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This Wedding Dress-Filled "Bachelor" Watch Party Deserves All Of The First Impression Roses

Mar 13th 2019

This Wedding Dress-Filled "Bachelor" Watch Party Deserves All Of The First Impression Roses

It’s no secret that everyone at Revelry HQ is head over heels for all. things. weddings. Considering we look at gorgeous gowns every single day (and play dress up even more than we’d care to admit), anything involving friendship, lace, and love is pretty much our lifeblood. And while we all have our favorite components (our founder, Michelle, loves designing and celebrating with her besties and our Social Media Coordinator, Rachel, loves sharing her journey from engagement to marriage with the community), our Marketing Manager, LauraLee, is truly the queen of all things events, entertaining, and trends. So, what started as a casual Monday night dinner with friends has quickly turned into the Pinterest-worthy night of our dreams.

Best friends in Revelry wedding dresses smile and pose for pictures Bachelor finale and rack shots

Love it or hate it, like all good reality TV, The Bachelor brings people together. Ever since LauraLee's big sister from her sorority moved to Austin, they made it their weekly mission to get together, share a meal (and a glass or two of wine), and bond. As time went on and more and more pals moved to the area, their weekly watch parties evolved as well. It wasn't until the final episode of last season, however, they decided to really kick things up a notch. They donned Revelry sequin gowns (the Bachelorette, Becca's, most common outfit), tossed rose petals everywhere, and had a night fit for a first impression rose. Naturally, with the next finale coming to a head, the group decided to up the game even more for the end of Colton's famous season.

Lauralee Marketing Manager of Revelry in Mona wedding dress tulle and flowers lace detail shots

Mona Bridal Gown

Bachelor finale watch party pasta and salad brides in revelry wedding dresses red roses wine

With the recent launch of Revelry’s inclusive bridal line, the group decided that the only way to raise the bar was to trade their sequin gowns for wedding dresses. So, in honor of Colton shaking things up and changing the Bachelor game, they ate pasta, they played around in wedding dresses, and they felt like brides while watching The Bachelor get his girl.

Revelry Wedding Dresses bridesmaid dresses white tulle chiffon sparkles sequins lace

What You Need For The Perfect Bachelor Watch Party

  • A dress code! Whether it's ball gowns or pajamas, outfits make everything a little more official.
  • And red roses, of course!
  • Wine, Champagne, or sparkling cider to toast your favorite contestants.
  • A delicious meal. Just because no one eats on the show (ever notice how the food is always untouched?!), we think it's the true secret to a perfect event!
  • Dessert! Dessert! Dessert! The more homemade, the better!
  • Your favorite Bachelor Bingo!
  • A well-charged phone to stalk alllll of the contestants' Instagram accounts.
  • Your besties, of course!

Blonde girl in lace art deco wedding dress low back illusion train scallop back

Louvre Bridal Gown

Best friends in Revelry wedding dresses wearing gowns eating popcorn and drinking beer watching the Bachelor finale

(That face you make when someone says they're there for the right reasons.)

Red roses and red wine for Revelry bachelor finale primere wine wedding dresses bride putting on veil

Bachelor finale watch party revelry wedding dresses red roses brides eating dinner pasta red roses

Mona detail wedding dress tulle gown details sequins florals material

Mona Bridal Gown

Meesha Bridal Gown | Eden Bridal Gown

Bachelor watch party with red roses selfies best friends Monday nights ABC Revlery bridal gowns

From uncorking bottles of red wine and donning their favorite veils, our Marketing Manager proves that the best way to celebrate the bond of friendship is to have fun and be yourselves! Whether your parties are filled with wedding gowns or oversized t-shirts, there's no wrong way to have the perfect watch party with your very best babes.

Best friends in revelry wedding dresses smile and pose at bachelor watch party finale drinking peer and eating popcorn

Aphrodite Bridal Gown | Louvre Bridal Gown | Meesha Bridal Gown | Eden Bridal Gown | Ravina Bridal Gown

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xoxo, Revelry

Photographers: Kami Blease, Julianna Lindsay | Marketing Manager and Event Planner: Lauralee Baird