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Finally The Bride: The Austin Retreat We'll Never Stop Dreaming About

Aug 14th 2019

Finally The Bride: The Austin Retreat We'll Never Stop Dreaming About

When we decided to follow the journey of five brides around the country as they planned their big days, we had no idea just how big our #FinallyTheBride series would quickly get. After our Social Media and Community Manager (not to mention original Finally The Bride), Rachel, got married, we searched around the country for babes who not only shared the Revelry mission, but had their own stories, journeys, obstacles, and successes to share.

5 finally the brides in revelry wedding dresses in austin texas for retreat walking in a line smiling and laughing

As we got to know Sarah, Dee, Victoria, Megan, and Mari even better, it quickly became apparent that these brides were not only loved by our community but also by each other. After months of nonstop group texts, sharing their planning with the entire Revelry community, and plenty of inside jokes in their secret Facebook group, it turned out they weren’t only meant to be Revelry brides, they were all meant to be besties as well.

Three brides in revelry bridal gowns wearing hats smilinf and posing in yard of austin bar lenoir

From the beginning, Revelry’s foundation has been all. about. fun. and the journey down the aisle with your very best babes (because at the end of the day, it’s not about the cake, the flowers, or the most flattering gown, it's about the people who have been by your side through it all and love you for the rest of your days). Revelry’s founder, Michelle, made it her mission over a decade ago to celebrate the fierce friendships of brides and their babes, and bring the joy back into the wedding industry.

5 brides from around the country pose with revelry found and rachel varina in austin texas for weekend retreat

So, when we saw just how much our community loved our brides (and how much they all loved each other), we knew we needed to do something special for our five #FinallyTheBrides. After a lot of planning, a few too many shopping sprees on Amazon, and some collaborating with our favorite local vendors, Michelle booked tickets to Texas and flew our brides out to where the magic happens.

5 revelry finally the brides smiling and posing in bridal gowns facing to the side in yard with green trees lamp hanging

From the cutest Airbnb this side of the Colorado river to nonstop laughs the entire weekend, it was a dream come true getting our five brides together for a weekend of seriously special celebrating. With bridal gowns that were begged to be worn all around town to a tour of Revelry HQ, we had the best time meeting our brides in person and celebrating their journeys down the aisle.

Five finally the bride revelry brides in wedding dresses smile and laugh together in texas for friendship retreat two blonde brides and 3 brunette

“I had so much fun meeting all the girls and getting to show them what I love about Austin. There was an instant connection between each of us, and I can’t wait to see them again!” -Victoria

Victoria in Ravina smiling and turiling with a hat for revelry's finally the bride weekend

“The FTB retreat was everything I could have hoped for and more! The weekend was perfectly fused together with fun and relaxation, adventure, FOOD, and so many laughs. To say Revelry spoiled us is an understatement. Being able to fully immerse myself in the behind-scenes-magic that is Revelry, made me love and appreciate the company and dresses even more! I’m so happy that this experience led to meeting 4 other brides and learning about everyone’s unique love story.” -Sarah

Sarah blonde bride in strapless wedding dress smiline and pose headshot for texas retreat weekend wedding day

“Revelry truly gave us the experience of a lifetime. They put us all on a plane (minus Victoria), provided beautiful accommodations, fed us amazing food and delicious Champagne, and to top it off, Rachel came up with the perfect itinerary. We adventured, we crafted, and we explored the amazing HQ of Revelry. This trip was basically a huge bachelorette party that I got to share with 4 other brides! When Michelle surprised us with a visit to the Airbnb within the first few hours, I was star-stuck. Celebrities don’t phase me, but Michelle rightfully did! I am forever thankful for the chance to meet Rachel and all of the girls at Revelry as well as each of my my fellow FTBs! -Dee

Dee finally the bride in off the shoulder wedding dress blonde bride smiling and posing

“I loved getting to know all of the girls, experiencing the Austin culture, and everything about Revelry itself. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity, and I think being able to experience it with the other girls made it that much more memorable. I’m a firm believer in collecting experiences instead of material objects and this is definitely one I’m going to remember forever.” -Megan

Megan in decklyn bridal gown art deco wedding dress smiling and posiing full body shot in front of greenery

“It was so fun to finally see all these ladies in person. Austin let us get to know each other on a more personal level and it was such a great experience. I absolutely loved going to Revelry headquarters and getting clued into what’s in the works — big things, of course. Going out on Rainey Street is a hilarious night I won’t forget. Explaining to people that we were all brides to be was so fun. Also... Austin has some amazing food places and street art!” -Mari

Mari bride in Luna bridal gown blue wedding dress by revelry in austin texas

With a team just as obsessed with the series as our community, it was a blast pulling together a weekend these brides will always remember. One of our favorite parts? All of the brides getting to meet Revelry’s founder, Michelle! From a personal tour, an inside look at new products, a one-on-one brunch and plenty of downtime, our brides got to see where the passion, love, and joy Michelle has for Revelry in person.

Michelle Deloach revelry founder in austin texas airbnb with five finally the brides from around the country smiling and posing and cheersing celebrating wedding journey

From staying up late talking about weddings, grooms, and picture-perfect plans, to dancing around Austin in the dreamiest of dresses, hosting our brides was a weekend we’ll never forget. Whatever spot you’re at in the journey, all of us at Revelry are thrilled to be a part of the trip to the aisle.

5 girls in mid twenties facing back wearing wedding dresses posing in austin texas in front of greetings from texas mural wearing cowboy hats

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Madeline Harper Photography | Planner: Rachel Varina | AirBNB: ATX Casas | Makeup Artist: Cristina M. | Bar Venue: Lenoir | Austin Mural | Florals: Floral Renaissance | Balloons: The Balloon Bar | Cookies: Sweet Treets Bakery | Banner: Mint And Julep | Sign: Old Barn Rescue Company