Trying on bridesmaid dresses at home is a stress-free way to ensure your bridal party looks and feels their best on your big day. This relaxed setting allows for a comfortable environment where your bridesmaids can freely try on a variety of styles, all on their own time. By bringing the bridal boutique experience to your living room, you not only streamline the decision-making process but also infuse it with joy and personal touches that make the journey to your wedding day even more special.

Get inspired by Makayla’s home try on party with tips from us on how to throw yours! 

The prep:

With bridesmaid dress samples shipped right to your door, Revelry makes finding your bridesmaid dress a breeze. 


Before the big day, gather a list of dress styles and sizes for everyone to try on. We recommend shipping all home try on dresses to one location to make transporting them to the party easier. And brides, don’t forget to order our mega swatches to see your wedding colors IRL! 

Stylist tip: We recommend placing your home try on order 10 business days before the party. This provides ample order processing and shipping time! 

Preparing the space

Whether you’re decorating minimally or going all out, set the scene of your home try-on party as you please.


We love the color coordination Makayla used for her try-on party to match her wedding day colors. She opted for shades of sage and fresh florals for a classy take on her wedding theme. 


We featured a minimal tablescape with soft florals and tall matching sage candles to add an extra element of design. This reserved a space for each bridesmaid to gather before the trying on started.


Home try on party must haves: A dress rack to make finding each dress easier. A full-length mirror to find your perfect fit. And obviously, snacks. 

The party:

With the ease of trying your bridesmaid dress on at home, the most important thing is finding a bridesmaid dress you love. With Revelry’s home try on box, you’ll receive your hand picked selection of dresses, a measuring tape with notes on how to measure, a 2024 lookbook to see endless inspiration, and a prepaid return label.


Now it’s time to let your bridesmaid shine as they find their favorite fit!   

Stylist tip: All of our bridesmaid dresses can be made to order in white, so don’t forget to add some styles to the cart for the bride! Or select some bridal dresses from our dreamy Bridal Capsule collection.

The final touches:

Once the perfect dress is found, play around with any accessories you might want your bridesmaid in on your big day! Before the party is over, don’t forget to play the final order or give your bridesmaids the date on when to order. For ease of mind we recommend placing orders 5 months before the event date (see our production chart here)!


Stylist tip: Have your bridesmaids bring the pair or shoes they are planning to wear on the big day! This will give them a better idea of what length to order and how many inches they might need altered off the hem. 

Happy home try on!