A mix of bright hues mixed with high contrasts, color blocking has quickly become a favorite trend at Revelry. “The term ‘color blocking’ refers to colors from totally different families being blocked together, instead of similar colors in different shades being blended!”, says Revelry CEO + Founder, Michelle.

Oftentimes, you’ll hear it referred to as a “mismatched” bridesmaid look.

From bold colors to muted variants, color blocking is the next modern touch of mismatch to any wedding! Because we believe bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be the same color and style anymore, we created our #nocolorrules movement.

Latte Scarlet, Eucalyptus Ainsley, Desert Rose Andrea, Rosewood Wynne, Slate Grey Kaia, Cinnamon Rose Wynne, Rose Quartz Kaia 


In our Revelry IRL Facebook Group, we noticed multiple unique color requests coming our way, some even inspired by Pinterest!

“So many of our brides were asking to see color blocking combinations and they didn’t even know it,” says Revelry Marketing Director, Alena. “We felt inspired and that’s why we started this movement.”

Revelry IRL member, Siane, wanted to add navy bridesmaid dresses within her original blush toned dresses.

“I wanted to add a dark romantic aesthetic, the dusty pink was a little too “fairy princess” which isn’t me, but the navy alone was a little too dark.”

Siane, IRL 

Revelry colors: Pippa in Bradshaw Blush Tulle, Ferrah in Navy Chiffon, Astir in Rose Gold Sequin, Pippa in Dusty Quartz Tulle, Kaia in Rose Quartz Chiffon, Hazel in Rose Gold Sequin, Ferrah in Navy Chiffon

Vendors: Florals: @clementine.botanical.art, Invitations: @santinaamendoladesign

To step up this mismatched trend, we added a touch of sequin and modern elements to elevate her wedding's color palette!


Color blocking doesn’t have to be a major contrast of colors - try mixing muted hues to create a softer look!

Revelry colors: Kaia in Taupe, Pippa in Dusty Quartz, Abigail in Rose Quartz, Scarlet in Latte, Abigail in Dusty Quartz

Abby wanted soft shades and mixed fabrics to create a pop of texture.

“[I’m looking for a] mix of greens including Eucalyptus, Greenery and Mint, in a mix of tulles and chiffons. I love the Eucalyptus tulle!”

Abby, IRL

She asked, we created! 

Vendors: Florals: Gypsy Florals, Tablescape - Stems Florals + Event Styling, Cake: Feathers and frosting

We incorporated a hint of neutral to make the small details pop!

Pro tip: keep your accessories like linens, chairs, and plates as neutral tones, then add your contrast colors into your florals and other tablescape accents!

Abby was right - the mix of our Eucalyptus, Platinum Grey, Better Together Blue, and Greenery make for a stunning Enchanted Forest combination!


When you’re selecting your wedding palette, look for colors that have the same brightness or hue to help tell the same story.

At Revelry, we believe there are no rules for how you choose bridesmaid colors, but here’s how we typically create color-blocking combinations:

Step 1: Pick your primary. What’s that color you just have to have?

Step 2: Pick a complementary. Look at a color wheel to help or even hold up swatches next to each other to see what pairs well with your primary color/s.

Step 3: Fill in the gaps. Choose colors that are close in spectrum to your primary and complementary. For example, if your complementary is Burgundy, choose another color in the orange or pink realm.

Step 4: Blend with florals. “Florals will help tie everything together and make your color palette cohesive,” says Dana, Revelry’s Creative Director.

Vendors: Place setting: Peach and Paper Design, Florals: Clementine Botanical Art, Venue: Mattie’s Austin, Wild Sky Events

Yellow isn’t in our dress color palette, but we blended it with florals because it’s an in-between shade from Burgundy to Eucalyptus.

We hope all brides feel inspired to mix and match their bridesmaids styles! For more color blocking inspiration, check out our color gallery!