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Melted Mauve Chiffon And Mix And Match Styles Make For The Most Magnificent Vineyard "I Dos"

Oct 2nd 2019

Melted Mauve Chiffon And Mix And Match Styles Make For The Most Magnificent Vineyard "I Dos"

When mauve hues meet boho “I dos,” we know we’ve stumbled upon a truly special ceremony. Lauren and Luke’s summer vineyard wedding was the perfect box of laid back bohemian and understated elegance. With heartfelt vows, a full dessert bar, plenty of games, and nonstop laughs, this picture-perfect day was filled to the brim with love and live-long memories in the making!

Bride wedding day lace dress off white vintage gown hanging up shot pretty window vineyard june wedding

“It really was the best day of my life, and it was all because I got to spend it celebrating and reflecting on the many beautiful relationships in our lives” -Lauren, Bride

Brunette bride wearing lace wedding dress gets ready for wedding with mother zipping her up vintage gown

“I had the best experience with Revelry. The Swatches and Sample Box were easy to order and fun to open.”

Flower girl in white dress stands with wedding party on wedding day mauve pink dresses around bridal party

“My bridesmaids dress shopping experience was incredibly special, and I am so genuinely happy I chose Revelry. They were so friendly and clearly passionate about making women feel good.”

Boho bride in lace bridal gown with sleeves bridesmaid in revelry kennedy chiffon off the shoulder gown in melted mauve holding greenery flower bouquet

Kennedy Convertible: Melted Mauve Chiffon

Bridesmaid detail photo melted mauve wrap chiffon dress eliza gown greenery floral bouquet pink and red florals

Eliza Wrap: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued)

Bridesmaids in revelry chiffon mauve dresses kennedy wrap dresses separate and boho bride in the center posing on wedding day

Abigail: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued) | Kennedy Convertible: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Harper Wrap: Latte Chiffon | Adele Reversible Top + Clara Skirt: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Eliza Wrap: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued) | Valerie Wrap: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Hannah Wrap: Latte Chiffon | Kennedy Convertible: Latte Chiffon

Groom on wedding day in grey suit jacket with stubble greenery boutineer getting ready for wedding ceremony

“I can always be myself around you and I can talk to you about anything. I treasure the memories we have made together, and look forward to all that our future holds. You are the love of my life and I will love you for every minute of every day that we are lucky enough to have together from this day forward.” -Groom’s vows

Bride in vintage lace offwhite wedding dress holds bouquet of greenery, roses, pink and green florals boho bridal gown bride look

“You are nurturing, intelligent, brave, and kind. All things I knew I wanted in a soul mate and life mate. But true love, deep love, the reason I choose you, it’s hard to explain. The best way I can explain it is, I just want to be with you, all the time, because life with you is good. It’s better.” -Bride’s vows

“The entire first look and ceremony was so authentically us. We were never more at peace.”

Bride wedding dress lace gown boho bride groom in grey jacket excited happy on wedding day laughing smiling during first look with his bride crying couple summer wedding

Brunette bride in lace bridal gown with flutter sleeves holdung florals greenery hugging groom after first look

Groomsmen on wedding day smiling and posing with groom before ceremony posing before marriage

Welcome to wedding ceremony chalkboard sign outdoor vineyard summer wedding

“I knew I wanted shades of similar colors and different style dresses and they made this task easy. The stylists helped me complete my boho styled wedding.”

Brunette bride with 3 bridesmaids chuffon dresses mauve and taupe dresses chiffon wrap gowns from revelry

Hannah Wrap: Latte Chiffon | Valerie Wrap: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Adele Reversible Top + Clara Skirt: Melted Mauve Chiffon

Boho bride reading note from groom on wedding day before ceremony in lace bridal gown wedding dress brown hair bride sitting outside before ceremony

Bridesmaid in Valerie chiffon dress in melted mauve bridesmaid revelry dress walking down asile on wedding day

Valerie Wrap: Melted Mauve Chiffon

REvelry bridesmaids dresses walking down aisle on wedding day melted mauve peacan taupe dresses chiffon gowns off the shoulder dress

Abigail: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued) | Kennedy Convertible: Melted Mauve Chiffon

Groom and groomsmen standing at alter during wedding ceremony watching as bride walks down the aisle on wedding day in june summer wedding

Brunette bride walking down aisle with father on wedding day in lace bridal gown holding flowers and boho bouquet side angle photo

Bridesmaids in chiffon revelry dresses melted mauve taupe dresses standing at alter on wedding day flower girl tired being held in white dress

“There were so many amazing moments on our wedding day, one being that our dear friend wrote us a song and surprised us with it. It was played and sung during our ceremony.”

Bride and groom saying vows on wedding day wearing lace dresses in front of greenery alter bridesmaids wearing revelry chiffon dresses in mauve pink

“These are some of the beautiful lyrics: ‘You’re my best friend, my love, and now we’re family. Right from the start I knew your soul was made for me. Today our worlds collide and I can’t wait to be standing by your side. You make me better, when I’m with you, we are better.’”

Bride and groom dip kiss on wedding day celebrating wedding marriage lace bridal gown boho bride

“Luke and I have been together for ten years and early in our relationship we learned we had found our forever love. He has given me the greatest gift by guiding my understanding of the world and showing me how deserving I am of love.”

Bride and groom holding hands and walking away after wedding ceremony as husband and wife back shot lace bridal gown wedding dress florals

“He is one of the good ones and my greatest human connection. I never would have believed this could exist between two people, but it does and this is how I know I will love him for a lifetime. I was simply excited to celebrate our great love!”

Vineyard summer wedding cornhold guests wedding cocktail hour playing games barn wedding

Bridesmaids in mauve chiffon dresses wrap dresses taupe revelry dresses

Boho bride in lace wedding dress poses as model on wedding day with groom grey suite bouquet

“The wedding was a bohemian dream, to put it simply! Every element of their day was artistically and particularly crafted to match the depth that is Lauren and Luke's relationship.” -Bridesmaid

Farmhouse wedding reception vineyard in the summer grassy medow reception

Bride and groom entering wedding reception in outdoor wedding under white tent at summer vineyard wedding

Desserts reception wedding white simple cake cookies dessert bars at country wedding reception in vineyard

“Lauren and Luke's wedding day was one in which a true, vulnerable love could be felt everywhere. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they wrote and exchanged the deepest and rawest of vows. The atmosphere in its entirety truly made it the best day ever to celebrate the love between the most deserving people.” -Bridesmaid

Bride and groom firsr dance wedding dress lace gown boho bridal gown first dance of husband and wife

Bride and groom kiss on wedding day close up groom cupping bride's face outdoor wedding

Bridal Party Looks:
Kennedy Convertible: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Harper Wrap: Latte Chiffon | Adele Reversible Top + Clara Skirt: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Valerie Wrap: Melted Mauve Chiffon | Hannah Wrap: Latte Chiffon | Eliza Wrap: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued) | Kennedy Convertible: Latte Chiffon | Abigail: Pecan Chiffon (discontinued)

Boho bride with lace bridal gown with slit up the side walks wirth bridesmaids and wedding party on wedding day holding hands with groom and holding florals of greenery and flowers

xoxo, Revelry

Photographer: Carlee Secor Photography | Videographer: Vandenheuvel Studios | Florals: The Master’s Touch Flower Studio | Venue: Ledgestone Vineyards | DJ: YO DJ | Bridal Gown: Willowby | Menswear: Express | Ties: Tie Bar