Although we’re entering spring, we’re already getting ready for what's to come this fall! We’re looking at all the earth tones, all the neutrals, and everything in terracotta. See the mix and match looks to help inspire your perfect fall bridal party!

The perfect fall tones:

From left to right in velvet: Skye in Champagne, Rory in Terracotta, Rae in Olive

Calling all fall loving brides, we’ve created the most autumnal line up in our velvet collection! We paired our best selling terracotta velvet with a neutral Champagne, and rounded the look off by adding Olive. Neutral florals, with shades of light pinks and orange will round out this fall wedding look for your bridesmaids!

AND if you’re not a fan of velvet, you can easily create it with our satin collection!

From left to right in satin: Jade in Terracotta Rust, Gwen in Gold Champagne, Wren in Olive

Blushing hues: 


From left to right in chiffon: Kiera in Desert Rose, Eliza in Cinnamon Rose, Zoe in Rust

For the blushing brides who are looking to use earth-toned pinks, we’ve combined our desert rose chiffon with our cinnamon rose chiffon together. And to tie in the whole look together, our rust chiffon is the perfect addition!

Or if you’re looking to keep all the blush tones, but mix and match fabrics, our Dusty Rose velvet and Desert Rose satin are the perfect combo!

Billie in Dusty Rose velvet and Billie in Desert Rose satin

Keep it Simple:


Rory, Skye, and Dawson in Gold Champagne, pictured with Chestnut Fur shrugs (right)

While we love a mix and match color palette here at Revelry, we still love achieving the same look with the same color, just different styles! Here we paired our Rory and Dawson together, that feature similar necklines and ruching detail, on the side, with our Skyesatin bridesmaid dress, to round out the look! Don’t forget to add a fur shrug for those chilly fall nights!

And on the opposite side of that: pairing the same style, in different colors, creates a timeless bridal party look.

Skye satin in Cinnamon Rose, Gold Champagne, Terracotta Rust

No matter what your wedding vibe is, we’re here to help you achieve your dream mix and match look for the fall!