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Finally The Bride: Sharing Your Wedding With The World

Jul 17th 2019

Finally The Bride: Sharing Your Wedding With The World

When our Social Media and Community Manager, Rachel Varina, got engaged in September of 2017, she had the idea to share her wedding journey with the Revelry community and thus, our #FinallyTheBride series was born. After being in the industry for years, it made sense to plan her journey alongside other brides around the world. The Revelry community saw her through her Try-On Party, Bachelorette party, and Bridal Shower. They came with her to bridal expos, voted on how she should do her hair and makeup, picked her invitations, helped her find her dream dress, and watched as her day came together. They comforted her during the freak outs, laughed with het during bluders, and made her feel like she had thousands of virtual bridesmaids cheering her on and holding her up.

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Bandie Top: Cabernet Sequin + Skylar Skirt: Cabernet Tulle | Bandie Top: Cabernet Sequin + Mila Skirt: Cabernet Sequin | Rosalie: Cabernet Tulle | Chloe: Black Tie Sequi | Penelope: Cabernet Tulle | Rosalie: Cabernet Tulle | Ivy Top: Cabernet Sequin + Mila Skirt: Cabernet Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin | Chloe: Black Tie Sequin | Sadie Top: Cabernet Sequin + Skylar Skirt: Cabernet Tulle | Hazel: Cabernet Sequin

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It's been almost a year since she said her "I dos" (and yet the post-wedding to-dos STILL linger on), and in that time a new group of brides have stepped in to share their journeys. After coming back from her honeymoon, the Revelry team jumped into gear to find five fabulous new brides to share their stories. We received tons of applications from brides around the country, and after lots of deliberation, we chose five women with unique stories, journeys, and plans for their big days. It has been an absolute blast so far following Sarah, Mari, Victoria, Dee, and Megan for the past 6 months as they plan their weddings with the rest of the #FinallyTheBride community!

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Catch Up With Our 5 Brides!

With some of their weddings right around the corner and others still a ways off, we love catching up with our brides every Sunday as they plan their days with the help of brides and babes around the world. From Try-On Parties to pre-wedding events, our babes are documenting their entire process from "yes" to "I do." And while each week they highlight a different aspect of the process, we wanted to see what it's been like for them to share their experiences with the world.


"Every wedding has the essentials: videographer, photographer, florist, etc. But what I really want to discover and share with the Revelry community is how to make your wedding day YOU. Making it personal and not a Pinterest overload or generic is my main goal. Also, working on how to get your partner excited about planning! I love how involved Steffan is, and we want to help others enjoy this time and make a joint experience through and through!" -Sarah

Sarah and future husand finally the bride smiling and posing for engagement photos blodne bride

Get To Know Sarah

  • Wedding Date & Location: 9/1/19 in Hollidaysburg, PA
  • Wedding Theme: Upscale garden party (think greens, pinks, and candles)
  • Bridesmaid styles and colors: Mint to be, Powder Sky, and Desert Blue mix and match Chiffon styles
  • Her fiance is actually her brother’s best friend!
  • ”We are getting married on my grandparents' wedding anniversary. My pap passed away 2 years ago and was unable to see any of his grandkids get married, so this is for him and to honor the love him and my grandma exemplified for us!”

Sarah and fiance proposal showing off engagement ring lock and fance proposal marriage


"I love all things paper, calligraphy, and stamps so my invites are my dream DIY project. I can't wait to share with everyone my ideas for the invitations, save-the-dates, handwriting tips, and creating a cohesive looks with all of your paper good. Also, I love to gab about weddings, so I'm thrilled to just talk about all of the planning with the community nonstop!" -Mari

Get To Know Mari

  • Wedding Date & Location: 10/12/19 in Millersville, MD
  • As serious world travelers, she knew she NEEDED to get married outside.
  • Bridesmaid styles and colors: Mix and match Tulle, Sequin, and Chiffon styles in burgundy, blush, and Rose Gold
  • Wedding Theme: Vintage Travel
  • Their son, Brian, turns 9 just one week before their wedding!

Mari and fiance just after proposal engagement in tropics smiling and posing with her family finally the bride


"I'm really excited to share what this journey looks like as a teacher. As a special education teacher in Austin, planning is a HUGE part of my job description. I'm eager to help other brides organize, stay on their schedules, and help them learn HOW to go about planning everything. I have been a part of many weddings, but planning your own is a totally different ball game. I definitely felt lost on how to start and want to help other brides feel a little more stress-free!" -Victoria

Victoria fiance dogs love finally the bride revelry couple posing love family

Get To Know Victoria

  • Wedding Date & Location: 12/6/19 in Austin, TX
  • She’s a special education teacher and met her fiance while working together at a camp for children with special needs.
  • Bridesmaid styles and colors: Kennedy Convertible in Sail Away Chiffon
  • Her engagement ring is a blue sapphire they purchased while Christmasing in Mexico
  • Wedding Theme: No theme! She just wants is simple, modern, and 100% them

Victoria engagement ring love fiance marriage finally the bride revelry


”I’m just so excited to share everything with the Revelry community. I am envisioning lots of DIY elements, and I can't wait to get some opinions. Everyone who follows Revelry has an interest in wedding so it will be really helpful to all plan together!

Dee engagement photos lilly dress kissing and holding hands finally the bride

Get To Know Dee

  • Wedding Date & Location: 5/16/20 in Waterford, CT
  • She’s having a spring mansion wedding with tons of flowers, candles, and fairytale romantic elements
  • Bridesmaid styles and colors: Tulle, Chiffon, and Sequin mix and match styles in blush and golds
  • Wedding Theme: Rustic Glam and Girly
  • Their dog, Beasley, is going to be the Dog of Honor on the big day

Dee and fiance holding puppy and meeting dog for the first time smiling at engagement party


I’m a big planner, so I'm really excited about all of the DIY ideas I have for the wedding to make it personable. The most important element, however, is that I would like to include my ‘fur-babies’ as much as possible!"

Megan Finally The Bride with fiance smiling and posing for pictures after proposal Finally The Bride

Get To Know Megan

  • Wedding Date & Location: 9/12/20 in Drums PA
  • She started dating her fiance seven years ago, and yes, they’re high school sweethearts!
  • Bridesmaid styles and colors: TBD between Greenery and Eucalyptus Tulle
  • Wedding Theme: Forest chic (think lots of greens and golds)
  • She's the QUEEN of DIY

Megan and fiance finally the bride smiling and posing with their dogs revelry

We have absolutely loved following Sarah, Mari, Victoria, Dee, and Megan as they plan their special days with the help of the Revelry family. Tune in on our Instagram stories every Sunday for updates and join our exclusive Facebook group, Revelry IRL, for inside tips, advice, and support from like-minded brides around the world!

xoxo, Revelry

Photographers: Rebecca Jordan, LeAnn Stefan Photography, Paige Vaughn Photo, Apt. B Photography | Rachel's Wedding Venue: L'Unione Italiana | Rachel's Hair and Makeup: Lasting Luxe