Wedding Checklist: A Guide On Navigating Your Big Day

You’re engaged! First of all, congratulations! 

On such a momentous occasion it’s easy to get overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts. Take a moment to reach out to the people closest to you to share the love & joy. Through this excitement, remember to appreciate the intimacy of choosing to accept each other on this journey. Here’s some things to keep in mind as you plan the big day!

Protect the ring - insure & size

Now that you’ve got the ring you want to make sure to keep it safe and protected. Going on a honeymoon means traveling with your ring. Although we know it’ll be a great time, the unexpected can happen. You’ll want to look into getting it insured for those ‘just in case’ scenarios. Resizing the ring will keep it secure and on your finger, so that is a must! If you don’t currently have the time or the funds to get it resized look into a ring size adjusters as a temporary fix. It's a great alternative that’s easy on the budget. 

Set expectations with your Fiance

Now that you have been able to celebrate your engagement, it’s time to plan! The planning process can be stressful at times, so communication with your fiance is essential. 

Before jumping straight into the planning process, it is important to sit down with your fiance and talk about each other's expectations and desires for the wedding. You can even make it fun and special by turning it into a dinner date, coffee date, or a romantic night in with dinner and wine… and all of your stationary. 

Communicating and making sure you are both on the same page with one another is very important as this exciting time can be stressful at times. First - Ask each other questions:

  1. Do you want a big wedding? or something more intimate?Where do you want the wedding? Local? Abroad? 
  2. How long do you want the engagement to be? Is there a certain season you both have wanted to get married in?

Both of you should write out your own list of non-negotiables for the wedding, and then compare your answers. It’s important to note you both may have different opinions, and that is totally normal. Let this time be where you both get to figure out each other's desires. 

Once you have both communicated and come to an agreement on your expectations it’s time to start planning your wedding! 

Set a budget

Although this is not the most fun to talk about, it is one of the most important. Your budget will dictate many aspects of your wedding such as size, venue, vendors, florals, etc. After understanding what you and your fiance are looking for, you’ll be able to determine what aspects of the wedding you’ll want to prioritize. 

Think about what things you can do yourself to save on cost and what things you’ll want to delegate. There’s no shame in DIYs. Have a craft night with your bridesmaids to get some decor done. It’ll be so fun and you’ll be getting things done! 

There are some things you may want to leave for the professionals, so go back to your non-negotiables to determine what you’ll be funneling your funds to. Before determining your vendors look up average costs and shop around. Don’t be afraid to reach out to vendors and ask about bundles. For days like this, every penny counts!

Get inspiration

The inspo part of wedding planning is all about what visuals speak to you. Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok will be your best friends. Each of these apps gives you the option to organize videos and photos into folders ensuring you aren’t forgetting any details! We also recommend joining Facebook groups, such as Revelry IRL, where past and current customers go to share wedding photos and ask for input from other brides. There are limitless options when it comes to looking for inspiration. You don’t even have to limit it to wedding specific images. You can get inspiration from an image of a dining set, a picture of colors you like, a floral arrangement, and so many other things! 

When you are looking for wedding day inspiration you can break it down into colors, aesthetics, and seasons. The color inspiration will help determine your wedding color palette, and lead into what color you want your bridesmaids dresses and decor. Looking at aesthetics you like will give you the general vibe and atmosphere of the wedding. Need a place to start? Check out our wedding editorial for endless inspiration. While you don’t have to limit yourself to seasonal trends, it is helpful to understand how you can incorporate your likes into the possible weather scenarios, especially if you’ll be having an outdoor wedding. This is your wedding, do what makes you happy! 

Create a vision 

Go through your wedding inspiration. Is there a common theme or colors that you have selected? Once you’ve noticed it, start putting together the theme of your wedding. 

Pay attention to recurring wedding trends or colors that stand out to you. Consider the overall theme that you want - whether it’s a romantic wedding, whimsical wedding, classic wedding, or modern wedding. Next, think about the aesthetic details. Visualize the colors, textures and styles that resonate with you and your fiance. Start with ordering swatches to be able to see the color and material in person to narrow down your color scheme. 

 As you create your wedding vision, think about personal touches that are meaningful to you as a couple. Incorporate elements of your shared history and interests. These personalized details will make your wedding uniquely yours. 

Once you have a clear vision in mind, use it as a guideline for decision-making. From choosing flowers and decor to finalizing the attire and invitations, every detail should align with your overarching vision.

 Remember, creating a wedding vision is not just about aesthetics – it's about translating your love story into a tangible, memorable experience for you and your guests. Let your vision be a reflection of your journey together and a celebration of your unique connection.

Book your venue 

So you’ve got your season, and your vision put together…  Now it’s time to get the venue booked! Aim to narrow down a tentative month you are interested in - as a lot of venues will range in what availability they have.. Once you’ve decided on a month, start looking into where you want the wedding to take place. Make sure to keep your vision in mind. If you’re going for a more bohemian aesthetic, look into venues that would fit that theme, etc. Before you start researching venues, really think and talk with your fiance on what you want your venue to offer. Do you want to find your own vendors? Or do you want a venue that provides the catering staff, decor, etc.

Once you have your non-negotiables for your wedding venue narrowed down, start by coming up with a list of venues you are interested in and see which dates are available. Make sure to keep an eye out for what their capacity is, the surrounding area (is it close to an airport, places of accommodations, etc), as well as what amenities are available. The final thing is packaging, do they provide the catering, staff, etc. 

Bridal Party - choose & ask 

The people at your wedding will be a big part of the energy and atmosphere on the big day, so choosing who will stand with you can be challenging. Positivity, love, and support are essential on a day like this. Think about your friends, family, and chosen family. Who has been there to support you through tough times? Who has been there since childhood? Who have you connected with on a deeper level? It's hard to exclude people from your bridal party, but you’ll want to avoid conflict and negativity on your big day. 

This isn’t to say to exclude your best friend because they might see the darker side of things before they see the light. Just be conscious of what each person is bringing to the group, and have a conversation with them if you are truly worried. 

Lastly, be open minded. Don’t be afraid to have a bridesman or a groomswoman! Breaking tradition can be scary, but growth and acceptance are superior. This can be a great way to ensure the people you truly love and want to have with you have a significant role in the wedding. 

Saying YES… to the dress!

Whether you've been envisioning your dream wedding dress since childhood or find yourself contemplating it for the first time ever, we've got you covered! Choosing your wedding dress is a mix of excitement and nerves, making it one of the most memorable purchases. With various styles and designers, the task can be overwhelming. So, where do you start and how to confidently say yes to the dress that suits you best?

Start by checking your wedding Pinterest boards or any saved dresses. If you don't have any, that's fine—move on to the next step. Look for similarities among the dresses. Do you prefer one silhouette over others, or do you have a mix? Notice differences in materials and details like sparkle or lace.

If you haven’t had a pinterest wedding board in the past or haven’t saved any dresses from the past- that’s okay! Start by either making a pinterest board or somewhere where you can save the dresses on your phone. Take note of things you like and don’t like. Make sure to choose a few different silhouette’s you’ll be interested in trying on. You can even get some inspiration from your rehearsal dinner dress or after party dress. You can find fun chic styles for these events in our Bridal Capsule

Now that you have more of what you are looking for, search a few different wedding boutiques and keep in mind your overall theme, budget, and your timeline (as most dresses will have a production time). 

Finally, remember when it comes to saying yes to the dress, your answer to saying yes might be different than someone else’s - and that’s okay! Maybe it's the emotions it stirred, maybe it was the dress that you felt the most beautiful in, or maybe it was the dress that kept coming to mind when you pictured yourself walking down the aisle. Just like love, you’ll know when you know!

Wherever you are in the wedding planning journey, we hope this has been a helpful and encouraging resource for you. We're eagerly anticipating the unfolding of your dream wedding! Cheers to your beautiful journey ahead!