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Find The Perfect Fit For Your Perfect Dress: How To Measure

Feb 28th 2018

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Perfect Dress: How To Measure

There's a lot that goes into getting a bridesmaid dress. The colors have to be chosen. Decisions have to be made about fabric, styles, and fits. Lengths and formality need to be picked and an overall vibe needs to be chosen. Then, of course, the gowns need to be tried on, Champagne needs to be drunk, memories need to be made, and the bride needs to give her final approval.

And after all of that is checked off, the most exciting part gets to take place: actually ordering your dress!

Still, ordering a formal dress can get pretty confusing. Since gowns tend to have fitted bodices and more structure, they're usually sized somewhat differently than "normal clothes." So, before you order your usual street size, be sure to take a moment to get your correct measurements to find your perfect fit! Check out our video for an easy step-by-step guide to figuring out your Revelry dress size!

Not only do we offer sizes 0-32, as well as four different length options, but we never charge extra for extended sizes or tall lengths! Our mission is to make sure everyone (and their wallets) walk away feeling truly cherished, taken care of, absolutely amazing. What it all comes down to is that on these special days, and all the days in between, we want everyone to feel fantastically gorgeous. Because no matter what you wear or what style you choose, it's truly the girl in the dress that shines, and at the end of it all, everyone is absolutely gorgeous.

xoxo, Revelry

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