A Magical "Harry Potter" Bridal Shower That Puts Hogwarts To Shame

Aug 22nd 2018

A Magical "Harry Potter" Bridal Shower That Puts Hogwarts To Shame

When I started planning my wedding just over 10 months ago, it all seemed so far off. I mean, getting a ring on your finger is pretty distracting! Once I started digging into the details, however, the time really started flying. First I had a year until the big day, then just seven months, then four, and now? It's just over two months until I walk down that (rose petal adorned? Candle ridden? Ivy covered?) aisle and marry my sometimes-better half.

As the social media coordinator of Revelry for almost 2 years, the moment I got engaged I just had to share the news with you all. And after deciding to plan my wedding with the entire Revelry family (that's you!), it just made sense to have you follow me along through the highs and lows of coordinating a big day. From hosting a try-on party and picking my bridesmaid dresses, to parading around New Orleans at my bachelorette party in a Skylar Skirt, to freaking out about invitations, colors, and seating on our Instagram stories every Sunday, I can't believe my time of being #FinallyTheBride is almost up!

But before trading my single life in for a new last name, there was one more event to celebrate this milestone: my bridal shower. Family and friends from all around the country flew in to party with us before our wedding. And since we're having a Halloween-themed event (helloooo, Hallowedding), it only made sense that my shower was filled with all things dark, moody, and magical.

White witch posed outside with hat and purple smoke wearing a white tulle skirt

From everyone wearing their best black looks, to smoke bombs, floating candles, and plenty of "Harry Potter" references, my loved ones came together to create a space, a shower, and a day so filled with love and magic! With my best friend and matron of honor flying in while pregnant, to my cousin surprising me with a theme so on-point, I felt like the luckiest witch in the world from the second I entered the event!

Witchy bride and maid of honor are all smiles as they celebrate a Halloween wedding

Skylar Skirt: Black Tie Tulle | Custom White Tulle Overlay

A gothic display of food and candles create a moody fall bridal shower

A harry potter book with a wand are on display as chocolate golden snitches decorate the gold table

Black candles, "Harry Potter" books, magic wands, and golden snitches accented the classy coven affair. Plus with all of my favorite foods, like pizza and chicken nuggets (can you say, "palate of a 5-year-old?"), not to mention the most gorgeous cupcakes in the world, our tummies were just as charmed as our Pinterest boards.

Stunning cupcake tower with fall harry potter treats and sweets table

Rachel Varina and Michelle from Revelry give gifts at a try on party

But this wasn't the start of the witchy-themed events. Months prior, when Revelry's designer and founder, Michelle, found out my wedding theme, she took it upon herself to host the most glamorous coven-themed try-on party to help my bridesmaids find their perfect dresses and separates. In addition to gifting them their favorite styles, she surprised me with a Skylar Tulle Skirt to wear at my New Orleans bachelorette party!

Worker hugs her boss at her coven bridal shower try on party for Revelry

With the perfect skirt and all of my best witches together, we had a blast laughing and posing through the French Quarter. After feeling like such a queen at that event, I knew I wanted to keep the fun going and had to find a way to rewear my favorite new piece in my closet!

Bride and bridesmaid pose wearing all black as witches in new orleans french quarter with a skylar tulle skirt

Skylar Skirt: Black Tie Tulle

witch bride poses with shower guest in black at magical harry potter event

So, when my cousin and bridesmaid told me that she was planning the end-all be-all "Harry Potter" themed shower, I knew I needed a look that would enchant everyone invited. Since I was dying to wear my Revelry skirt again, I went to a seamstress and had her put together a tulle overlay to wear over my black skirt! Since I wanted a slightly gothic, witchy-bride vibe, the white over the black combined with a corset, gloves, and hat gave off the perfect victorian bridal look.

magical mimosa bar with different juices and spells and black candles in wine glasses

harry potter champagne glass held by bride with vintage rose gold ring that says always

With a mimosa bar, sorting hat, customized glasses, and bottomless bubbles, everyone quickly got into the spirit, greeting family from long ago and making new friends with every themed game. As for the best decoration of the event, the floating candles, the host spent over a month constructing a grid system to create that effortless, magical effect!

lots of candles purple lighting and floating candles create a moody hogwarts vibe

bride in while and mom in black smile hug laugh and pose for the camera at bridal shower

While the decorations were perfection, the food was a dream, and the vibe was spot-on, one of the most exhilarating parts of the day was introducing my fiancé's family to mine. Having the opportunity to relax, unwind, and chat with my mom, future mother-in-law, and future sister-in-law was such a blessing as our wedding day draws nearer!

bride poses for phone pictures with mother, mother in law, and sister in law and gives kisses

custom guest book with tree drawing and feather pen adds to the event

As with most bridal showers, a big part of the event was unwrapping and receiving gorgeous gifts from my loved ones. While I got the fabulous classics, like a customized hanger, wedding day perfume, and stemware for our wedding toasts, one of the most original gifts I received was from my mother. She took my favorite childhood book, "The Giving Tree," made a custom, leather cover, inscribed it with a beautiful message, and had all of the guests sign it with well-wishes. To say I was glad I was wearing waterproof mascara would be a huge understatement.

friend signs guestbook with feather pen and close up of harry potter cupcakes and flying broomstick

White witch costume poses in moody lighting with crystal ball orb

magical details include crystals, crystal ball, tarot cards, and sorting hat at harry potter party

While every corner of the event was immaculately decorated, one of the neatest little alcoves held a magical area fit for a true witch or wizard. A fortune teller table was set up, and my aunt/officiant gave me a professional reading fortelling my life and relationship. Not only did it fit the vibe perfectly, but it was such a cool experience to share with my family and the woman who is going to marry my fiancé and I come this fall.

Muggle to mrs sign with fortune teller booth

bride looks at light up ball orb and tells fortune

From spending time with my best friend, future sister-in-law, sorority sisters, family, and friends, to munching on my favorite foods and living out my Hogwarts dreams, I truly felt like the head witch in charge thanks to everyone who came together to make the event a magical one.

Bride poses with bridesmaids outside and lights smoke bombs for pictures

witch bride dances around outside with purple smoke bomb and long flowy tulle dress skirt from revelry

And live out my magical fantasies I did! With smoke bombs, awesome lighting, a great photographer, and a solid sense of humor when fumes got in my eyes, I managed to feel like a student straight out of Hogwarts. Even *if* my letter got lost in the mail when I was eleven!

purple white and black smoke covers bride for formal beauty portorates at bridal shower

While having a Pinterest-perfect shower was something for the spellbooks, what made the event truly perfect was having everyone I love surround me with so much acceptance, goodwill, and great vibes. Not only having people who know you so well, but people who are willing to go above and beyond to make you feel loved and cherished is the greatest gift of all. As I look through the photos and smile at the familiar faces, I know for a fact that whatever this life holds for me, as long as I have my love by my side and my coven at my back, I'm magically destined to live happily ever after.

bride with poses outside with friends and family all in black at her halloween coven harry potter magical bridal shower party

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Black Pineapple Photography | Host/Event Planner: Jennifer Henthorne | Cupcakes: Cakes By Ron | Skirt: Revelry | Bride: Rachel Varina | Try-On Party Photographer: Madeline Harper | Bachelorette Party Photographer: Andrew R Simoneaux