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Color Story: Golds vs. Rose Golds

Jan 24th 2018

Color Story: Golds vs. Rose Golds

It's no secret that we're o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with weddings. The Pinteresting. The planning. The playing dress up with your best friends for a good year? What's not to love? Still, while there's plenty of fun choices, some are harder than others. Like, the fact that even when you pick your colors, there are a lot of choices under the same family. You want pink? Well, what kind of pink? Blush? Vibrant? Hot? Pale? You get the picture.

Still, we think that choices are good and knowledge is power. And since one of the hottest bridesmaid trends lately is shiny sequins and magical metallics, we wanted to break these looks down even further, so you can truly make all of your color-scheme dreams come true!

bridesmaids pose in all sequin styles in various shades of rose gold, matte rose gold, ivory gold, and gold metallics.

Hazel: Matte Rose Gold Sequin | Hazel: Gold Sequin | Starla: Ivory Gold Sequin | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin | Wedding Photography: Karen Tamaki Photography

So, what exactly are our gold options, and how do they differ from each other? Don't worry, babes! We're here to help. Stick with us and all of your sparkling visions will come true. First, to give you a general idea, we have four different gold options in our metallic line. Because when it comes to finding your perfect colors, we know that one gold doesn't fit every wedding!

real revelry wedding showing the full range of revelry sequin bridesmaid gowns in gold sequins with bride in tulle in the center.

Chloe: Gold Sequin | Starla: Gold Sequin | Chloe: Gold Sequin | Starla: Gold Sequin | Hazel: Gold Sequin | Bijou: Gold Sequin | Hazel: Gold Sequin | Wedding Photography: Wandering Heart Photography

Up first is our classic metallic Gold sequin. Rows and rows of sparkling golden sequins catch the light and create a truly warm and vibrant glow. Bold and beautiful, this traditional yellow metallic is the original for a reason. Whatever your theme, when you're searching for the truest, brightest, and most show-stopping of metallics, our Gold sequins are sure to inspire.

chiffon top paired with maxi gold sequin skirt.

Adele Reversible Top: White Pearl Chiffon | Mila Skirt: Ivory Gold Sequin

For those of us looking for a bright, clean gold that has all the glimmer of the original but with a slightly more muted tone, search no further! Our Ivory Gold sequin combines everything you love about our original Gold (warmth, boldness, and plenty of glam), with a lighter tone and softer glimmer.

bridesmaids poses together in rose gold sequin and eucalyptus bouquets.

Starla: Rose Gold Sequin | Bandie Top: Rose Gold Sequin | Mila Skirt: Rose Gold Sequin | Celeste: Rose Gold Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin

Loving the gold styles, but searching for something with a little depth that's truly unique? Behold, our most popular metallic style and the true champion amongst the golds. Our Rose Gold sequin styles are one of our best sellers, and with good reason. Complimentary for every skin tone, these sparkling sequins utilize one of the trendiest colors of our generation to create a timeless look that will "wow" both the young and the young at heart. The perfect shade for a spectacular look that adds a touch of femininity, glamour, and originality to any special occasion.

matte rose gold sequin dress in one of our most popular styles called the hazel.

Hazel: Matte Rose Gold Sequin

Our newest Gold to hit our metallic line is quickly becoming a crowd favorite! Combining the boldness of our Gold, the light quality of our Ivory Gold, and the warm, pink undertones of our Rose Gold, our Matte Rose Gold brings everything we love together into one dazzling look! The perfect Champagne color, this pale gold has a soft shimmer that creates a muted, sparkling illusion and adds shine to every design! Thanks to the rose elements, you'll get a soft, rich glimmer that's sure to dazzle all night long.

three sleeveless rouched celeste sequin gowns each in a different color. Rose gold, matte rose gold, and barely blush sequin dresses match perfectly with outdoor ceremony setting.

Celeste: Rose Gold Sequin | Celeste: Matte Rose Gold Sequin | Celeste: Barely Blush Sequin

Whichever of our metallics you choose, going for Gold is always a good decision. Because while our sparkling sequins are sure to catch the light, it's your personality, confidence, and own unique beauty that will truly shine brightest and dazzle in any dress!

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Starla: Rose Gold Sequin | Bandie Top: Rose Gold Sequin | Mila Skirt: Rose Gold Sequin | Celeste: Rose Gold Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin

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