Katie and Jason met on New Years Eve last year while bonding over champagne and their love of music (Dixie Chicks, to be particular!). 7 months later, the two were engaged while on a trip to Saint Augustine, Florida - surrounded by all of their close friends!

While planning for the big day, Cypress Pond Farms quickly became the perfect venue for their special day because of it’s elegant details and rustic barn vibes! Soft white roses and strings of eucalyptus bloomed around the space and gave a natural touch to every bouquet.

If you’re into all the blues and simple elegance, you’ll absolutely swoon over Katie and Jason’s wedding day!

Aria in Romantic Blue, Rosalie in Romantic Blue, Rosalie in Dusty Blue, Bella in French Blue, Rosalie in Better Together Blue

Katie’s girls were dressed in hues of blue in the softest layers of tulle. Instead of having her bridesmaid in one color, she picked her favorites and mixed and matched different shades within her bridal party. While planning the big day, Katie sought advice from our Revelry stylist about what colors worked well together. After her swatches arrived, she chose Romantic Blue, Dusty blue, French Blue, and Better Together Blue in tulle. Her bridesmaids had a choice of which style of dress they wanted and ordered their samples for home try on!

“I loved that the girls were able to try on their dresses at home. They were each able to decide which dress looked best on them from home,” said Katie.

Jason also wore a matching French Blue chiffon tie, while his groomsmen wore Dusty Blue chiffon ties!

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Rosalie in Better Together Blue, Aria in Romantic Blue, Rosalie in Romantic Blue, Bella in French Blue, French Blue and Dusty Blue groomsmen ties


Venue: Cypress Pond Farms



Venue: Cypress Pond Farms

Photographer: Haley Cox Photography