Our Story

Modern dresses that fit you
An easy experience that's fun,
in the comfort of your own home.

Our Mission

Fashion-forward. Body-friendly. Obtainable and easy. We're changing the way you shop for the bridal party, with convenient home try-on before you buy.

Our Founder

Our CEO, Michelle, founded Revelry in 2009. She started selling dress samples door-to-door when she knew bridesmaid dress shopping needed a change. Women needed a way to try on styles they’d love for the big day without going through traditional retailers. She wanted to create an experience that was no-stress and all fun and dresses that made women look and 
feel good.

Our Collections

We’re doing bridesmaid dress shopping differently, with home try-on before you buy. We believe in any length, in any color, for women of every size. Every piece in our collection is made-to-order, which means our dresses are made just for you based on your selections.

By selling our pieces directly to you online, we’re delivering high-quality dresses without the retail mark-up.