridal dress. This is a major game-changer for me, especially as a woman of color!”

Bridesmaid in purple tulle revelry bridesmaid dress penelope dress rack shot of bridal and bridesmaid gowns white wedding dresses pink mauve burgundy blue dresses

“This Try-On Party was also the first time all of my bridesmaids got to see me try on bridal dresses together, and my mom and aunt got a peek too! During my six bridal shops frenzy, my bridesmaids’ schedules didn’t work out for all of them to come with me and a lot of bridal shops limit how many guests you can bring anyway (usually 2-3).”

Rack shot bridal and bridesmaid dresses bridal gowns white dress revelry gowns pink mauve blue off the shoulder tulle dress

“You get 3 days to try on and return the dresses, so I scheduled a Try-On Party date ahead of time with my bridesmaids and timed the delivery accordingly. This Try-On Party was the first time my bridesmaids all met each other. It was such a great way to break the ice. We had an absolute blast! Trying on the dresses in the comfort of my home created a way more private, relaxed, and no-pressure environment. We didn’t have to worry about dressing room size, crowds, pushy salespeople, being rushed and making sure our availability works with the bridal shops’ schedules.”

Bridesmaids smiling and posing in revelry bridal and bridesmaid dresses pink and blue chiffon tulle gowns mona bridal gown bride with six bridesmaids smiling and posing

“In terms of sizing, remember that bridal sizes are different than your normal clothes sizing so definitely refer to Revelry’s sizing chart when picking out your samples. Revelry also provides measuring tapes with your shipment of samples so you can double check your measurements. Like I mentioned above, I love that Revelry offers different sizes, especially petite length, which is great since myself and my bridesmaids are all 5’4″ and under.”

“For my bridesmaids, I want everyone to wear the same color but each bridesmaid could pick out whatever style she likes. I know that one dress style doesn’t fit all, and I want my gals to wear something that they feel most beautiful and comfortable in. We ended up doing a mix of 3 tulle dresses and 3 chiffon dresses.

Three bridesmaids two in chiffon one in tulle dresses pink and burgundy blue dresses posing and dancing in dresses

“It was honestly such a fun and smooth experience shopping with Revelry and I’m superrrrr excited for our bridal and bridesmaids dresses! You’ll have to wait for the big day to see what we all picked, but don’t my bridesmaids look so lovely already?! Now we’re just sitting back, relaxing and waiting for our Revelry gowns to arrive.”Tina

Just a tina bit blogger bridesmaids revelry dresses tulle and chiffon dresses tulle and chiffon gowns 6 bridesmaids bridal and bridesmaid gowns two photos

With her August 31st wedding date just around the corner, we’re beyond excited to watch Just A Tina Bit’s journey unfold as her walk down the aisle gets closer and closer. To read her complete blog post about Revelry and to catch up with her entire planning process, click here!

xoxo, Revelry

Bride: Just a Tina Bit | Wedding Venue: Rock Creek Gardens | Save the Dates: Minted