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Not All That Glitters Is (Just Rose) Gold

Jul 4th 2018

Not All That Glitters Is (Just Rose) Gold

It's no secret that we're obsessed with all things bright, bold, and beautiful. That's why we created a line of bridesmaid dresses that compliment every shape, style, and personality out there -- we truly want *everyone* to feel like a star on the big day. And while we're forever fans of gorgeous golds, we know there's more than just one way to sparkle.

Rose Gold sequin bridesmaids smile with bride in the snow.

Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin

Rose Gold, Black, and Cabernet Sequins Chloe dresses for bridesmaids for Rachel Halloy's Coven Themed Try on Party.

Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Black Tie Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin

So, since we're big fans of all things sequins and shine, we wanted to break down our other metallic styles. Because when it comes to wedding prep, a special event, or any day you're feeling like rocking sequins, there's more than just gold to choose from, and trust us: All of them are winners!

Charcoal Sequins

bridesmaids in spring wedding wearing charcoal sequins to support their bestie on the big day.

Chloe: Charcoal Sequin

Gorgeous grays, deep silvers, and shimmery greens come together to create a mermaid-worthy look with our Charcoal sequins. Different lighting brings out the different hues of this stunning number. Perfect for a garden wedding, a formal affair, or anything in between, it's absolutely natural to feel green with envy when your bridesmaids get these dresses. Don't worry -- we won't judge if you order one for yourself!

charcoal sequins from Shop Revelry are the Unexpected Bridesmaids look your girls will thank you for.

Chloe: Charcoal Sequin | Bandie Top: Charcoal Sequin | Mila Skirt: Charcoal Sequin | Hazel: Charcoal Sequin | Chloe: Charcoal Sequin

Cabernet Sequins

Cabernet sequin bridesmaid dresses are an unexpected fall wedding look that is sure to surprise.

Sadie Top: Cabernet Sequin | Mila Skirt: Cabernet Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin | Ivy Top: Cabernet Sequin | Skylar Skirt: Cabernet Tulle | Hazel: Cabernet Sequin | Celeste: Cabernet Sequin

Rich red and bold burgundy come together to create the perfect fall or winter shade. The perfect compliment to any venue or vibe, allow your babes to stand out, while creating a gorgeous, popping contrast against your own white dress. Whether paired with our Cabernet Tulle for a dramatic looks, or rocked on its own for some showstopping shine, everyone will feel festive in this bold bridesmaid choice!

Cabernet sequin bridesmaid dresses add a touch of glamour from Shop Revelry.

Chloe: Cabernet Sequin | Hazel: Cabernet Sequin

Silver Sequins

snowly silver sequin bridesmaid dress with one shoulder and rouching.

Starla: Silver Sequin

When making memories turns into magic, there's no choice quite like the Silver sequin to truly bring out how special of an occasion it is! Whether worn at a winter wonderland wedding or rocked for any number of formal affairs, these bright and beautiful hues will compliment any bride's big day.

silver sequin bridesmaids cheer on the bride as she ties the knot in a snowy winter wedding.

Starla: Silver Sequin

Navy Blue Sequins

mix and match navy chiffon and navy sequin bridesmaid dresses and separates holding wreath bouquets.

Hannah: Sail Away Chiffon | Abigail: Sail Away Chiffon | Eliza: Sail Away Chiffon | Bandie Top: Navy Blue Sequin | Clara Skirt: Sail Away Chiffon | Aubrey Top: Sail Away Lace | Clara Skirt: Sail Away Chiffon

Bold blues and moody hues come together to create a shine like you've never seen (but always dreamed)! Whether you photograph in high light to bring out the rich color or choose to utilize the dark for something more subtle and deep, blue sequins are perfect for any venue or event. Pair with our Chiffon for an ombre fabric look or with our white sequins for a bold contrast -- either there's no wrong way for your bridesbabes to rock these sparkling blues!

Chloe: Navy Blue Sequin | Hazel: Navy Blue Sequin | Sadie Top: White Sequin | Mila Skirt: Navy Blue Sequin

Black Tie Sequins

Chloe: Black Tie Sequin

When it comes to a classic look, you can never go wrong with a sophisticated black dress. Still, we wanted to put a special, unique twist on the favorite. Our rows of shimmering black sequins create an elegantly fun look that's sure to become an instant favorite amongst your friend circle. Forever fashion forward and an instant favorite, black sequins are truly the most sophisticated way to shine.

black sequin bridesmaid dresses are an absolute stunner for outdoor or indoor weddings.

Chloe: Black Tie Sequin

blushes, neutrals, and rose gold are the perfect combination for a high texture beach wedding! Who said sequins were not a neutral? Revelry certainly didn't.

Starla: Rose Gold Sequin | Kennedy Convertible: Blush Chiffon | Celeste: Rose Gold Sequin | Abigail: Blush Chiffon | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Valerie: Blush Chiffon | Chloe: Rose Gold Sequin | Rosalie: Honeymoon Sunrise Tulle

Whether you choose to rock our bold burgundy, moody blue, beautiful black, or shimmering silver, opting to go with sequins is a fun and festive choice that will make any bride's day unique. However you choose to let your girls shine, with friends by your side, you'll always feel like star!

Chloe: Black Tie Sequin | Hazel: Rose Gold Sequin | Chloe: Cabernet Sequin

xoxo, Revelry

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