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Finally The Bride: Intro

Jan 31st 2018

Finally The Bride: Intro

When I started working for Revelry as the social media coordinator (meaning I post all of those b-e-a-utiful pictures on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), I was just entering the phase of my life known as: All of my friends are getting married. In addition to looking at bridesmaid dress pictures every day of my life, I not only attended a heap of weddings, but I was in about half of them. So, naturally, I thought I knew everything there was to know about being a bride. I mean, after being a Maid of Honor for my best friend, how much harder could it be?!

And then, unexpectedly, my boyfriend got down on one knee, gave me a gorgoues ring (after trying to put in on the wrong finger), and turned my world upside down. While getting engaged was exciting, I quickly realized being a bride was a totally different experience.

After sharing the news on Facebook (and freaking out jut a bit), I decided that the best way to plan my wedding would be with the help of the Revelry family. Because after interacting with all of you, I felt like I had a world full of virtual bridesmaids, and I want everyone in on the fun!

Skylar Skirt: Blushing Peach Tulle

Each and every Sunday you can catch a new wedding planning update on our Instagram story, where I'll ask for advice, give suggestions, put my decisions up to vote, and answer any questions other brides around the world have. In addition, you can catch up on our blog, where you can follow my journey, see my decisions, and plan your wedding right alongside all of us. Because when it comes to having the perfect day, the most important part is having the perfect people right by your side, whether it's in person or over Instagram!

xoxo, Revelry

Be sure to follow Rachel's journey on our Instagram and catch new episodes of Finally The Bride every Sunday on our story!