When it comes to creating whimsical wedding looks, it should come as no surprise that the entire team at Revelry is Obsessed with a capital “O.” But no one at our HQ is as in love all things colors, fabrics, and styles as much as our founder, Michelle! One of her favorite parts of owning an e-commerce bridal and bridesmaid boutique? Getting to create beautiful gowns and pulling different combinations together for gorgeously unique looks perfect for any bride or babe!

After hosting a wildly successful mix and match AMA on our exclusive Facebook group, Revelry IRL, Michelle agreed to break down the biggest tips to pulling off the hottest trend in the wedding industry. Whether you’re looking to keep things clean and simple or want a look totally unique and textured, here are the keys to making mix and match the most wonderful choice on your wedding day. Besides marrying the love of your life, of course!

Michelle founder of revelry looking at swatches of chiffon and tulle and sequin and rack shot of different chiffon colors

DON’T Be Vague

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There’s only one real "don’t" when it comes to mixing and matching (and as long as you follow the other rules, you’ll be set): Don’t give your bridesmaids full and complete reign. Seriously! We're not trying to be mean. Trust us on this.

We know that might sound kinda of strange, and if you’re a bride who wants to make her babes feel comfortable and happy, you might be scratching your head right now. As we’ve polled more and more bridesmaids (as well as been a part of countless weddings), time and time again we run into the fact that bridesmaids want the bride to have the final say in the dresses. You might think it’s easier to tell the girls to wear “something blush” or “something long,” but that ends up just creating more confusion, work, and potential to cause fashion problems and friendship tension.

Blues swatches chiffon colors Michelle bridal gown wedding dress blue back dresses blue gown revelry

Our best advice, and the perfect jumping off point for creating a cohesive mix and match look that everyone will love, is to stick to one brand. Whether you not you go with Revelry, every brand has a different hue for “blush” or “navy” and all of the dresses’ fabrics look slightly different. By picking a brand and giving your girls some direction, you’re not only giving them confidence, but you’re making everyone’s lives easier as they find a dress both they and the bride love!

Rack shot tulle sequin pink purple blue burgundy gown close up of different fabrics

Select A Silhouette

Bridesmaids in purple tulle gowns and bridesmaids in blush and tulle gowns off the shoulder dresses boho looks

When choosing to do mix and match, there are a few components to focus on to help ensure a cohesive look (even if everyone is wearing different styles, fabrics, AND colors). One aspect to focus on is the silhouette. Whether you’re going with sleek lines, full skirts, or decide to focus on an accent (such as ruffles, high-necks, or off-the-shoulder styles), choosing a silhouette helps not only narrow down the choices, but blends together the other components to create one complete look (as opposed to just a mish mash of dresses).

Revelry bridesmaid andbridal gowns high neck styles off the shoulder styles pinks and purples and rose gold gowns two different photos

Unsure of what silhouette you want? Don’t worry! Pick a different aspect you *do* know (maybe color or fabric) and work your way back! Besides, if you’re sticking to one color and/or fabric, a silhouette is the least viral component. If, however, you’re looking to mix colors, styles, and fabrics, picking a silhouette or detail (such as high neckline or ruched bodices) will pull the whole look together, no matter the size of your party!

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Coordinate Your Colors

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Naturally, one of the first things most brides-to-be think about when selecting bridesmaid dresses (or almost any wedding-related element) are the colors. Whether you’re having a forest chic wedding, a fall formal affair, or a pretty in pink reception, colors are one of the most important elements to choose (and the one that most blatantly helps pull the look together). The easiest way to pull this off? Is to pick one color and fabric(s) and have your girls pick their favorite styles from there!

Rachel Varina and husband october halloween wedding bridesmaids in cabernet tulle and sequin gowns tampa florida revelry wedding

If, however, just picking one color isn’t your style, never fear! Our founder is a big fan mixing and matching all elements! First, pick a color family. Whether that’s blues, pinks, burgundies, or some sort of mix (such as blues and greens, neutrals, or pinks and golds), figure out what general colors or feel you want incorporated. Maybe it’s a variety of earth tones or an ombre from the same color family. Whatever your vision, stick to warm or cool tones and be sure to incorporate the silhouette or detail in every gown to ensure a seamless transition between hues!

Bride try-on party chiffon blushes dancing pink white gown off the shoulder high neck blue ruffle chiffon dresses off the shoulder greenery bouquets

Focus On Fabrics

Gold sequin gowns rose gold rack shot 6 bridesmaids and bride blush gold burgundy dresses tulle chiffon sequin revelry pose at mercury hall

One of the hardest aspects to select in your gowns is one you might never have thought of! Picking your fabric or fabrics is truly what sets the tone and creates the look for your mix and match styles. Between tulle, chiffon, sequin, and lace, it can be difficult to pick just one! If there’s one you particularly love, great! Now stick to a color family and you’re set! If you choose to mix fabrics for a fully textured look, it’s just as easy!

Once you pick your color family, find your common style elements, figure out your lineup of girls (to ensure a look that’s even), you’ll be good to go! Notice in the photo above, the three girls in burgundy dresses are wearing off-the-shoulder gowns and the girls in blush and gold are wearing high-neck. With a little creativity and a great photographer, you’ll be able to get the perfect mix and match shots that would make any Pinterest-lover proud!

Bride and bridesmaid in skylar tulle skirts pink blush high neck separates revelry gowns bride wedding dress flowers austin texas wedding venue

Be Confident

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When it comes to picking your bridesmaid dresses, or any wedding decision for that matter, there’s really just one rule and one rule only: Be confident! The mix and match trend isn’t for everyone, just like the all-matching trend isn’t either. That’s what makes wedding planning so exciting — this is your chance to make it your own! Whatever your vision, have confidence in it and enjoy every step of the process. Plus, with our team of stylists at the ready, you have a whole group of pros ready to help you not only create a cohesive wedding day look, but ensure that you and your babes feel as beautiful and loved as you truly are in whatever you choose to wear!

xoxo, Revelry