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Finally The Bride: Figuring Out The Big Picture

Mar 14th 2018

Finally The Bride: Figuring Out The Big Picture

After getting engaged almost six months ago (boy, the time flies), it has been an absolute whirlwind planning the big day. Ever since I started working at Revelry as the social media coordinator, I have been OBSESSED with weddings. When it came time to plan my own, however, I realized just how tricky pulling off a giant event can be. So, I turned to our community of brides, bridesmaids, and boss babes for their help in wedding planning. Each and every Sunday on our Instagram Stories, we dig deeper into a different part of the process, getting opinions, asking questions, and planning our perfect days together.

And as we're reaching the 7-month mark until my big day (how?!), here's a recap of a few of the big decisions I've said "yes" to, (other than my perfect, soon-to-be groom, of course) and how I finally checked a few items off my list!

Bridal Skylar Skirt: White Pearl Tulle


Ever since I was young, fall has always been my favorite season. From pumpkin-flavored goodies to candy at every meal, cool weather, costumes, and the start of the major holidays, the moment the leaves started changing meant one thing and one thing only: My favorite time of the year was right around the corner.

Now, my love of fall is no secret (hellooooo, basic). It's so well-known, in fact, that my fiancé planned our engagement around the season. He purposely proposed on the first official day of autumn, September 22nd, because he knew that time, that day, and that start was utterly magical for me. And so, when it came time to set a date, it just made sense that our love story would continue in the season that's so near and dear to our hearts.


Now, there are a lot of different ways to pull together fall weddings — that's what makes it the most popular wedding season. You can still enjoy bright pastels and sunny themes from summer, or you can transition into bold berries and harvest hues.

As for me, I knew I wanted a wedding that just screamed "October." Between my love of the season, Harry Potter, and all things Halloween, the idea started to slowly come together the more we talked, Pinned, and dreamed about it. Between lots of candles, magical elements, and the late October date, we'll pull together our favorite Harry and Halloween themes and combine them with our favorite formal and wedding traditions for a sophisticated-yet-unique take on our "Hallowedding!"


When it came time to pick colors (which is basically something I have been choosing since I started working at Revelry), my first thought was, "Can I just sort everyone in Hogwarts houses and call it a day?" Naturally, my mother had a small heart attack over the idea, so it was back to the drawing board.

Still, with our formal Halloween vibe and fall date, we knew rich colors and magical undertones were absolutely vital. I poured over Pinterest and talked in detail with my friends at Revelry to create a color scheme that would compliment my vibe, my bridesmaids, and the overall event. We finally settled on deep purples, bright burgundies, glittering golds, and dark navy, with plenty of sophisticated black mixed in. Now to just choose some bridesmaid dresses...


Finally, it came time to make the biggest decision of all: the venue. Choosing a venue is the first giant check mark (after finding your forever partner, of course) in the wedding planning process. Finding a location that fits the size of the party you want, the vibe of the event, and an ideal location is tricky. Doing it all within budget seemed near-impossible.

Still, after a lot of research, weary venue visits, and negotiations, we managed to find the perfect spot. L’Unione Italiana, in Ybor, Florida turned out to be the venue of our dreams. Between the option of having both the ceremony and the reception in the giant, 3-story building, as well as the elegant, moody style and historical feel, it checked off all of the marks for our dream day. Plus, the fact that it's a haunted landmark always helps. I mean, it's not a Halloween party without a few ghosts guests, is it?! And sure, some of our other guests might not agree (scaredy cats!), but that's what makes it our day. Because no matter how many pictures you pull, traditions you keep, or aspects you change, there's only one thing that matters: the fact that you're marrying the love of your life. So, don't be afraid to create an event that's so uniquely "you!"

While it feels great to have the big ticket items checked off the list, there's still plenty more to get done before the leaves start to turn colors. Tune in every Sunday on Instagram and Facebook, or check our blog for updates, suggestions, and ideas so that together, we can all plan our perfect days!

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Brandi Allyse | Bride: Rachel Varina

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