How to Measure

Take your measurements in your undergarments and make sure you're wearing the same bra that you will be wearing with your dress. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and the body. Be careful not to pull the measuring tape too snug. If the measuring tape is pulled tight to where it creates a crease or dent against your skin your garment will be most likely be uncomfortably tight.  As far as length, our dresses and skirts run on the longer side to accommodate the possibility of wearing heels. When deciding on your length option, pull the tape measure to the length of one of our four length options. (22, 41,46 or 51 inches) Hold one side of the tape measure at your waist, and see where the other side of the tape measure falls. Make sure to wear a similar heel height to the shoes you will be wearing the day of.

Not Sure Which Size to Pick?

Rest assured your Revelry size might not be the same as your standard dress size. You might need to size up. Formal gowns often have fitted bodices and are more structured than your everyday clothing. We suggest ordering a size up if your measurements fall between a few sizes or if you are debating between two sizes. A garment is much easier to take in opposed to a dress being too tight.


All of our garments are Made-To-Order, not Custom Made. We make your requested style, color, and length of dress in the size you select after you compare your measurements to our size chart. We do not need your measurements, garments are not custom made to your measurements.