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Finally The Bride: Coven-Themed Try On Party

May 2nd 2018

Finally The Bride: Coven-Themed Try On Party

Ever since I was little, I have dreamed about my wedding day. I know that seems like a total cliché, but at the heart of most clichés, isn’t there always some truth? Anyway, what I dreamt about wasn’t who would be at the end of the aisle, what my dress would look like, or what flavor cake I would go with (I’m still trying to figure out that last detail, and having a delicious time doing it, I might add). No, what I dreamt about more than anything, was who would be with me on the big day.

All My Witches Love Me, Rachel and her bridesmaids pose for her Coven Themed Revelry Bridesmaid Dress Try On Party in Austin, Texas.

Bridal Skylar Cocktail Skirt: White Pearl Tulle

Over the years and the shifts in life milestones, this would evolve, as happens with friendships. Still, as different relationships fell apart and others grew stronger, it just showed me time and time again how much I valued the group of girls who were by my sides every step of the way. From my maid of honor, who shared in my bad boyfriends, bad dance moves, and even worse haircuts, to my sorority sisters, bound together in our letters, to the friends I was blessed with after moving across the country, I am the luckiest girl in the world, not just because I get to marry the love of my life (and shove red velvet cake in his face to seal the deal. Wait. Should I go with red velvet?), but because the other loves of my life, the loves that have been there through all of the other good, bad, and ugly parts, get to share in the excitement with me.

Bridesmaids and Revelry Founder smile as they watch The Bride enter the room!

So, naturally, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my bridal party is huge. The national average tends to be between 4-6 friends. But me? I’ve never an “average” kind of gal. So, I asked my 10 closest confidants to stand by my side on the most beautiful day of my life. What can I say? We're big believers that when it comes to weddings, you get to make your own rules!

Still, if you thought asking 10 girls to be in your wedding was tough, just imagine trying to outfit them…

Rachel watches on as her bridesmaid tries on the chloe black sequin bridesmaid dresses.

That said, I thought I had a leg up. Since I started working at Revelry as the Social Media Coordinator a year and a half ago, my literal job was to look at the most stunning dresses in the world day after day.

Bride turns photographer as she snaps, clicks, and streams the details from her Coven Try On Party

How hard could it be to pick one beautiful style over another?! When it came time to make a decision, however, I realized the reason why brides can find it difficult: These are the most important people in my life, and I wanted them to feel as beautiful, special, and loved as they are to me.

Bride in Revelry cocktail Skylar Tulle skirt and bridesmaids smile and laugh as they hang out with mimosas in hand.

So, to help me out, Revelry’s founder and all-around Lady Boss, Michelle, decided to throw me a Try-on Party. Not sure what a Try-On Party is? Basically, when Michelle started Revelry, she wanted to create a different way for bridesmaids to find their dresses. No stuffy dressy rooms, no awkward sample sizing issues, and no pushy sales people -- just gorgeous gowns, your beautiful besties, and maybe a glass of Champagne, all from the comfort of your home.

Founder Michelle, and Bride Rachel hug after Rachel reads a sweet card from CEO and founder Michelle.

And when it came time for me to say “yes” to my bridesmaid dresses, that’s exactly what we did. She hosted my girls and I at her downtown Austin apartment, where we dined on my favorite foods, tried on my favorite bridesmaids styles, and had way too much fun doing it!

Rachel get's her own try on party and spends a special moment with Revelry designer Michelle.

The Theme

Because of my October wedding (and my Halloween-Formal theme), I knew I wanted my Try-On party to be moody, dark, and absolutely witchy. Did we need to have a theme? No. But we always love an excuse to dress up! Between fall-ish florals, lots of candles, and an incense bar, the coven vibe could be felt from the moment you entered.

Coven themed party with black candle sticks, brass candle stick holders, gold details, and oh so moody florals.

Mimosa Bar & hibiscus Donut Wall set the stage for a great brunch .

rose petal ice cubes and bottles of bubbly help add a festive touch to this coven themed bridesmaid dress try on event.

Rose Ice cubes, mix and match gold rimmed glasses, and a bottle of Rose are the perfect compliment to fresh berries and juice!

Themed place setting with gold silverware, gold rimmed china, and a masquerade mask help set off the custom place card that doubles as a try on party voting card for each guest.

All the moody feels with this brunch tablescape with fresh moody blooms, gilded glasses, plates, and silverware and all the black velvet.

Incense bar for the witchy vibes and signature scent for the try on party event.

The bride created these wonderful custom mixed match tea cups with " drink up witches" inside as a fun surprise for her guests!

The Party

Now, when we said we wanted to throw a Try-On Party, we wanted it to feel like a PARTY. Sure, the point was for my girls to find their gowns. But we’ve always thought that that was the perfect reason to celebrate. With a fully stocked mimosa bar, plenty of good music, and lots of food, we never wanted to day to end. We giggled as we chomped on Whataburger chicken biscuits, danced around while eating doughnuts, and cheesed it up for the Polaroid as we popped bottles of Champagne.

deviled eggs and all the brunch food at this party.

bridesmaids sipping Mimosas and wearing their black hats.

Waffle cake and moody blooms add to the brunch offering.

bridesmaids gab about what Revelry dresses they want to try on after brunch.

close up details of the brunch food including parfaits, donuts, deviled eggs, and honey butter chicken biscuits.

two bridesmaids dressed as witches stair out the window at Downtown Austin while chatting during the party.

The Surprise

When the team at Revelry decided to throw me a Try-On Party, I figured it would be my girls who would do all the dressing up – but there was a surprise in order! I was having a Try-On Party of my own. In order to get me ready for my Coven-themed bachelorette party in New Orleans (where else?!), Revelry decided to outfit me for the big event! Box after box and bag after bag was placed in front of me, all for me to figure out my perfect bridal outfit for a witchy NOLA photo shoot. Between picking the perfect black hat, sensational shoes, and a Skylar Maxi Skirt in Black Tie Tulle, I was decked out from head to toe. Literally!

Rachel get's a try on party of her own with a black box and black bow to tie into the coven theme.

Rachel tries on different hat options for bachelorette party try on party.

Revelry founder Michelle cheers on Rachel as she tries on a witchingly cute hat.

incense and candles burn during the gift opening.

Rachel is alls miles and so are her bridesmaids as they help her pick the perfect witch hat for her bachelorette in New Orleans this summer.

rachel opens present!

Rachel picks her perfect hat, and now on to selecting the perfect black keds to compliment her black skylar tulle skirt.

Rachel selects the velvet black sneaker!

Rachel surrounded by all the black shoes and trying hard to decide which pair will be the best!

The Try-On

After choosing my dream bachelorette look, it was time for my bridesmaids to select their favorite Revelry styles. I knew that I wanted to do a mix and match look with some of my girls in sequins, some in tulle, and some in separates. But, while I had that idea down, that was about all I had figured out! I didn’t know who should be in which styles or what color I should go with: rose gold, cabernet, or black. So, Michelle and the Revelry team gathered all of our favorite styles and my top three colors, and my bridesmaids got the chance to try on their favorite looks stress-free. Being able to hangout with my friends, laughing, lounging on the bed, and refilling our glasses, was just like old times. After everyone moves away and gets “real” jobs, those moments with your girls, relaxing and getting all dressed up for a special event, are fewer and further between. Having a Try-On party gave us an excuse to hangout, play dress up, and make even more magical memories.

Each of the three bridesmaids present is wearing a different color sequin gown from Revelry. One is in black sequin Chloe, the next is in a Rose Gold Hazel, and the third is in a Cabernet Sequin Chloe Bridesmaid dress.

Chloe: Black Tie Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin

Founder Michelle helps adjust the dress and gives tips on how the Revelry Sequin gown should fit!

Close up of the Revelry "Try on party" black and gold sign set up next to the mirror.

Plus, what was even more fun, was that all of my friends got to try on their favorite styles that they saw online. But, guess what? They all ended up with something totally different than what they had originally wanted. Between trying on styles they never expected to love, it was so nice to give my gorgeous friends the chance to feel so beautiful and pampered. Seeing friends from all walks of life trading gowns, sharing compliments, and helping each other find their favorite looks, was something I'll never forget.

Revelry Sequin dresses everywhere as Rachel and all of her bridesmaids poses and check out different Revelry Styles.

Rachel helps her bridesmaids choose styles with her black vail and mimosas in hand

each bridesmaid gets a chance to select the style and size they are wanting to try on.

Having a Try-On Party has been my favorite moment of wedding planning so far. Getting some of my bridesmaids together to bond, laugh, and eat way too many biscuits is a memory I’ll always cherish. While a wedding is about the marriage of two people, it’s all of the little moments of love along the way that truly make it the most special day of your life. And having your girls by your side is the cherry on top of the chocolate cake (should we do chocolate cake?!)

Bride to be takes a polaroid of all of her girls in sequin bridesmaid gowns from Revelry.

And the best part of it all? Was that each and every bridesmaid ended the day by saying, “I am so in love with my dress.” If that isn’t music to a bride’s ears, I don’t know what is.

Each bridesmaid poses with their personal "Try on party" voting card in sequin dresses as they preference which Revelry dress or separates they will choose to wear on Rachel's Big day in October.

xoxo, Revelry

To order a Sample Box for your very own Try-On Party, click here!

Photographer: Madeline Harper | Florals Bristol Lane Design | Event Planning and Paper Goods: LauraLee Baird | Bride Rachel Varina