When it comes to picking the perfect dress for a wedding, there’s a lot that goes into it -- finding the most flattering fit, loving the feel of the fabric on your skin, and getting that kick-start of confidence anytime you see yourself in a reflective surface (what?! You know you do it too). Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, or a well-loved guest, there’s a lot of thought that goes into picking the look that accentuates your style. That’s why Michelle DeLoach, founder of Revelry (hey, that’s us!), wanted to create a line that would make everyone feel beyond b-e-a-utiful, both inside and out.

Founder of revelry posing in her Austin office

Color swatches and rack shots of chiffon and tulle revelry styles

“Revelry” means lively and happy festivities, and that was the foundation of everything Michelle wanted to accomplish with her ever-evolving line. After starting the company in college selling recruitment apparel to sororities (#tbt to Revelry Greek!) across the nation and grossing over 500k in sales through a Google Doc while she was at it, Michelle quickly realized that creating apparel for special events was truly her calling.

Michelle wearing white yoga attire posing with baby on office floor

Chiffon rack shots pastel colors and michelle styling looks

Then, as usually happens after graduating college, all of her friends were finding the loves of the lives and Michelle was standing by their sides on their wedding days. The only problem? After shelling out her rent in bridesmaids dresses she not only didn’t want to wear once, let alone ever again, it occurred to her: The next chapter for Revelry was outfitting her very best friends as they supported each other on the biggest days of their lives. Bridesmaids dresses and separates quickly became her new passion! That’s when the woman-run company headquartered in Austin, Texas started changing the wedding industry for good.

blue and burgundy color swatches with picture inspiration

Michelle styling tulle outfits and stella the dog looking cute

The thing is, it wasn’t *just* gorgeous dresses Michelle wanted to create. She wanted to spread the joy, happiness, and beauty of the journey friends take together as they move forward in life. That’s why she created the Sample Box. Never of fan of having to go into stuffy boutiques and trying on ill-fitted dresses (that are NEVER in your size, btw), she wanted to make the bridesmaid dress process a way to bring women together to celebrate the bonds they share.

Michelle packing sample boxes up with sequin dresses

Revelry founder with Celeste dress writing note to customers

So, with a vision of laughter, gal pals, and plenty of Champagne, the Try-On Party was born! Whether it’s with your maids or just a friend or two, you get the chance to order sample dresses for just $10 a gown to try on in the comfort of your home! The best part? In addition to picking from a wide variety of styles, you actually get to try on your size (or order a few different sizes) so that you can find your absolute perfect fit. She wanted to make it easy, comfortable, and all-in-all FUN to find a bridesmaid dress.

Styling and detail shots of Austin revelry headquarters instgram

Michelle founder of revelry pokes her head out of different colors tulle skirts being silly

Instead of creating one look for one kind of girl, Michelle’s Revelry was dreamt to be different from the start. She wanted everybody, every body-type, and everyone’s personal styles to not only be showcased, but celebrated, in her all-inclusive line. With four different fabrics, from luscious lace, sparkling sequins, the softest chiffon, and the most flowing tulle, as well as over 100 color options and trendy separates, virtually every style is possible. Plus, by being totally online and selling straight to brides and their babes, Michelle is able to cut the costs of her designer-quilty gowns by over 50% to help bridesbabes on a budget.

Different shades of blush and pink dresses hanging on wood hangers with white background

Michelle in rose gold sequins smiling and posing in front of racks of clothes in her office

It wasn’t just a variety of dresses to suit anyone’s tastes that Michelle wanted to foster, however. She really wanted to create a line that had varied styles and truly included everyone. From the start, we have not only offered sizes 0-32 as well as four different length options (cocktail, petite maxi, regular maxi, and tall maxi) but we don’t charge for taller, shorter, or extended sizes. Ever. Michelle knew that the secret to making everyone feel beautiful is to remind them with every stitch that they’re perfect just how they are!

Customer team at Revelry picking different swatch of colors for customers

Different tulle skirts hanging up in pink colors stella lounging on couch next to michelle

In addition to being a total boss babe herself, Michelle has made it her mission to fill her company with strong, like-minded women dedicated to dream chasing, personally growing, and enjoying all of the beautiful moments that brings family, friends, and friends-turned-family together.

LL Rachel and Michelle pose in austin office and take selfies as marketing team

Michelle laying on the floor with demi and stella looking at different fabrics

With a collaborative environment, Instagram-worthy workspace, and people who not only love weddings, but are in the season of their lives where weekend trips to see friends say “I do” is the norm, the women at Revelry want to make sure that the wedding industry not only includes everyone, but makes them feel their most beautiful on the most special of days. What can we say? We love what we do!

Revelry founder hanging up different dresses in chiffon colors

Revelry marketing team posing and laughing and having fun at work

As her family, company, and line keeps growing, Michelle is always on the lookout for new ways to make babes feel beautiful! And with her ever-evolving products, thirst for updating and humanizing the wedding industry, and never-ending desire to make everyone feel their best, there’s plenty in store for this innovative boss babe and her dreams for Revelry.

Purple revelry dresses in tulle hanging up on wall with beautiful details

Happy revelry family posing at their texas headquarters

xoxo, Revelry

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Photographer: Madeline Harper