Calling all floral-inspired and boho brides! We just launched our 2020 Floral Print collection, available in all 30+ chiffon styles.

"I wanted our new print collection to feel ethereal, but it was important that we created a floral print that was mix-and-match friendly with our current chiffon colors. 

Available in blush and blue, our new watercolor floral prints can add a free-spirited pop to any wedding story. 

For example, our blush print mixes beautifully with our solid Blush, Barely Blush, and our darkest wine hue, Merlot. There are so many other combinations that could be done, it makes mixing and matching a breeze!"

Unsure of how to add floral print into your wedding? We’ve rounded up three ways to incorporate our fun and fresh florals into your bridal party.

#1: Something special for the MOH

Many brides want to make their maid of honor stand out amongst the rest, but still beautifully blend with the whole bridal crew. A great way to make him or her stand out is to give them a special print, like floral, that’s exclusively for them.

Here’s an example of how we styled our blush color palette in with our blush floral print, just for the maid of honor to stand out!

Left to right: Ballet Blush, Blush, Floral, First Kiss Pink, Blushing Bride

Left to right: Valerie in Light Blue, Paloma in Blue Floral, Scarlet in French Blue,

You can also mix and match the style with print so she stands out even further. We’ve done this in blush with the Scarlet floral dress mixed with our Convertible Layla, and our Paloma in blue floral with Valerie in Light Blue and Scarlet in French Blue! 

#2: Pair solids and prints for everyone.

Maybe you want to incorporate more maids in floral print. A great way to do this is to alternate every other bridesmaid in a solid and a floral.

Below, we mixed a blue ombre with two floral styles in between, so everyone stands out. You can also play with separates and vary our floral tops and skirts!


Left image: Olivia Chiffon Top and Skylar Tulle Skirt in French Blue. Middle image -left to right: Dusty Blue, Floral, French Blue, Floral, Romantic Blue;  Right image: Sydney Velvet in Pearl Pink + Hayden Wrap skirt.

#3: Mix and match floral for the whole crew.

If you love the untamed and wild wedding look, try mix-and-matching both floral prints for that dreamy boho vibe. 

Here, we’ve styles our Scarlet dress in varying shades of floral print.

We picked one style to keep consistency between the dresses.

For a more wild and fun look, you can mix multiple styles like we’ve done here:

From left to right: Layla in blush, Lily in Blue, Scarlet in Blush, Kaia in Blue

Bonus: Add a little something extra for the grooms with our floral ties and pocket squares.

Whatever your wedding vibe, our florals can be creatively mixed in with any color palette. Want to experience them in real life? Order our floral print swatches!