Your Revelry bridesmaid dress has just arrived in the mail and you cannot wait to wear it on the big day! You take your dress out of the packaging to snap a photo to your friend before putting it in your closet for safekeeping. The big day is here & you grab your dress to head to the venue! You’re given a hanger with your name on it, and you hang your dress next to the others. You’re admiring the beautiful mix & match color palette that the bride has chosen when you notice that your dress is more wrinkled than the rest. What can be done about this the morning of the wedding?

Tips to Steam Your Revelry Dress:

The thought of making a mistake on your dress the morning of the wedding can sound daunting, but we are here to help! Here are some tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way on how to steam your Revelry dress!


Our tulle bridesmaid dresses are relatively easy to steam! We recommend steaming the inside lining layers since that fabric will hold the most wrinkles. The tulle layer typically does not need to be steamed, but if it does, lightly graze the tulle layers with your steamer.


Our sequin bridesmaid dresses typically do not need to be steamed at all, but if there are light wrinkles try steaming from the inside out! If there’s a crease that’s a bit difficult to get out, it is okay to lightly steam the top of the sequins.


Wrinkles come out easily of our chiffon dresses, just place the steamer directly over the fabric to get the wrinkles out. If water droplets appear, wait a few minutes and they’ll dry up completely!


We recommend steaming our velvet dresses from the inside lining. For intense creases, it is okay to steam on the front of velvet! We recommend using distilled water in your steamer to avoid any damage to the velvet.


While our satin fabric is delicate, it is not something to fear! Try steaming your satin bridesmaid dress from the inside out to start. If you have more intense fabrics you can graze the front fabric with your steamer. Do not iron the satin fabric, as it is delicate and will burn. We also recommend refraining from using any wrinkle release on our satin fabrics.

Steaming Tips from the pros:

If you are worried about water droplets on your dress, you can always put a sock or pantyhose over the steamer to keep the water from getting on the dress!

Letting your dress hang up in your closet before the wedding will allow most of the wrinkles to fall out on their own! This will make last minute steaming a breeze.

Do not use any stain removers, wrinkle release, or harsh chemicals, especially on satin.

If you’re worried about streaming your dress for the first time, you can get your dress professionally steamed locally!

How to Clean Your Revelry Dress:

It’s after the wedding and you are ready to wear your Revelry dress again! What can you do to clean your dress so you can rewear your dress for a fancy dinner?

Machine Wash: All of our dresses are machine washable! (Yes, all of them!) Be sure to wash them on cold and hang them to dry.

Dry Clean: If you are nervous to wash your dress yourself, you can always take it to get dry cleaned at a local dry cleaners!

Need a visual? Watch our how to steam video: 

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