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Mixing Fabrics Is The Newest Bridesmaid Style We're Absolutely Obsessed With

Jul 25th 2018

Mixing Fabrics Is The Newest Bridesmaid Style We're Absolutely Obsessed With

When it comes time to choose a bridesmaid dress style, there's one rule we always follow: We want EVERYONE to feel absolutely fantastic, while still sticking to the bride's cohesive theme. For some, that means all of the lovely ladies in one look or fabric, whether it's sparkling sequins, soft chiffon, delicate lace, or dramatic tulle. For others, the perfect style to compliment the theme might not be one look or one fabric at all, but something a little different.

While for some that means a similar look, for others, it means truly breaking the norm and choosing looks that represents the unique style and beauty of each and every maid. That's why more and more brides and choosing to not only mix different styles but different fabrics as well.

Creating a cohesive look with different fabrics can seem daunting, but with the help of our Revelry stylists, a whole lot of creativity, and plenty of love, it's easy to put together a look that will make everyone feel great and able to show off their fabulous fashion senses.

Aubrey Lace Top: Sail Away Lace + Clara Skirt: Sail Away Chiffon | Eliza Wrap Dress: Sail Away Chiffon | Abigail: Sail Away Chiffon | Hannah Wrap Dress: Sail Away Chiffon | Bandie Sequin Top: Navy Sequin + Clara Skirt: Sail Away Chiffon

If Pinterest perfect looks of different maids in different fabrics catch your eye, there are a few easy ways to pull off this trendy styles. While it might seem like picking colors and styles at random is all it takes, there are a few simple rules to remember to creating the dream mix and match look!

First, deciding whether you want your maids in the same or different colors is a great jumping off point to pulling it all together. If you're looking to highlight one hue but let your bridesmaids show off their styles with cuts and fabric, vary the looks evenly! A few pieces in different fabrics and a few separates came come together to create an understated and unique look that will make both the bride and bridesmaids happy!

If, however, you're looking for a bold and trendy look, the most exciting way to pull it off is to not only dress your bridesmaids in different colors and styles, but different fabrics as well! The secret to creating this laid-back look? Sticking to your colors, keeping enough variation, and making sure each style compliments the others!

Willow Top: Rose Quartz Lace | Lola Skirt: Rose Quartz Chiffon | Ember: Matte Rose Gold Sequin | Juliet: Merlot Chiffon | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin | Kaia: Rose Quartz Chiffon

Pair soft blushes with subdued rose golds, or match rich purple colors with bold burgundies and navies. Whether you're going for a soft and romantic look or something bold and vibrant, if you stay true to your colors, your venue, and, of course, yourself, come the big day everyone will feel beautiful inside and out.

Pippa: Wine Berry Tulle | Chloe: Navy Blue Sequin | Skylar: Cabernet Tulle | Mila: Gold Sequin + Heidi: White Pearl Chiffon | Valerie: Blush Chiffon | Hannah: Hibiscus Chiffon | Clara: Sail Away Chiffon + Bandie: Gold Sequin | Abigail: Wine Berry Chiffon 

xoxo, Revelry

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