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Revelry's Founder, Michelle, Hosted A Wedding Dress Try-On Party Out Of Your Pinterest Dreams

Feb 6th 2019

Revelry's Founder, Michelle, Hosted A Wedding Dress Try-On Party Out Of Your Pinterest Dreams

When Revelry's founder, Michelle, got ready to launch her bridal line, she knew exactly what she wanted it to stand for: Fun, fearlessness, and non-stop love. That's been the foundation of her brand ever since she started creating special event garments and she knew her line of wedding dresses would be no exception. After taking the bridesmaid dress market by storm, she had dreamt of all things sequins, lace, and tulle, and from the moment she started planning her wedding gowns, she couldn't wait to share the excitement with her best babes.

One of the main foundations of Revelry is celebrating the love and friendships of the pals by your side. So, when her gorgeous line of bridal gowns was complete, she decided to have a Try-On Party with her besties to mark the occasion. With 26 bridal gowns, lots of bubbles, and her very best friends together, Michelle marked the occasion in style. So, here's a peek at our very own founder's Try-On Party and a little bit from Michelle as she shares one of her favorite Revelry moments-to-date with us!

Michelle Revelry Founder Pose in front of wedding dresses green wall austin

"I launched Revelry back when I was still in college, and even then I knew that I wanted the cornerstone of my brand to be all. about. fun. Never having been a fan of traditional bridal boutiques (I mean, I NEVER got to try things on in my size, and the idea of making an on-the-spot decision was totally anxiety-inducing), I needed to do things differently."

Michelle Revelry founder wedding dress try on party with best friends

"Revely is the result of brides and bridesbabes around the world who wanted to revolutionize the wedding industry. WE decided to bring the dresses to YOU, so that you could try them on in your size, in your home, and without any of the “traditional” stress that went along with formal wear because when it comes down to it, this time is supposed to be supremely special. And just like that, the Sample Box and Try-On Party were born."

Michelle and besties in austin texas revelry try on party wedding dresses love friendship

Michelle and besties try on revelry wedding dresses in austin texas acessories and pretty styles

"So, when I got ready to expand my line to include wedding dresses, I wanted to share the special time in my life with the people who had been there every step and every stitch of the way. I stocked up our HQ’s fridge with lots Champagne, pulled out my favorite gowns, and got my best gals together for a night of dress up and social media-worthy selfies!"

Michelle Revelry founder best friends try on wedding dresses in Austin texas white dresses love

Michelle and besties at Revelry laughing and smiling drinking champagne and eating popcorn friends pose love

"From the start, I wanted Revelry to be about cherishing all of the excitement leading up to a wedding day, and as my besties gathered around, striking poses and discussing their favorite gowns, I couldn’t help but envision brides around the world doing the same their with their pals"

Bride spinning and twirling in revelry wedding dress at try on party smiling and laughing

Dallas and friend taking selfies in wedding dresses love and friendship looking at wedding dresses

"Although my Try-On Party was a little different than yours (I mean, my wedding WAS 3 years prior, and we weren’t exactly shopping for gowns anymore), there’s nothing like getting together with your gals, playing dress up, and getting some belly laughs in."

Michelle Revelry austin texas try on party wedding dresses love besties white dresses

Michelle and besties at try on party wedding dresses friends austin revelry head quarters

"So, whether you go all out with a Try-On Party (complete with a theme, invitations, and a photographer), or you just get your babes together, order a pizza, and blast your favorite songs, take this time to celebrate the friendships you’ve made and the milestones you’re embracing together!"

Michelle and best friends drink champagne and eat popcorn in wedding dresses friendship

Michelle looking at revelry wedding dresses on rach decklyn dress and aphrodite dress flay lays

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special day. Together with the Revelry family, I wish you and your babes a lifetime of love, laughter, and a plenty of sequin-induced sparkles to come!" -Xoxo, Michelle

Michelle and besties in wedding dresses smile and pose in austin texas tevelry headquarters

xoxo, Revelry