Our most popular convertible style, the Rosalie convertible dress features three layers of soft tulle, removable shoulder straps and three sashes to tie into over ten versatile styles. Create your mismatched bridal party by twisting and tying each dress in a different way! 

Off the Shoulder Straps

Our classic Rosalie style features two detachable off the shoulder straps! Keep the straps off for a strapless sweetheart gown or keep them off to show a bit of a cold shoulder! (Note: Our Rosalie straps and attach to any of the styles below!)

Halter Top 

Create a halter dress! Showcase this backless style by intertwining the two sashes around your next and securing with a bow! Bringing the sash into a halter also creates more support on top!

Front Cross Knot

Create an elegant high neck detail that takes our Rosalie to the next level! Instead of creating a full halter top, tie the sashes in a front knot before securing the sash behind your neck to style this look.

One Shoulder

Showcase a cold shoulder by styling the sashes into a one shoulder look. You can also pull down the shoulder strap to create an off the shoulder sleeve! 

Criss Cross Front

Criss Cross the sashes in front to create a dreamy neckline your bridesmaid will swoon over. 

Criss Cross Back

The same thing as our Criss Cross front, but in the back - the front features a classic over the shoulder strap with a twist in the back!

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