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Revelry Before Revelry

Actually, if we’re being totally honest, it even started before that. No, I’m not talking about growing up and breaking my mom’s sewing machine countless times. (Sorry, mom!) You see, before my friends started getting married, we shared something else together: Greek Life.

I created Revelry during my senior year at Texas State University (08’) because the outfits we had to wear for sorority events were, well, less-than-beautiful. I envisioned cute skirts, well-fitted dresses, and an easy way for the chapter to coordinate all shapes, sizes, and budgets without making everyone's hair fall out. And so, Revelry for sororities was born.

The Engagements Begin!

A few years after graduating, we quickly found ourselves in a very clichéd predicament: We were in need of coordinating dresses that matched our style and budgets. Between the two options of a pricy bridal boutique OR lets just say, less-than-beautiful clothing we would never wear again, we had a problem (notice the trend?)!

Just as my life transitioned, so were the lives of many Revelry customers who were coming back to us, but this time they were in dier need of an easy solution for "The Bridesmaid Dress". I needed to create trendy, affordable gowns that girls (like me!) would actually want to wear in weddings.


Now We Sort Of Want To Live In These Dresses

I searched high and low to create the perfect collection. The quality had to be on point, I wasn't going to settle for just any tulle fabric. This collection had to pass the test of some seriously designer savvy clientele (including myself of course). Within a year of Revelry's Bridesmaid line launching it has, well, to say the least, exploded.

Revelry is comprised of a pretty boss team these days working hard so we can stay true to you and our mission. (Big shout out to my husband and Revelry COO). Every detail from florals for an instagram shoot, to the final delivery of your dress is meticulously handled with care by the Revelry Team.

Shouldn’t This Be Fun?

When it all comes down to it, this day is about one thing: fun! Between our Sample Box Try-on Parties, our Color Stories, and our trendy styles, we wanted to not only make you feel beautiful but amp up the joy of being a bridesmaid. Because honestly, that’s what getting married is about!

Yup, We’re The New Way To Shop

You can only find Revelry's collection here, at, and that is for one key reason. We, the loving designer, sell directly to you, our beloved customers. This saves you up to 50% off of what our collection would cost if it was available through traditional bridal boutiques or other online retailers.

Everyone Should Feel Gorgeous

Because everyone is gorgeous! At Revelry we understand everyone is not made from a cookie cutter, we offer four different lengths and sizes 0-32, we want everyone (and their wallets) to feel totally taken care of! We are most proud of something that we do NOT do, which is charge extra for extended sizes and tall length options like you will find with many bridesmaid brands.

We Take "Wear It Again" Seriously

We know, we know – it’s a classic joke. But we sort of wanted to turn it into a reality. That’s why I created a line of separates that will instantly become staples in your wardrobe. With tops and skirts perfect for mix and matching, our looks are absolutely versatile with major rewear value.