Revelry Size Guide

About Sizing…

We all know online shopping can be frustrating and difficult when it comes to sizing. The size you’re used to ordering may not be what you should order for formal wear. Most formal wear sizing is based on past European bridal wear, and it can vary from designer to designer. It’s best to take your measurements and compare it to our size chart. You can find our size guide here! While this might seem simple, it can be confusing to know where and how to measure. We’re here to help! 

How to Measure

When it comes to determining your revelry size, it is crucial that you are measuring accurately. Make sure you are wearing form fitting clothes or just undergarments for the most accurate measurement. Be sure to hold the tape measure tautly; not tight to the point of squeezing, but enough where there are no gaps. When you are reading the measurement, make sure you are starting at zero. For most tape measures, zero starts at the very end of the tape. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at each measurement!

Bust - This is not the same as your bra size! The letter in your bra measurement refers to the cup size, and the number refers to the band size. Neither of these provides the correct measurement. To measure your bust accurately, you need to measure the fullest part. For the most accurate measurement, you’ll want to avoid wearing padded bras or compressive sports bras.

Waist - Your waist is one of the more trickier measurements to take, as everyone’s natural waistline can vary. When measuring the waist, make sure to measure below the ribcage and about two fingertips widths above the belly button. For people with shorter torsos, you can bend to the side to help you out. Where you naturally bend is where you’ll measure.  

*Please note- some of our styles have an empire waist. The waistband will likely sit on your ribcage in these styles

Hips - The hips are measured at the fullest part. When we talk about the fullest part of your hips, we’re talking about your hips, bum, and thighs. Even if you don’t have wide hips, you still want to account for the fullest part of this general area.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, you’ll need to do some level of alterations. If you find you are in between measurements - that is totally fine! For satin, tulle, chiffon, crepe, and floral burnout velvet styles you’ll want to go with your largest measurement as these fabrics have little to no stretch and are easier to take in than let out. If you’re going with a velvet or sequin dress, you can typically size down if in between sizes. These materials have a higher degree of stretch, so they offer a bit of wiggle room. You can find the Stretch Scale for our fabrics on our Size Guide page.

To minimize alterations you may want to consider styles with adjustable design elements. Styles with corset style backing such as our Poppy and Ember will offer a bit more wiggle room in the bust. If corset styles aren’t your thing, consider dresses without a seam at the waist. The Steph, Jade, or Tilley may be a better fit for you. The lack of a seam at the waist allows the fabric to drape and lay freely without any points of restriction. 

Another thing to consider is what silhouette would best fit your body type. Of course you can rock any style regardless, but different silhouettes will emphasize different parts of your body. We’ve listed a few suggestions below. 

Pear Shaped (Triangle): A-line, Trumpet, Empire

Straight & Narrow (Rectangle): A-line, Trumpet, Empire

Athletic (Inverted Triangle): A-line, Empire

Hourglass: A-line, Trumpet, Empire, Sheath

Apple (Oval): A-line, Empire, Sheath

A few examples of these silhouettes are Nicole , FrankieSteph, and Blair as shown below!


Final Thoughts 

If you're still figuring out your size, consider our Home Try-On Program. It's a low-pressure way to try on the dress at home before making the final call. You can try on various sizes and styles at your own pace. That being said, keep in mind our final dresses are made to order and require a production time. So, take advantage of this option, explore your choices, and find the perfect fit!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team! Our contact information is located at the bottom of the page.