Revelry Real Brides and Bridesmaids come from all over the world. While some are still able to gather, and some are limited, we want to provide an extra way to keep your wedding safe without ruining the vibe. Here’s how to DIY a matching bridesmaid face mask for weddings using our Mega Swatches!

Things you’ll need:

Hot glue gun


Measuring tape

2 hair ties (for method 1)

A Mega Swatch

Method 1: Using hair ties

Start by cutting your mega swatch off the cardboarding backing. Flip the swatch over and fold both of the longest ends towards the middle. This creates the bulk of the mask, feel free to adjust the folds for sizing! Next, measure five inches, along the longest side of the swatch, and place your hair tie around the fabric at that five inch mark. Repeat on the other side! Next fold both sides towards the center to secure the hair ties in place. You can glue the fabric pieces together to create a no fuss mask! You can also place a filter between the folded pieces of fabric for added protection!

Method 2: Just the swatch

Like before, cut your mega swatch off of the cardboard. Take the top layer of the swatch off (the tulle, chiffon, or velvet - not the layers of swatch lining!) and cut half an inch to an inch off the shortest side on both the left and right sides. Place the layer you took away back on the lining and flip your swatch over (the linking should be face up!). Fold the top and bottom of the longest side inward. Measure five inches of the mega swatch and tie one of the pieces you just cut off at the five inch mark. Make sure you can place your fingers under the loop before you tie the knot. Repeat on the other side! Fold in both sides towards the center and glue the fabric together to secure the mask! You can also add a filter for added protection!

Watch our tutorial on how to create your own Mega Swatch face mask!

Disclaimer: Our mega swatches are not FDA approved as a medical device, nor certified as PPE. They are to provide some level of protection based on the CDC's recommendations, if in attendance at a wedding!