One of the many aspects we love about Revelry is seeing our brides host home try-on parties! The champagne, charcuterie boards, and photo walls are always so much fun. Everyone in the crew should feel their best on the big day, and a home try-on party is the perfect way to celebrate!


Bardot in Cinnamon Rose Satin, Rory in Terracotta Rust Satin, Rory in Black Velvet, Dawson in Terracotta Velvet, Gwen in Black Velvet, Skye in Terracotta Velvet, and Skye in Cinnamon Rose Satin⁠

We recently gave a bride and her crew just that! We hosted a giveaway in Revelry IRL, our Facebook group to help connect brides together for endless advice and inspiration. One lucky bridal party was gifted a photographer, decor from Stag & Hen, Revelry home try-on dresses, and a party to remember! Angelica and her crew were the lucky winners, and they had so much fun!

How cute are these team bride balloons from Stag & Hen!

Angelica and Ian are “college sweethearts and met during our sophomore year of college while attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins”, says Angelica. “Our story is kind of funny but sweet. I was in a sorority, he was in a fraternity and we met at a greek life event one night and hit it off! More than half of our bridal party is made up of my sorority sisters and his fraternity brothers so it's extra special that we've all maintained such a close bond and they will all be part of our wedding day.”


Bardot in Black Velvet, Rory in Terracotta Rust Satin, Rory in Black Velvet, and Bardot in Cinnamon Rose Satin | Bardot and Dawson in Terracotta Velvet

With her sight set on mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses she “knew [she] wanted all the dresses to be different, yet cohesive and loved the satin and velvet options - they are so different and not overdone”, says Angelica. Before her home try-on party she “ordered the mega swatches for both and realized the two would look incredible together.” The next step in her wedding planning process: finalizing colors!

“Since I have a large bridal party (10 girls) I decided on doing half velvet and the other half satin and mixing in four colors. Three girls are in Copper, three in Terracotta, two in Rust, and two in Cinnamon Rose”


Rory and Skye in Cinnamon Rose Satin | Mega Swatch in Copper Satin

“I like to think of our vibe as dreamy and romantic,” Angelica says as she’s planning her outdoor mountain ranch venue she and Ian picked to “embod[y] our adventurous side and love for the Rockies”. Their wedding falls on a night of a full moon so “that's also playing into our wedding design and aesthetic”.

The soon to be newlyweds “want the day to be a fun experience for our guests so we're incorporating a lot of unique elements into the day like a whiskey tasting station as a nod to the groom's heritage” and “a lot of fun custom signage and decor too” to dive into their DIY skills together. “Again, it's all about having a fun day with the people we love most!”, notes Angelica.

“We loved all of the styles we tried on and are sticking with them! I loved the mix and match options that were offered and that was a huge reason why I decided to go with Revelry. I highly recommend that brides plan a home try-on party with their girls, it's not only fun but gives the girls an opportunity to try on different styles instead of just picking one online”

Bardot in Cinnamon Rose Satin and Skye in Terracotta Velvet

If you need a sign to plan a home try-on party with your crew, this is it! We are so excited for Angelica’s big day, and are so happy that we get to play a part in it! Join Revelry IRL to enter our next giveaway!

Photography: Catherine Lea Photo
Decor: Stag & Hen