Please temporarily allow 3-4 days for home try-on boxes to leave our fulfillment center.

How It Works

Dress samples conveniently shipped right to your door!

Step 1Select styles in your size, from 0-32.

Step 2Test them out for 3 days.

Step 3Ship back for free via FedEx.

Step 4Place your order and make it official.

Get ready to mix
and match

We ship all 100+ colors in try-on boxes with four or more samples, so you can see every swatch in real life to run wild with colors.

Make it a party

Our real Revelry brides love home try-on parties with their crew.

“So worth it! I hosted a try-on brunch for all of my ladies. I had all of the girls select some styles and I ordered them. We had so much fun, loud music, champagne and great company”Briana R.

“I hosted a bridesmaid brunch at my house and ordered a handful of samples for them to try on. We had an amazing time and loved having the freedom of trying on at home. Not only did we get the benefits of privacy, no pressure, and no time constraints, we were able to make memories that will last forever!”Casandra M

“My try-on party was a hit! The girls loved the comfort of trying on the dresses within our own space. We didn’t feel rushed due to us not being restricted to an appointment time and it was so nice for the girls to walk around in the dresses. It was definitely a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere compared to a fitting room!”Lilly Y